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  1. To be honest Bladon and their awesome mini jet turbine was pretty cool.
  2. Uh oh, I actually jokingly suggested wearing a V For Vendetta mask in one of the other Covid posts! In the words of Shaggy "It wasn't me"
  3. Interesting to find out who lives in that house though. I often walk past it on the coastal footpath from Port Greanugh. It's a damn impressive building. You actually have to walk down their drive a little bit before the footpath turns off to skirt around the house. Funny that one of the reasons for approval is the benefit to the exchequer of £466k. Bearing in mind this couple are now being busted for vat fraud, I wonder if this was ever actually received.
  4. So does Howie O'Clock still apply on Tuesdays and Thursdays? If not, when is the generally accepted time to start drinking on these days? I feel like I've been robbed. I only just learned I could crack one open when they start the briefing!
  5. Yeah, we were talking about biological time limits and lifespans etc, not the virus. But this is what makes viruses so scary and weird when you think about it. They're not alive (so saying something kills a virus is incorrect) therefore, why do they need to replicate etc.
  6. Yep, hence there has been quite a bit of research into stopping or slowing of the degradation of telomeres. Ever heard of Henrietta Lacks - you could potentially consider her immortal! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrietta_Lacks
  7. Undoubtedly true to both. Add into this the length of telomeres and various other factors. All elements that contribute to or result from the same thing. I'm not saying that you hit 5 billion heartbeats and then perish instantly, but the maxim to me makes an element of sense. All biological processes can't go on ad-finitum and must have some form of limiting factor.
  8. Not as crazy as it sounds. I've read a study to do with similar, but it was heartbeats. Obviously very approximate, but explains why big animals or fit people with slow heartbeats live longer than little animals (e.g. a mouse at 600 bpm) and the unfit.
  9. Excellent, only 234 minutes to go. Seems I've been doing it wrong too. Henceforth I shall commence drinking at the start. Thank you Manxforums.
  10. The terror of when they delay Howie O'Clock...
  11. I assume we can all go back to starting drinking as soon as he is finished? Personally I find it a valuable tool for limiting my lockdown consumption and at least something to look forward to everyday.
  12. I was gonna say similar. Him not being 'local' is a potential benefit. If i recall he actually did a politics degree or something similar.
  13. I think just stepping down from LibVan. No word of not doing anything political - maybe just as an independent? I've seen him post on MF before, so maybe he'll comment.
  14. Agreed. He's a bit liberal for me and unfortunately not my constituency. I'd vote for him if i could. He seems pretty switched on and is willing to challenge the establishment.
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