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  1. The Phantom

    Which Scientist should be featured on the UK £50 note?

    Actually Jane Goodall is a good call too. The feminazis would probably appreciate it too.
  2. The Phantom

    Which Scientist should be featured on the UK £50 note?

    Meh, yeah I know all that and I appreciate the fact that he came up with it in a malaria delirium, it's all a bit Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas! I still think Darwin stole it, but then again there are very few original ideas, take a bit here, a bit there etc. Crossing the Wallace Line between Bali and Lombok is pretty interesting though, seeing the change between Indonesia and Austaralia.
  3. The Phantom

    Which Scientist should be featured on the UK £50 note?

    Alfred Wallace - Darwin stole his ideas
  4. The Phantom

    Time for public register of beneficial ownership?

    Currently investigators have to apply to the IOM to have access to the BO register on the Island. The investigators are people like the Police or Revenue service. If they are investigating you then there is obviously the chance you have done something wrong. Why should it be public? It would effectively give any Tom Dick or Harry the opportunity to look closely into your Company, it's finances, ownership etc etc. It's just being nosey and serves no purpose, would you allow anyone to look at your bank statements?
  5. The Phantom

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    A lot of media comment from Gef the Mongoose on this at the moment! Isle of Mannabis Mananan's Toke Port St Mary Jane Ok, so if there is no customs between IOM and UK what's the difference about people being stopped when they get off/on the boat/plane like they are already for drugs? Similarly I can see how we couldn't import it as would have to transit UK somehow, unless there were direct flights to say somewhere like Amersterdam? Or what about the few growers over here significantly upping their production? Turn the Castle Mona into a giant grow-room?
  6. The Phantom

    IOM Gas Fields

    Maybe. But i'm sure i remember it being pretty close to our coast for at least a couple of weeks. Might have just been sheltering from a storms though.
  7. The Phantom

    IOM Gas Fields

    Hasn't there already been some prospecting/test drilling? I remember there being a rig of some description being trawled up and down the east coast maybe ten years ago?
  8. The Phantom

    Rex verdict

    Good point. It does indeed say 'exemption'! So potentially the vet was right all along. The problem is a breed of dog is not a species in it's own right, you can't test a dog to determine its type, it's all very subjective. Strange creatures, Staffies and the like (pitbulls pretty damned close). Used to be called the 'Nanny Dog' as they are so loyal and protective. However it seems that this loyalty has been misappropriated over the years and they become aggressive due to the aggressive natures of their often owners who use the loyalty for their own violent pleasure. I quite like them generally, I've known some wonderfully friendly ones and most do have a really good temperament, but I have only been bitten badly once by a dog and that was a Staffie that attacked another dog and my hand got in the way. Often they are awful with other dogs, but fine with people. I think they are like a gun. In the hands of a responsible person a gun is not a danger to others. However, give a gun to a dickhead..... It's the owners that should be licensed to own them
  9. The Phantom

    MV Karina...

    Any ideas how she actually gets to Gambia?
  10. The Phantom

    Enterprise Development Scheme

    You've got to be mildly impressed that they managed to even fuck up giving money away!!!
  11. The Phantom

    Police ready to race to the scene

    I guess they would probably help a little bit if you dropped it sideways!?
  12. I'm suprised they continued getting Military Aid at all after the Americans found Bin Laden hiding in Pakistan within a few kms of their Military Academy!! Not really much return on their investment was there!?
  13. The Phantom

    The next MMR?

    Apparently in Australia child support/family allowance is actually reduced if a child in not vaxxed. Also, there are plenty of nurseries etc that will refuse to accept children that have not been vaxxed.
  14. The Phantom

    The next MMR?

    Herd immunity. No vaccine is 100% but lets say for argument sake it's 95%. If everyone is 95% then the chances of a disease spreading through a population are virtually non existent. A non vaccinated child obviously has a much higher likelihood of getting the disease, although they are ironically actually partially protected by all the vaccinated individuals. However if the non vaccinated individual gets the disease and comes into contact with a vaccinated child, then there is still the 5% chance that a vaccinated child could get the disease.
  15. The Phantom

    The next MMR?

    And on the BBC today too! Remarkably well timed... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-45246049