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  1. Does anybody still have an old rover ticket from years ago? If so could you put an image of it on manx forums please thanks
  2. RS Promotions are delighted to present a night of Original Lido DJ's Chris Shaw and Heath Craig, along with DJ Peter Dunn, playing all the huge tunes that made the Lido such an Iconic place to be.This will be a nostalgic night and as such will feature a Full Hi-Tec Laser Disco along with a Fancy Dress competition, so dig out your shell suits and clubbing gear for a night to remember. There will also be some old Lido staff appearances along with a Video Link from Canada with Lido DJ Stu Lowe who can't make it in person due to the borders being closed. The Lido was rebuilt after a fire in 1920 and had it not been demolished this would have been it's centenary year. What was once the largest dance floor in Europe, the Lido back in the late 80's was awarded the title of the Discotheque Of The Year for the United Kingdom and the Biggest Laser Disco In The World Ever! This along with all the Top UK and Worldwide Bands who performed at The Lido made it the place never to be forgotten and it won't be! Tickets £19.50 & £14.50 Seniors NHS Worker tickets available for £14.50 when purchasing in-person at the Welcome Centre or Villa Marina (must have a valid NHS ID) DISCOUNT OFFER Receive a £10-per-ticket discount for the following shows when purchasing tickets for the Palace Lido Disco: The Quo Experience The Real Thing Greatest Hits Tour (with Special Guests Heatwave) China Crisis - Flaunt the Imperfection Live Simply add the show to your basket when purchasing Palace Lido tickets and the discount will automatically be added. ⭐️ As usual there will be a voluntary charity bucket collection after the show in support of #MamxBreastCancerSupportGroup #CTScannerAppealIOM
  3. Looking for anyone who worked at the Lido in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s for a Lido Celebration night at the Villa Royal Hall on saturday 14th Nov 2020.
  4. The Town Hall holds 200 standing but capacity is reduced to 150 when doing a cabaret style table/ seating plan. The China’s Gig will be a seated event and tickets are selling fast after their sold out standing gig at the Town Hall last year
  5. Hi , Colin lives down in adobes now and only very occasionally will meet up and play with the band. He has been ill lately after collapsing on stsge doing an acoustic gig with Toyah. But he is recovering ok cos he’s a tough Manx lad
  6. Liverpool band China Crisis led by Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon will be doing 2 gigs 30th August 2018 at Prom suite, Villa marina , Douglas 31st August at the Town Hall in Port St Mary For details and to buy tickets go on ticketor.com/rspromo ot phone 436344
  7. Following my recent request for a favour for a Kirk Michael Pensioner, I have to say that Response by kind hearted folk has been tremendous. So a BIG Thank You for all your offers of help, you have made an old man very happy. Well Done You!
  8. Following my recent request for a favour for a Kirk Michael Pensioner, I have to say that Response by kind hearted folk has been tremendous. Leaving aside one or two comments from those who should know better and may understand if they are lucky enough to live till 94yrs old. So a BIG Thank You for all your offers of help, you have made an old man very happy. Well Done You!
  9. Often wondered how the old crones who ask the checkout staff at Shoprite to pack their shopping for them manage when they get home. Do they just leave it in the carrier bag on the floor? Maybe when you get old you will understand!!
  10. Hi there, Thanks to all the offers of help, this forum has been a saviour. Sorted now , Much appreciated!
  11. Firstly, may I thank all who have read my post. Some comments may seem funny and others not, With this in mind I will give a bit more detail regards to the situation, The pensioner in question happens to be my father and Unfortunately I live 'across' Up until the end of September I have been visiting my dad every 3 to 4 weeks staying for a couple of days and taking him to Tesco and Shoprite to stock up his food shelves, I get him as much bread as he can get to fit in his freezer, Obviously fresh food like cabbage and lettuce and eggs don't stay fresh for long so he just about manages and he also makes do with Long life milk, with regards to tesco deliveries, I have done that for him but you have to make up at least a £25 order and that's a lot just for fresh stuff (he already has lots of cans etc) As for the suggestion of a racy well that is an expensive way to get a loaf of bread! And in case you are wondering why I haven't been over to the island since September , well it's because have been in a motor accident and cannot drive. I am hoping to get mobile again by early December and then I will be able to visit again, My father had no family on the Island and my mother passed away many years ago so that's me asking for a favour! Hope this makes things clearer,
  12. Crumbs!! haha you are witty. Love it. Am just hoping someone can help out
  13. Would anybody be able to do a big favour for a Pensioner who cannot get out to the shops to get a loaf of bread cos of arthritis in his feet. If so then please message me and I will give his address. He will of course pay you for the bread. Many thanks in anticipation.
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