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  1. The NCP's throughout the UK work superbly. Drive in, car papped. When you leave, head to the machine, enter reg, pay what's due. Is it that hard to put that in? Fuck me.
  2. The new scouse lads on the SeaCat working the Blue Point bar are sound.
  3. She’s the Queen of drama. Covid has now morphed into the friend of the work shy & those who can make money out of it. Some might argue it’s been like that since the virus was ‘introduced’ …
  4. On the LGW flight this morning. 133 souls. Not a mask wearer in sight. T’was a beautiful thing.
  5. The issue always seems to be someone failing to have the conviction to actually make a decision. Any decision. It’s why nothing ever gets done.
  6. I wonder when they are going to sort out these London routes? Any inside info kicking about … ?
  7. There are millions of people on this planet dying every day as a result of starvation & poverty. The pandemic only exists when the West is compromised. Humans are contradictory hypocritical vile creatures in the main (those with ultra wealth & power anyway). The money that’s been thrown at Covid would have saved far more lives than those who have succumbed to it. Think about that & think really hard.
  8. This should finally put a stop to these ridiculous landing forms & home testing charade. Everything back to normal within a fortnight. Pray for the Coven.
  9. Knowing Alf, he wants this shit show over asap. Fear not, by the end of March Covid won’t exist here.
  10. You have to worry for the mental state of Glover & the Twitter doom coven right now. The U.K. Government is calling time on this whole sorry episode in March & they’re still clambering for restrictions & mitigations. Those that know them personally, please check on their well being. Through the window of course.
  11. I heard on 5 Live this morning that London hospital admissions thru’ Covid have dropped by 17% in the last week. All starting to look encouraging.
  12. They should do one of those time lapse videos of the build.
  13. The three of them were down near the prom at lunchtime having a right old knees up.
  14. I presume the crem is running triple shifts, 7 days a week? Work from home, mask up, home school, shut the boarders, isolate, keep your distance, hands, face, space ....... oh, just fuck off with the case numbers. You are Andy Wint and I claim my five pounds.
  15. Good point! How many ‘high profile’ celebs are on the Covid fatality spectrum? Maybe the TV dinner little man in the street could relate to someone like Barbara Windsor (or such like) perishing as a result of this terrible virus?
  16. Hey Rox … I’ve got those ones with the pseudo Gold chain that sits loose around your neck but when you go all Usain Bolt the rubber band is deployed a la Horace Grant … Google him babe ;0) HNY Covid wizards x
  17. It’s folklore … I’ve rewritten it several times. I finished it … Love Speccie x PS - I wear bins sometimes
  18. Full on Covid (common cold / nasty flu) meltdown has wrecked everyone’s heads. Its a beautiful thing to study in years to come from a Psychology A Level perspective. 2019 - 2023 When sane people were controlled & went fucking barking.
  19. Dr. Rachel Glovers credibility RIP The final straw in a death spiral of social media difficulty
  20. Life is never about who lives, it’s about who survives. Comfortably.
  21. Until their people rise up, they’ll need to take what’s handed to them. I’ve said it from Day dot.
  22. As the pandemic moves on, people finally realise what it’s always been about. £ One minute the isolation period and transmission window is 21 - 28 days, the next it’s 5. Suckers.
  23. The real world says hi …. *waves* Searches soul & wonders if MF Covid & Twitter Covid is IT. You poor souls :0(
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