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  1. IOMRS97

    Have you got Viking hands?

    I've got it and so had my father. He wasn't Manx - family from Manchester area, but whether they had Norse forebears I don't know.
  2. IOMRS97

    electric vehicles

    Fixed again for the time being finlo. Won't be long before they get hit again unless some protection has been added (see image of fast chargers in the UK attached).
  3. IOMRS97

    electric vehicles

    We have had two electric cars (me and the wife) since 2012 and 2013. They are great for the island but the infrastructure is sadly lacking and no doubt will continue to be so. The very few charging points already installed are almost invariably badly placed, badly protected from damage and not properly signed to alert drivers of non-electric vehicles. Added to that, there are no fast chargers and the existing ones are frequently out of service for lengthy periods (two in Ramsey haven't been available for months). As more EVs take to our roads the situation regarding public charging will become worse. There is no grant towards purchase of EVs here (unlike the UK) and the Isle of Man, despite being a near-ideal location for EVs, will have missed yet another opportunity to lead the world. As to home charging putting a strain on the power supply network, EVs are usually charged overnight when there is much less demand for power and MUA offer a special tariff to encourage this. The MUA initiative and the Steam Packet's provision of power points on Manannan are two hopeful signs that some people on the island are taking electric vehicles seriously.
  4. IOMRS97

    Road tax

    A 6% increase in my income would be very welcome...
  5. IOMRS97

    Some great footage of summerland

    I think I may have got it wrong. The first time I went into Summerland was during the fire when everyone else was trying to get out...
  6. IOMRS97

    health screening

    I think health screening might not be a bad idea. I had not needed to see my doctor for several years but had some bad lower back pain last August resulting in several scans and other tests which revealed a few problems that I had been blissfully unaware of - cancer in one kidney being the worst of them. It seems that it's not safe to assume you are well just because you have no symptoms! These have been or are being addressed so there is an opportunity to prevent things getting any worse. I have to say that the care and treatment I have received from the NHS both on the island and at Arrowe Park Hospital have been first class.
  7. IOMRS97

    Traffic chaos

    It will get them used to the idea that before too long they will lose parking on one side of Loch Prom when the horse tram tracks are moved to the sea-side of the road. Not quite sure why the tracks are being moved but DOI are never wrong so it must make sense...
  8. IOMRS97

    Manx Telecom Phone + Contract prices

    I'm already with Sure on my mobile plan (SIM only). Anyone know if the landline deal with Sure is better than MT for a (so-called hi-speed) broadband?
  9. IOMRS97

    MOT again?

    Of the many hundreds of road traffic accidents (or collisions as they are now known) I have investigated, I have never dealt with a single one caused by a vehicle defect. As Derek says, the cause in almost every case is human error. So why are we talking about testing vehicles rather than drivers? Surely a periodic re-test of drivers would make more sense?
  10. IOMRS97

    Foreign Currency Exchange

    I've used Travelex and got a good rate plus free home delivery.
  11. IOMRS97

    Teare to stand down

    His pension might be OK but he has certainly taken a lump out of mine while he has been in office.
  12. IOMRS97

    i-o-m's M O T!

    If almost all road traffic accidents are caused by human error rather than mechanical problems, why are we not re-testing drivers rather than vehicles? The fact that we don't suggests to me that MOT tests have little to do with road safety.
  13. IOMRS97

    Greenhouse gases

    Quote from the government blurb: ...'encouraging the purchase of more efficient vehicles in the short term and new forms of technology in the longer term'. Oh yeah? Just as an example, let's compare how the UK deals with zero-emission vehicles in terms of grants towards the cost of purchase, home charging and road tax - UK - 35% of the cost of a car, up to a maximum of either £2,500 or £4,500 depending on the model 20% of the cost of a van, up to a maximum of £8,000 Road tax - £0 Grant of up to £500 to provide a home charging point for electric vehicles (Isle of Man - no grants of any description, Road Tax £14 i.e. more than some low-emission petrol vehicles)
  14. IOMRS97

    Mountain Watch

    Cycling on the mountain makes less sense than cycling on a motorway - although I am sure there are some who will say this should be allowed too...
  15. IOMRS97

    Mountain Watch

    As someone who has dealt with hundreds of traffic accidents on the island, many of them of a serious nature and a good few fatal I can assure you that the first thing is always to protect the scene. This might be possible by signage and the positioning of vehicles but in the case of anything significant it is essential to close the road. Apart from protecting those involved and officers attending it is necessary to preserve as much as possible of the scene in order to properly investigate and determine the cause. Since tyre and scrape marks and minute pieces of debris are often involved it may be necessary to crawl along the road for some distance so as not to miss anything. Then you need to take measurements - often dozens of them. Not something to be undertaken while traffic is zooming past! Leaving this to a quieter time is not an option as I have known a second accident to occur at the same location within 24 hours and trying to distinguish one set of marks from another is no joke.