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  1. Well, we all know who NOT to vote for don't we?!
  2. There is now such a big difference between Manx and UK car tax in many categories that it would be worth registering at a friend or relative's UK address and taking your car over once a year for an MOT - most of us probably do several trips anyway so it's no hardship. Not legal of course but if gov.im raise taxes to unrealistic levels it's obviously going to happen. I wonder if it will make a difference to the numbers of Manx registered bikes you see coming off the boat every TT? Meanwhile, vee_dub's suggestion (above) sounds good to me except that I will probably leave one of my cars in the garage for longer than a month as it doesn't get much use in the summer anyway.I can see SORN coming in over here next...
  3. So having encouraged people to buy 'greener' cars, the next thing on the agenda is to charge more tax on these vehicles because government isn't getting enough revenue! Considering that the UK equivalent tax is already considerably less it's - yes, you've guessed it ANOTHER MANX GOVERNMENT RIP-OFF. As if the IOM Government gives a damn about reducing pollution - it's all about grabbing money from the motorist and any pretext will do.
  4. I wonder if I can use a government minister's optimism as part of my business plan when applying for a bank loan? I can imagine the response...
  5. Whatever might be said about Buster and his credibility etc, I would trust him more than many an MHK I can think of! - most of them actually...
  6. The things that used to make the island special, different, and mostly better than the UK, have largely disappeared. This change for the worse has accelerated in recent years and has been encouraged by our wonderful government. We have seen a steady erosion of our advantages in income tax, car tax, petrol prices, and many other things that went a long way to make up for the higher cost of living here (rates will be next). At the same time the convenience of our simpler way of life has also virtually gone so we are almost indistinguishable from many places in the UK - take our airport for one example. If anyone still thinks the Isle of Man Government is working for the benefit of the public (rather than a very small percentage of it) then they need to take a good look at what is going on all around them. I for one will remember who is responsible come the next election!!
  7. Several classes of vehicle are already more expensive to tax on the island than in the UK - it's yet another Manx rip-off!
  8. It is sometimes possible to recover data off a defective hard drive by installing it in another PC as a slave and reading the faulty hard drive from the good installation. Then just copy and save the files you can see. I have done this several times and while it doesn't resurrect the drive, you may get some files off it intact. It depends on the state of the faulty drive of course - if it's not spinning up or is clicking, forget it!
  9. IOMRS97

    Petrol Prices

    Under £1 per litre in Poland last week for both petrol and diesel.
  10. But the regeneration will provide a significant number of additional parking spaces which are desperately needed in the centre of Laxey. Oh, hang on a minute, I've just had a look at the plans and I can't actually see any additional parking - in fact we might actually lose one or two... Looks like 'they' have done it again!
  11. Had a Miele which was very expensive and didn't last long out of the warranty before developing a fault which, surprise, surprise was going to cost almost as much as a new machine to repair. Scrapped it and bought a Henry. It does tend to fall over quite a lot but otherwise works well and bags are cheap to buy.
  12. It seems like staggering arrogance and a total disregard for the planning process to me. You may as well make the entire department redundant, cease to employ highly qualified and impartial inspectors, not bother with inquiries, and just have one person make the decision arbitrarily as the whim takes him/her.
  13. Ah yes, but the drivers of certain makes of car can park where they like and disregard the rules that apply to the rest of us. We've all seen them...
  14. Clearly the request for expressions of interest is a mere 'paper exercise' as it is obviously targeted at the current operator who is the only one likely to tick all the boxes. There are several other Irish Sea operators, some passing the Isle of Man en-route to other ports, but it would be difficult for them to 'call in' at Douglas on their way to UK or Irish ports due to the size of the vessels and nature of their operations, not to mention the financial viability for them. Sure the Steam Packet could do better at times, and the crossing times were quicker years ago for a variety of reasons, but generally the SP do a good job with limited resources and they need to be given security by way of a continued agreement in order to be able to make plans for the future of our vital sea routes. A good argument for leaving well-enough alone.
  15. I wish I had your confidence Albert! We have had a poor lot of MHKs at times in the past, though obviously nothing like as bad as the ones (with few exceptions) we have now. At any rate, I can't remember a bunch that I trusted less in all my years. What makes you think the electorate aren't going to be taken in yet again come the next election - the trend is for things to get worse, not better!
  16. Don't worry IOM Gov, I get the message - you don't want me to use the airport car park or go shopping in Douglas. Fine! I'm good with that.
  17. The number of UK reg vehicles on the island's roads is on the increase because many classes are taxed considerably higher on the island than in the UK. Presumably they return to the UK periodically and are registered at an address where the owner can be contacted. This was bound to happen, especially given that we don't have the opportunity to tax our vehicles for 6 months. It goes back to what I and others have said for years - scrap vehicle licences and put a bit extra on fuel at the pump. That way you pay for exactly what you use - including visiting vehicles using our roads. (Too simple a system for government to adopt of course...)
  18. I agree with MQ and others above. If this is correct, I have eaten my last Manx lamb.
  19. Heard a funny one the other day about a traffic warden who insisted a car visiting from the UK should be displaying a tax disc - though of course it couldn't as it had been taxed since 1st October after which discs were no longer issued.
  20. Already a done deal according to this - http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=73876
  21. Blimey Spook! You must be as old as me if you remember Jim Swindlehurst as the Traffic Sergeant - 3638 MN era. It was certainly an education to be on duty with him...
  22. It seems that under forthcoming legislation, beneficial owners of Manx companies will still be able to hide from public view, according to a Manx Radio report: http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=73593 So much for openness and transparency...
  23. Chief Minister calls for stop to Infrastructure charges No more Department of Infrastructure charges will hit taxpayers in the pocket. Copied and pasted from 3FM. I think he means no more charges will hit taxpayers until next year when vehicle licence duty goes up yet again!
  24. I know the answer to this one - the plastic seagull might be some use as it could be melted down and re-used - airline type plastic cutlery perhaps? As for the other two ... !
  25. I'v just bought a Lenovo G700 from Amazon, without an operating system - except that when it came it had Windows 8 installed. Apart from that, it's very good...
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