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  1. Although Ais Holt might also be effectively the top of Richmond Hill. I need to dig out an ordnance survey map and see what it says are the hill names.
  2. Holt Hill (Ais Holt) is the original name of the hill west of the current hotel. It is the one that has Chibbanagh plantation on top of. The Murray Family (Dukes of Athol) purchased the land, hence became Mt Murray. I don't know if there is any archaeology up that way. The 5th century graveyard and Keeil if that's what you were referring to, is East of the hotel on next to Speke Lane. There is a standing stone there now, but i believe this isn't original and was just placed there as a marker. It was excavated by Time Team in 2007. I did find a link to the dig report, but seems to be broken now and the pdf is too big to attach.
  3. I know. I think it's brilliant how Pamela has turned into a sagely accurate political commentator.
  4. Pamela Anderson says "Britain is just America's bitch and just needs a diversion from the idiotic Brexit bullshit"
  5. Cool, I'll have a snoop over the weekend. Was going to look at the Celtic Fort/Motte near the gun range and dodge golf balls at ye olde graveyard also.
  6. John, loving the photos - where did you dig them up from? Hugely appreciated.
  7. Oh, that building! Yeah I suppose that does look a bit older than all the other buildings. So was Alex Inn more or less where the hotel is now?
  8. Brilliant! Yep Alec O'Brian developed it apparently. Not found any info on the 'Mt Murray Lodge' - anything further you can add would be much appreciated.
  9. I'm the process of falling down the rabbit hole doing a bit of research on the history of Mt Murray (pre village in the mist). Some interesting stuff found, with a 5th century burial site on the hole called 'The Graveyard' on the golf course, that was excavated by Time Team in 2007. The actual 'Mount' of Murray is the hill at the top of the golf course, with Chibbanagh plantation upon. Originally called Holt Hill but renamed Murray when the whole area was bought and turned into an estate by the Murray Family - Dukes of Athol and in 1804 Lt Gov of the Island. They built a mansion known as Moor Hall which eventually was redeveloped in the 1950s to become the Alex Inn. So, getting to the point and before I start digging around at Manx National Heritage, does anyone have any additional information/pictures/knowledge of the Alex Inn? Google is not getting much...
  10. The Phantom

    Lycra lout

    I would have thought that most international level sportsmen would be a bit more aggressive in certain situations than average. It can be channeled and create the drive to be better and win. Unfortunately being aggressive on a bike is quite a good survival tactic around cars. So yeah pro level cyclists probably would be a bit more aggro than normal. Not to say it can't be controlled nor is it an excuse for what he did. Add to the above a load of booze and a severe brain injury.....
  11. The Phantom


    Judging by the prices in there, they'll only need to sell one t-shirt a month.
  12. Yeah try another browser. I've had issues logging on with Chrome before, but when I use Explorer, absolutely fine.
  13. We have two connected, but only ever one turned on. When it runs out you switch over and grab another full one from the local garage. The small ones last about a month or so with normal usage and are easier to transport to/from the garage.
  14. So we've not actually done anything wrong. It's just that we have low tax? Seems fair!!
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