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  1. I'm afraid the world is awash with fools when it comes to Covid. The brainwashing & conditioning to get us to this point has been nothing short of sensational. Big Pharma will dine out on Covid for years to come.
  2. Is there a shred of evidence anywhere that vaccine passports will stop the spread of Covid? AFAIK, they have been used in Scotland for a number of weeks now and case numbers have not significantly decreased.
  3. I do hope Alf & Co. are liaising with the hospitality sector NOW in regards measures that will be needed to be put in place when the vaccine passport vote is passed in London next week. Some 18 year student barmaid having to go through people’s paperwork or phone prior to pulling a pint is going to cause some drama & will get expensive for the business owner in terms of compliance. It’s estimated the bar / nightclub trade will suffer to the tune of 30-40% …
  4. Of course it’s here already … … and like Delta, it won’t be the mass killer they said it would. But let’s ramp up the rhetoric anyway.
  5. How would you intend stopping it reaching our shores?
  6. You believe Covid alone has killed all those people?
  7. Oh, I’m no freedom fighter friend. I’m just highlighting the utter lunacy & madness of the Covid farce. The U.K. Government were (are still) trying to convince us all that this virus is a mass killer of millions, yet, even with their intimate knowledge of the virus within the cabinet office, and no discernible vaccination programme at the time, they carried on frolicking & partying without fear of death.
  8. When Boris Johnson & his gammons are doing the Conga & having Secret Santa’s in Downing Street whilst the rest of the country can’t visit Gran, it’s going to take more than the Doom Coven, Dr. Glover et al with their constant Twitter reminders about mask wearing to change attitudes. The U.K. government have pissed all over their chips. I’ve just returned from those shores visiting three major U.K. cities. Here’s the rub guys - nobody gives a fuck anymore. Except Karen tutting her way around the dog food aisle at Tesco all masked up.
  9. You boys still squabbling about face coverings whilst the Tory Government are exposed for taking the piss out of the entire COVID situation? Make sure you are at least 2 inches away from the person next to you says Jacob Rees Mogg … ha ha ha, gammon belly laughs.
  10. The only thing that’s astounding here is the complete ignorance that you are displaying. These measures are pointless unless it’s across the board & everyone is vaccinated (globally). Even then, they’ll dream up something else to have you shit your pants.
  11. I’m carrying on quite normally thank you. Looking forward to Christmas & a few days away. Fun to drop by here now and again to ruffle a few feathers & witness the usual bed wetting cult doing their thing.
  12. Then we will be playing cat & mouse with COVID forever & your bed sheets will be eternally soaked.
  13. Listen very carefully you halfwit. I wear a mask, I’m happy to wear a mask. However, they are playing at it. Yes, small mitigation’s help & delay … but that’s all they do. If they want to do it properly, lock the country down until everyone is jabbed & booster jabbed. If that doesn’t work then we are all more fucked than I care to think about.
  14. I think it’s a load of claptrap. Deal with it properly or stop titting about.
  15. Masks on buses & in shops. No masks in pubs, bars, clubs & restaurants. What a circus, what a load of shite. This is all about money not health.
  16. ….. and they’re running the TT Hahahahahahaha
  17. More utter horse shit. I’m going out on the bevvie.
  18. Only 24% of South Africans are double vaxed. Their death rates must be off the charts with this new variant. Poor fuckers. Similar population to the U.K. (maybe 5 million less) yet only half the COVID mortality rate. Health service questionable & 25% vaccinated. Yet the new variant is headline news. Sake.
  19. You don’t need a degree (though I have one) to know this whole thing is as fishy as a clout in Peel.
  20. I’m calling horseshit on the latest African variant. More fear to drive the vaccine mandate. Follow the money.
  21. I'm starting to think that Quayle, Ashford, Allinson, Cannan and Co. actually played a blinder here in regards to Covid. Cracking on was clearly the right approach all the way along and although they fannied around in parts & perhaps should have opened us up a lot sooner, we've faired remarkably well. Despite Glover, Fairfax & the Twitter depressives telling us we're gambling lives by not masking up and taking further preventative action, the reality is, we've cracked on without restrictions and we're doing just fine. CoMin took some real shit, I threw some myself but I'll happily swallow some humble pie. Ditch the landing forms and enjoy Christmas.
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