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  1. Thanks for so much support on this, we have been informed that it will be done by laying down food for them. Weather this id correct i dont know, im just telling people what i know and people should know. There really isnt that many up there 20 at most and one thing that was pointed out to me yesterday was that you never see a dead one lying in the road so they really cant be much of a hazard to traffic as was pointed out they slow the traffic down that very rare time that they are in the road. I think if anyone wants to come and take a couple they would be more than welcome to, the dont seem to belong to anyone, its just a case of catching them. I'd much rather see them go to a new home than to be killed off completely. Just think of the eggs too....
  2. The Isle of Man Government are going to be culling the Chickens in St Johns. This has all come from one person in the village complaining about the noise of the roosters. 685844 is the number for the Isle of man governments vetting service if anybody wishes to doubt my words. Police in Peel know about the situation as do Patrick comisioners. The police have deemed them as a traffic hazard, the chickens have been there for 30+ years and have never been a problem until someone complained about the noise, which would be the noise you get living in the country. There will be food put down in public areas as they are not allowed to put it on private land, therefor being open to being eaten by dogs, cats and wild birds. Where the chickens are is next to the walk way for the school, so children will also be at harm if they happen to drop a sweet etc, pick it up and eat it. What also raises concern is once the birds have eaten the food they will die, but where??? Public walkways, main roads??? Right outside a primary school, shop and pub, thats where.
  3. Organised rumour?? Ok well you can live with that opinion all you want. You are obviously not well informed, for your info, the Isle of man newspapers know, the Western Police and Patrick commisioners. So well informed I am, thanks for the so called support i was told manx forums gave.
  4. Yes, as microbunny said the police informed me of this aswell.
  5. something to add while on the subject of eggs... the government are going to be going to St Johns very soon to, in some way kill the roosters and chickens in the area. What they are going to do is 'humane' as they are doing it through feeding them. But the questions that wont be brought up until after is... what is going to happen to the dead animals?? There is a school, a shop and a pub in the area and the weather being so nice there will be alot of people around. And also the food that is going to kill the birds is going to be in public places where people walk their dogs and cats roam freely around.... does any one feel that living in the country should mean that all the wild animals who dont harm anyone should be killed and the residents of the area having to see the effects????
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