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  1. Noted quite a few UK plates on the road this morning. One in use by a local business. There must be some sort of dispensation in force to allow this?
  2. sent you a message re the guy to contact for space to rent
  3. A pity the Isle of Man can't implement something like Madeira where residents get a discount on travel to the mainland (Portugal).
  4. Some recent trips with Stena Line were pretty quick on the vehicle check-in. Boarding card and cabin key (if you book a cabin) issued at check-in. And that's it. Boarding card not collected or scanned, You just board. This wasn't an exception, it appears to be the norm. Same procedure at both Birkenhead and Belfast.
  5. I got rid of my MT landline a couple of years ago as I only used it for internet. I switched to Sure wifi and it's a lot cheaper. Perhaps not always as fast as a fixed line but good enough to watch catch-up TV. Depending on where you live (you need a decent 4G signal) it might be worth exploring.
  6. Time for the MOT issue to be raised once more.
  7. Auto Electric and Detailing Centre have some good deals on alloys.
  8. I've got it and so had my father. He wasn't Manx - family from Manchester area, but whether they had Norse forebears I don't know.
  9. Fixed again for the time being finlo. Won't be long before they get hit again unless some protection has been added (see image of fast chargers in the UK attached).
  10. We have had two electric cars (me and the wife) since 2012 and 2013. They are great for the island but the infrastructure is sadly lacking and no doubt will continue to be so. The very few charging points already installed are almost invariably badly placed, badly protected from damage and not properly signed to alert drivers of non-electric vehicles. Added to that, there are no fast chargers and the existing ones are frequently out of service for lengthy periods (two in Ramsey haven't been available for months). As more EVs take to our roads the situation regarding public charging will become
  11. IOMRS97

    Road tax

    A 6% increase in my income would be very welcome...
  12. I think I may have got it wrong. The first time I went into Summerland was during the fire when everyone else was trying to get out...
  13. I think health screening might not be a bad idea. I had not needed to see my doctor for several years but had some bad lower back pain last August resulting in several scans and other tests which revealed a few problems that I had been blissfully unaware of - cancer in one kidney being the worst of them. It seems that it's not safe to assume you are well just because you have no symptoms! These have been or are being addressed so there is an opportunity to prevent things getting any worse. I have to say that the care and treatment I have received from the NHS both on the island and at Arrowe
  14. It will get them used to the idea that before too long they will lose parking on one side of Loch Prom when the horse tram tracks are moved to the sea-side of the road. Not quite sure why the tracks are being moved but DOI are never wrong so it must make sense...
  15. I'm already with Sure on my mobile plan (SIM only). Anyone know if the landline deal with Sure is better than MT for a (so-called hi-speed) broadband?
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