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  1. In any type of gambling, you need some sort of strategy, because at some point, luck ALWAYS runs out. Yet those in charge of this good island, have been gambling with people's livelihoods and mental health, relying on just luck, and now it's all gone tits up. Go figure.
  2. No matter how good they think their lies sound, or how much they believe them themselves, they will eventually come back to bite them on their arses. Add to that their ignorance, incompetence and corruption, and no wonder the island has been dying on its arse for quite a few years now. As long as "lessons are being learned", we're good to go.
  3. Some "misunderstandings" are more equal than others.
  4. Possibility of a message on the government's Twitter account towards midnight, increasing by the minute.
  5. "Don't go out" As a waiter, I HAVE to go out and earn my wages. Yet they're advising people NOT to go out. Who's going to pay my wages if I go to work but people don't go out??? Mind you, the place where I work is dying a slow death since the "works" on the Promenade have started a few years back. Oh well, as long as they keep filling their hidden bank accounts, all is well and good with the Isle of Man.
  6. He abandoned his kids... And her kids are now in self-isolation, not being able to see their family at Christmas. Lovely couple.
  7. By the time they finish the roads (not even God knows when), the newly laid pavements are gonna look so dirty and old, they'll probably have to do them again. But then again, maybe that's the plan, so they can pilfer a few more million pounds. Who knows?
  8. Walking along the prom, after work every night, brings back hazy memories of my younger days, when I used to get home a bit the worse for wear, and the missus would have moved the furniture around yet again. Gotta tread carefully in the dark, so you don't kick or break anything. I'm all for a bit of nostalgia.
  9. By the time the millions of tourists can come over and enjoy the new and improved promenade, most businesses will probably have shut down because of all the incompetence surrounding the whole shebang. As for now, imagine Guernsey residents excitedly booking their flights to the Isle of Man, only to find out that they have ended up in Beirut instead!
  10. "Save money" by cutting the tram line short... All of a sudden, a sea wall becomes vital. These guys have no problems whether hand sanitizer is available or not, their palms are greased well.
  11. Could be, what it being a bank holiday today, they have pre-recorded what they are playing all day, pretending they are indeed live. They have done it many times before.
  12. When they were all "advised" to hold hands together, because these guys pay advisors on how to get someone to wipe their backsides the most expensive way possible (not necessarily the best way). If they blag it right, "we saved the island", but if it all goes tits up (as usually does with their decisions), blame the advise they got.
  13. Crazy how every single country decided the "wait and see" approach was the best way going forward, when learning from others' mistakes was there for all to see.
  14. Every single country has had the attitude of "but it's not happening here", not learning from other countries who thought exactly the same before them, until it hits so quickly, and so badly, that everyone and everything is overwhelmed.
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