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  1. Dilligaf when you come to a point when you feel you can't work would you claim benefit? Who's to say your pain is as bad as you think.
  2. I wonder what percentage of people on disability are waiting for some type of medical intervention. I know an individual who has been waiting for a hip op for the past 2 years. They are signed off sick as they can not do their job which is manual. However they are capable of doing another sort of job but this would involve retraining them. Retraining has not been offered, the promise that medical help is always just round the corner. Who's at fault? the person, the government or the hospital?
  3. A guy has MS, one day he is good the next he isn't. How can you get someone a job when there is no control over their illness. No treatment that cures it. You have crohn's disease, you look "normal" but again you have no control of when it will hit you and to what extent. It can take years to get the right kind of medication for an illness and that is if it is available. Hospitals don't want to spend the money on the expensive medications that might help a person get back to work. They often try the cheap alternatives first to reduce there budgets. It can and often takes years for people to be able to get there illness under any sort of control. There are those that do take the mick and go on the sick but these are more likely to be people from a background of government hand outs not people who's world have stopped and they need all the help they can get. Why don't the government look at families that have had generation after generation on government benefits. Those who believe it is their right to a council house, their right to have kids and get the state to pay, then moan about how hard a life they have. Mind you they can still afford fags and beer ....
  4. try here http://www.gov.im/ded/employmentRights/
  5. There is a problem at the AG office, even though cost of running the department have increased. Many cases where the defendant pleads not guilty are taking between 1-4 years to conclude. How fair judgement can be made on an individual after such time is beyond me. Do we really have the right people in the right job? I would say NO. The UK has strict timeframes that cases have to adhere to, should the island not follow suit? Many a delay is down to the AG not giving documentation required by the defence, this usually is raised at the trial date resulting in the trial date being reset and court time wasted. Should St Juan not be sorting this.........
  6. Of course not, this is a non-issue, there's nothing of any interest in it and we should all move on now. Don't mischaracterise other people's arguements. The point is that he did wrong, he made a mistake, he's been laughed at for it (and Private Eye is part of that) but it should not be a sacking or criminal offence. Can't you grasp that's the point people are making? Declan you state this is not a criminal offence, but it is (unless you're an MHK) in the eyes of the law and that is my issue with the situation. Anyone else who couldn't be woken on a bus due to alcohol would have had the police called if not an ambulance. They would have been taken to the cells for the night, warned or charged with the offence. If this had happen then would you still be saying he should keep his job? JW has been treated differently, if he was treated like us mere mortals then more people would be calling for him to be side-lined.
  7. Last week two cars driven by girl racers had a bit of needle with each other. When one car pulled into McDonalds the other followed and a row broke out, the row was that bad that the police were called. The police turned up (thinking a free burger might be on the cards) and the full extent of what had gone on (racing round town) was admitted. Did the police arrest anyone - No - Why- One girl racer was actually a Policewoman. Why oh why is it one rule for them and another for us?
  8. Did you not know that as a small local tradesman you offer your services and expert knowledge for free. You train in your chosen trade at your own expense, you advertise in the phone book and paper at your own expense. You pay for all your tools, trade subscriptions and van etc out of your own cash as you have nothing better to do with it. People are quick to moan , what about the dicks that get you to do a job and then don't pay for some obscure reason. Would you go to tesco's and get food only to turn round and say I'll pay you in a couple of months......
  9. What is really wrong with the whole situation is the treatment in law. Why should MHK's be treated any differntly from the rest of us. There is a big problem with the whole justice (and I use the word Justice loosely) system and corruption on the Island. Yes most of us have had too much to drink and been sick (yes I admit it, in a public place once - but I was young!) No it doesn't warrant losing your job unless your job is the head of the department tackling what is deemed to be wrong behaviour punishable by the courts.
  10. Good idea to get them working, maybe offer a small incentive £5 extra a week. It's got to be better then watching TV all day and will give some a sense of worth, with hope for the future. How would joe public react, once a criminal always a criminal or rehabilitation? I know a charity that use to have much needed help before the prison moved to Jurby. Jurby to far away for them to receive help anymore.
  11. Shop in strand street approx £34,000 per year from strand shopping centre end of street, the closer you get to M&S the more expensive it is. No wonder most shops are empty.
  12. Piebaps - So if the highway code states about drink driving why didn't the ads on the radio over the festive period, this was put out by the Government after all. (maybe you should direct them to your link) Yes the cops are bias a drunk judge or work colleague will be given a lift home, the rest of us get nicked. The sentence from one judge to another differs greatly for offences of similar magnitude. So now we all know you live in La La land.
  13. What I don't really understand is adverts have said you can lose your licence, get a fine and criminal record. They don't mention you might go to prison. Maybe your penalty is just dependant on the judge you have and like most of the islands legal system cocked up. The police would try to punish you just as harshly for being 1mg over the limit than they would if you were double. Don't get me wrong Drink Drivings a NO NO but everyone makes mistakes at some point in there lives and punishment should stop when your deemed to have backed back society. Sex crimes are different (wrong wiring in the brain) and this is why there is a sex offenders register and they should be checked on regulary by authorities.
  14. It just to show those on New year diets what there missing
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