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  1. Yup. The crossing that suggests cyclists have right of way, but has zero warnings for drivers. I'm amazed it's only killed one person so far. I'd like to think the designer has a heavy weight upon his conscience, but probably not, based upon the fact it's still there. Deadly and I think the biggest screw up for our DOI, which isn't event that complex or difficult to fix.
  2. Yup, got similar agreements with a couple of anti-vaxxers I know. Generally they are in the 'hippy camp' but I wouldn't have thought they were complete imbeciles before this. But also some medical/scientific friends - these were almost more worrying as they have gone from 'nothing to worry about' at the start of the Covid outbreak, to 'we are literally all going to die' last summer. Both of which whilst at the extreme ends of the spectrum are completely wrong and have come from the people I would have previously considered the experts (or at least more up to speed on the situation). It's going the way of Religion, Politics and Money. It doesn't seem to me that anyone is really coming out with regular, viable and correct predictions. But everyone has an opinion, which is fine, but you don't need to force your opinion on me. DONT TALK TO ME ABOUT COVID AND WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS!
  3. It's club (Covid) 18-30 more or less. Unvaxxed party people.
  4. Hence why I said 'some'. I'd treat it as more 'interesting possibility' rather than 100% peer reviewed research at the moment. Although it's still referred in the British Heart Foundation website and there's more than one study/author stating this. As with much of this covid 'research' on some of the more esoteric elements, loads of it is contradictory and I don't think we will have completely reliable studies and results for some time. As per this, every article you find that says one thing, there will be another that states the complete opposite.
  5. Some evidence that smokers are less likely to get Covid due to nicotine hindering the virus being able enter the cells. However, if they do get it, more likely to be serious.
  6. It appears that only males have had millions of years to evolve and adapt to a 7c temperature change. It's the only possible explanation I can think of. Just thank god you don't have aircon at home as that's a whole other battlefield. The bitching, rage and violence I see in the office over the control of the aircon is mindblowing. Especially when I am unable to notice any difference in the temperature after all of the tampering. Although my South African wife is adamant that 25c on the IOM is like 35c in SA! Go figure...
  7. Not anymore with the breakaway. Sunday it is then!
  8. He's got a chance today
  9. Damn, I wish there was a 'burn' icon!
  10. So only the day after the Govt relaxed the isolation rules etc and told us to live with it; my child's nursery has just shut because of a staff member testing positive. Brilliant - so that's at least 50 parents are now going to have to take the day off work. What good is closing it today? I'm assuming the infected staff member is not in today, so the damage has already been done. They're also arranging a 'deep clean'. Seems that this Covid can survive on a surface for an entire weekend!
  11. Not too bad. It is sheltered from the predominant SW storms. A big easterly probably can get a little sketchy, but the sea wall is pretty high.
  12. Yeah if you look at any of the Victorian photos on Manx Nostalgia or iMuseum, you'll notice there are virtually no trees. I'd always assumed that it was the Victorians or soon before that stripped them all for firewood, building, mine supports etc. With the modern planted single species plantations, I think stating 'no trees' is a bit of a stretch. Little diverse native ancient woodland would be a fair statement though. The woods up at Glen Roy are certainly very different from any of the manmade glens and plantations. The plantations can be quite dark and biologically deserted places realistically. More diverse and native plantings are definitely required and are occurring in some places.
  13. This the one? Difficult to confirm on planning, as there have been so many applications there over the years. This seems to be the latest dated..
  14. I heard someone refer to it as the next industrial revolution a couple of days ago.
  15. Recruiting new swabbers apparently now. Due to (wait for it)..... a surprise increase in demand. Is anyone else surprised?
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