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  1. And not right next to them. The dispersal and dilution of them from the Neb would spread it round the whole west coast. Its all about the concentration. Life can generally process small amounts of toxins over longer periods of time.
  2. The Phantom


    https://howies.co.uk/ https://finisterre.com/ https://www.outerknown.com/ https://www.prana.com/ https://www.patagonia.com/home/
  3. Funny how when I originally called them Orcs near the start of the conflict, some people were claiming I was some sort of fascist. Now it's pretty much the accepted nickname for them.
  4. Bit more info on the Peel toxic sludge dump here. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/government-department-dumped-polluted-silt-in-sea-551731
  5. The Phantom


    Depends who you're buying from and how much it costs. Generally the more ethical expensive stuff (not chavy designer stuff) is made in the EU or US. They specifically avoid the sweatshops, but you pay for that pleasure.
  6. The Phantom


    Thanks for the fashion input Gok Wan. Although to be fair Douglas probably has the finest selection of charity shops in the British Isles.
  7. The Phantom


    Actually yeah, should have thought that. TNF is now listed so all the shareholders will care about is sales. No care who to. Interestingly the founders of both TNF and Patagonia were old climbing buddies and both set up around the same time originally selling climbing equipment. TNF founder sold out in the 80s I think. Patagonia is still predominantly owned by its founder, who actually bought a lot of Patagonia and set aside as a nature reserve. Lots of ethical and feel good stuff about that co too. I'll happily pay what some would think is silly money for clothes from brands that I agree with ethically/responsibility/environmentally or are highly technical in nature. Theres four or five cos that I predominantly buy all my clothes from due to being happy with the above after looking into their business models. In an ideal world, people would take more responsibility with their purchases. Not throw away fashion or because some 'designer' wrote their name on something.
  8. The Phantom


    Tynwald Mills has a decent collection of technical outdoor clothing, although North Face does unfortunately seem to have been appropriated by the chavs in the last couple of years. Makes you wonder what the Company's thoughts would be on such a thing....
  9. https://yachtbible.com/slipstream-yacht/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Cowin Fine Manx name. Perhaps he actually has some relations from here?
  10. Also the rails are as slippery as Roger Moore covered in teflon when wet. You've only got a tiny contact patch on a bike tyre that can be smaller than the actual rail. Usually if your front tyre even slips a bit, you're down before you realise what's happened, back tyre you'll probably just do a cool looking drift. Best to hit them at as close to 90 degrees as possible to minimise the time you are on them.
  11. Amen! I was always fairly indifferent to them even with them being a loss maker and funded by taxes. However now with the prom shambles and the additional expense that has (and probably will be) needed to get them running, then someone definitely needs to grow a pair and kill them off once and for all before any additional expense is accrued.
  12. A rail enforced unexpected dismount is pretty much a right of passage for IOM cyclists. If not the rails on the prom, the crossings in Laxey can be particularly dicey.
  13. Looking at the IOM Today website this morning. On the home page are 3 reports of people being busted for importing or possession and 2 reports upon the Pharmacy dispensing and the Peel Group cultivation plans. The irony is like some kind of sick joke.
  14. Probably in the interests of the Scallop fisherman who weren't allowed to fish the beds in 14/15 because of the dumping of the silt.
  15. Any proposals to metric a Pint you're aware of? If this is the rationale, then surely it should be across the board.
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