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  1. Sign on Villa Marina Gardens gate did say that the Marina Drive entrance (near Sefton back door) will be closed from Saturday 6pm till Monday 6pm. Maybe that's why.
  2. Fuck all by the sounds of it. Spot on Dave. Hit the nail right on its head
  3. Really? Because of 1 pub.....that said if it keeps all the £1.50 a pint brigade in one place, that can only be a good thing for the clientele of other hostelries. Really, because of "one" pub. Had an "emergency meeting" with some minister or other on Friday. But what do I know?
  4. It seems like no other companies are willing to fill any of the empty buildings that we all cry about because they make the main shopping street look more shite than it is. Some of the local pubs are already bricking it apparently.
  5. I know Starbuck's has been mentioned recently, could be going somewhere down near the Jubilee clock. Wetherspoons for the Woolworths site? And maybe even Burger King, in the old Spar newsagents across from KFC? Anyone hear anything?
  6. Some local kids who's band is called Our Final Hour. Bit heavy for me, but they're not bad I suppose.
  7. majkul

    Beckii Cruel

    Good luck to the girl, hope she does well. On the other hand, her dad came through as such a lovely man on that documentary, along the lines of... "We know that some men will see her on the internet and maybe do things, but what can you do?"... It's your daughter you t*t. "If she makes money, we don't want any, but oh yeah we do, gimme gimme gimme".
  8. After using Laithwaite's for a while, I now use Virgin Wines. I find it quite good. They take £20 a month from my account into the "wine bank", and when I feel like it I order a case from their vast selection. So far, most of it has been very good.
  9. 1) Chelsea 2) Man United 3) Arsenal 4) Man City 5) Liverpool 6) Everton 7) Tottenham 8) Fulham 9) Villa... ...18) West Ham 19) West Brom 20) Blackpool.
  10. Spain did deserve it as on the whole they passed the ball better than anybody else. They have been the best for the past few years now. To think that they only scored eight goals to lift the World Cup! But they also defended very well.
  11. And what have you got against poor Coventry Albert?
  12. Aaaaaah, van Bommel. As they said on the telly, he's living a charmed life. Apparently he's committed 14 fouls in this World Cup, much more than anyone else. History was made in the 94th minute against Uruguay, when he was finally shown a yellow card. As for this tournament, I have enjoyed it on the whole. And still three games to be played. Was there ever any tournament played without any major controversies? I doubt it.
  13. That's actually their third signing, as they had already signed Boateng (the German one) for £10m and David Silva from Valencia for £25m. Already £60m and counting... Of course, they're all joining the club because it's showing ambitions, nothing to do with money. I mean, who wouldn't leave Barcelona for the sunnier climes of Manchester to play in the Europa League?
  14. Any truth in the rumour that England have asked France to hang about for a few more days so maybe they can share a plane back home? Personally, I think it's a lie, as surely these two football superpowers will definitely go through to the last sixteen? Surely?
  15. I think Ciappelli's have moved to The Max site in Onchan, something to do with their rent not being renewed at Admiral House. In the meantime, the new place instead of Ciappelli's is called JAR (Just Another Restaurant) upstairs, and JAB (Just Another Bar) downstairs. As far as I know, Ciappelli's chef stayed with the new owners at JAR/JAB.
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