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  1. For some reason I picture you saying this whilst in a cinema, wearing a straight jacket, being fed hallucinogens with your eyes pinned open.
  2. Which is the Treasury Minister. Would have been fun if it listed each individual tax payer.
  3. The body of a supermodel is buried in the back garden?
  4. IT'S NOT THE SEA!!!! It's a digger!
  5. Bold move putting a trampoline next to the fence next to the cliff too!
  6. I was curious how this would be structures so had a look at the Registry. The shareholder of the Manx Development Corp (MDC) is the Treasury Minister. There are actually 3 MDC companies, one which appears to be the holding company. One called MDC WMV which I assume to be Westmoreland Village and another called MDC FNH. Any ideas?
  7. One of the property owners was himself a very good corporate/tax lawyer! He would have had some legal contacts that would have advised on huge property developments.
  8. I used to do quite a bit of diving with Michelle's firm in PSM. Undoubtedly she's quite a smart cookie and could be useful for some input to nature and marine matters, but I burst out laughing (in agreement) at the statement regarding her 'behavioral problems' which I'd say are akin to some form of savant!
  9. Interesting point. Although if you'd go by company law, you'd need something like 75% of the shareholders (taxpayers) to agree. Although whether that would be 75% of all of us or those contributing 75% of the tax collected...
  10. Look at the plus side of the lighting. Young people will not congregate to chat in the dark and at least we won't be able to see the favela that springs up.
  11. Even says in the report, that they tried to cover-up! It's not a item of national security, so why should anything be withheld? following a Freedom of Information request by Isle of Man Newspapers. It took more than three months for the Department of the Environment, Food and Agriculture to publish the report, due to consultation being carried out with the DoI and the Attorney General’s chambers over how much information should be withheld.
  12. I actually quite like the idea/look of those wavey benches as the sea wall, set back from the current railings, allowing you to still actually see the sea.
  13. The year I came back to the Island. Coincidence?
  14. Yup, the Laxey 'slate' (although it's a mudstone schist) is very hard and strong, as long as you don't have something move along it's shear-planes.
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