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  1. Which buses (when they run?), go past wherever they dump the rubbish? And will they allow you to carry a couple of bags on board? Hear me out, I'm no Baldrick, but I've got a cunning plan!
  2. Our bin is never that full, because I take a small bag of rubbish on my walks. But it's now getting harder to find a public bin that's not overflowing.
  3. A whole area of Douglas, bins still not emptied (supposed to have been emptied on Tuesday). People are now putting more bags next to their bins (saw more on my walk). No matter how they try to spin it, or how many "positive" numbers they pull out of thin air, it's a bit of a shambles, isn't it?
  4. Government can't help everyone... But sure as shit they can help themselves.
  5. My heart goes out to all the businesses affected (too many of them). But will anyone listen? Cannot help but feel that we're so far down into the hole, that they just have to keep digging, in the hope, as faint as it is, that one day, we'll come out the other side, wherever and whenever that might be. In the meantime, let's all pay our taxes so they never stop all this waste.
  6. By the time all this is "finished" (it will NEVER be really finished, though, will it?), most of it will look so old and shabby, that it will need redoing. They should just label it all as our own Golden Gate Bridge (to nowhere but massive back-handers and pensions). That will bring the tourists in large numbers, I tell you!!!
  7. Whenever the game is rescheduled to be played (and it will be, biggest money maker for the butter-wouldn't-melt-in-their-mouth decision makers at Sky Sports), whether it's in a closed stadium, or when fans can attend, the best thing that can happen for football is that BOTH sets of fans (I know, I know, we "hate" each other), to join in a massive protest, showing that football without fans, is indeed, nothing.
  8. Even if the promenade was completely finished today, we would all think how it took far too long, and has contributed in killing a few Douglas businesses. So imagine what we'll be thinking, when it's nowhere near finished in a few more months. I walk along the prom every day, on my way to work, and back. It looks much worse than it all sounds, believe it or not, about three years (not sure, but who's still counting, both time and money?) after it all started.
  9. They are hardly gonna be taking bigger steps than baby ones, when part of the plan is to make people use holiday cottages for self-isolation. The carrots dangling in front of our faces, are slowly but surely turning mouldy.
  10. Here's another fine mess. Long-term residents (around three or four families) in some particular "holiday cottages", have been asked to move out by the end of this month, so the cottages can be rented out for those self-isolating. When, according to lockdown rules, these families cannot visit or view other properties to move into. Every single decision they make (prom "works", vaccination hubs, building contracts, bridge works... too many to mention), has everything to do with filling their pockets, before they have to leave the gravy train, and nothing to do with the health and wellbeing of the island's population. Every. Single. Decision.
  11. Spin it how you like. They lied. They tried to hide the fact that we hit over 100 new cases in one day, and are also denying that all this happening, is none of their fault. They're only kidding themselves. Let's see if they change tactics in the next briefing. Not holding my breath.
  12. In any type of gambling, you need some sort of strategy, because at some point, luck ALWAYS runs out. Yet those in charge of this good island, have been gambling with people's livelihoods and mental health, relying on just luck, and now it's all gone tits up. Go figure.
  13. No matter how good they think their lies sound, or how much they believe them themselves, they will eventually come back to bite them on their arses. Add to that their ignorance, incompetence and corruption, and no wonder the island has been dying on its arse for quite a few years now. As long as "lessons are being learned", we're good to go.
  14. Some "misunderstandings" are more equal than others.
  15. Possibility of a message on the government's Twitter account towards midnight, increasing by the minute.
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