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  1. Fantastic to see young Tom Creer travelling with the squad this morning. Lovely lad, fantastic football future. Perhaps the FCIOM Management Team are reading MF …
  2. One of the worst decisions in political living memory and there have been some really fucking big ones.
  3. I know a few of the group (younger players) have become very disillusioned with the situation. Training fodder in the main, lack of playing minutes despite the abundance of fixtures, limited. You can see why training at silly o'clock in the morning twice a week and seeing +35 year olds starting games over you would quickly grate. Disappointing as this project was billed as an opportunity & showcase for the Islands younger talent.
  4. They tend to ‘look’ at a lot of things. Alf’s strategic plan looks fruity. Everyone can plan, you & I can plan. The delivery of a plan is where it’s at. They seem to me like startled rabbits in headlights, frozen.
  5. The issue on this Island is the cost of living, primarily housing costs & the lack of a growing younger working population. Two policies would make a difference pretty much immediately: Heavily tax second (multiple) home ownership. The property price correction will be swift. Incentivise the young to return from University. If a 3 year education away costs £60k, provide a Govt backed loan for that amount. If the student returns & works for a stipulated period (let’s say 5 years here) only 50-60% is repayable. Within that 5 years it’s likely they’ll find a partner & put down roots. Sadly these policies require thought & bollocks, both prerequisites for a progressive, forward thinking Government. Ours is a busted flush. Alf is pissing in the wind.
  6. I've no issue with Bass & Dixon playing elder statesman of the Manx game if there was any discernible football being played. There isn't - it's shocking to watch. I see no structure, system, well drilled passages of play or free flowing football. I do see balls being shelled back to front as quickly as possible. We have players on the Island who can play football, who CAN compete technically. Sadly this management team have a differing idea on how they believe results should be gained. As a spectator paying conference prices, I want to be entertained. It's not happening.
  7. Coffee watch: Cycle 360 - latest rip off merchants. Thimble of Flat White Last week £2.80 Today £3.20 That's me done with them.
  8. I remember him. One of the Covid cranks that said we'd all be dead now. Where's the stat man, can't even remember his name?
  9. Do you think any of these cranks lining up for hours in London actually know the Royal family is German and they changed the name to the Windsors to sound more English. Didn't think so either ...
  10. Mourn Hub (the BBC) have surpassed themselves as the virtue signalling channel of the Millenia. That licence fee can fuck right off.
  11. I had a Flat White in Noa some time ago. I can only describe the vessel that the coffee was served to me in as a 'thimble'. Think they had the audacity to charge me around £3. It was my last visit.
  12. Successive Manx Governments have allowed this to happen. The amount of relief staff manning the schools is actually frightening. Covid has masked a multitude of deeper failings.
  13. I saw an advert the other day for a rental within the new sprawling Dandara metropolis of Ballasalla, 4 bed - £2,100 pcm. Teachers, police officers, nurses, bus drivers, insert essential services here are leaving in their droves. We'll have no infrastructure of note left soon.
  14. The biggest fuck off elephant in the room: House prices. Rental prices.
  15. The Isle of Man TT is the last bastion & flag bearer of global anti-wokeism. It is simply f****** brilliant, breath taking, awe inspiring & more. Truly unique and the greatest free show on earth.
  16. The NCP's throughout the UK work superbly. Drive in, car papped. When you leave, head to the machine, enter reg, pay what's due. Is it that hard to put that in? Fuck me.
  17. The new scouse lads on the SeaCat working the Blue Point bar are sound.
  18. She’s the Queen of drama. Covid has now morphed into the friend of the work shy & those who can make money out of it. Some might argue it’s been like that since the virus was ‘introduced’ …
  19. On the LGW flight this morning. 133 souls. Not a mask wearer in sight. T’was a beautiful thing.
  20. The issue always seems to be someone failing to have the conviction to actually make a decision. Any decision. It’s why nothing ever gets done.
  21. I wonder when they are going to sort out these London routes? Any inside info kicking about … ?
  22. There are millions of people on this planet dying every day as a result of starvation & poverty. The pandemic only exists when the West is compromised. Humans are contradictory hypocritical vile creatures in the main (those with ultra wealth & power anyway). The money that’s been thrown at Covid would have saved far more lives than those who have succumbed to it. Think about that & think really hard.
  23. This should finally put a stop to these ridiculous landing forms & home testing charade. Everything back to normal within a fortnight. Pray for the Coven.
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