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  1. Does what it says on the tin then I suppose.
  2. Actual Karen's were supposed to be coming over and setting up at the Masonic Hall in January for a couple of days. Not heard anything further about it. As far as I understood the Manx rip-off had been convinced by Karen's lawyers to desist. Not sure if the change of name thing would work or whether it went ahead. I remember seeing a McWonalds in Bali once with an inverted golden arches.
  3. Karen. Get with the program. They're kind of like a Gammon but with boobs.
  4. The fun will be determining which of winning individuals in the women's events used to be dudes.
  5. Well I think we've found Trump's sidekick; Congressman George Santos. I'm amazed that I've only just found out about this chancer... He’s been accused of fabricating much of his life story and is currently being investigated by the FBI over allegations that he stole money from a fundraising campaign intended to cover life-saving surgery for a veteran’s dog! Santos has already faced calls to resign and investigations over a string of lies he told on the campaign trail last year, when he was elected to represent New York. He also faces allegations of fraud over irregularities in his financial disclosures and loans he made to his campaign as he ran for Congress. Santos has refused to resign from Congress despite admitting lying about; • attending a New York university where he claimed to be a college volleyball star • working for two Wall Street banks named on his CV. • Claiming that his grandparents had fled the Holocaust but no record of them can be found and Santos admitted he is not Jewish, as previously claimed, but “Jew-ish” • claims that his mother was killed in the 9/11 attacks; she died in 2016. He appears to have gone by various aliases before running for Congress, including performing as a drag queen in Brazilian beauty pageants under the stage name of Kitara Ravache! Finally, investigators are also examining his campaign records after reports that some donors named in financial filings do not appear to exist. Santos is also yet to explain the origin of a $700,000 loan he made to his own campaign last year. And we think some of our politicians are shifty!
  6. Hey, that's my idea. We'd probably have to train the horses to wear some sort of rollerskate bogie contraptions though and tightrope walk, but I understand that Ashford is an expert in such matters.
  7. El fresco spliff and some munchies 😋
  8. Depressingly this is how my wife finally noticed the cost of living crisis. I usually do all the food shopping. She evidently never pays attention to any of the receipts or anything. A couple of months ago she had to go and buy some Champagne. It was only then she noticed how much it had gone up in price (as well as everything else). That's privilege for you!
  9. It's probably why you don't often hear of any riots or civil unrest in Wales. The police probably blare some Tom J out at a mob, they all have a sing along, then go home.
  10. If there is one thing that will calm a rabid welsh mob....
  11. Same response to whenever this is touted. The IOM will NEVER do this until the UK do the same. Even then, I'm sure we'd still fuck about for years after legislating and doing public consultations to keep the CS busy. We'd probably then regulate/licence/'tax it to the point that it would still be cheaper to use an illegal dealer.
  12. Woke gone mad. I lived with a bunch of Welsh lads at Uni. Still to this day one of the greatest instances of performance art I have ever seen, was Karioke and them each doing one word of Delilah seamlessly. It was majestic.
  13. A dog's nose is apparently akin to a fingerprint. The kennel club even uses nose prints to identify dogs. Surely they should have blacked out his nose in this case?
  14. But still no mention of the dog. Was he an innocent bystander? Did he inform on Quayle? Is he now in witness protection? Is he Quayle's and would be homeless if he was imprisoned? Does he have puppies to look after? Has he been psychologically damaged after witnessing the Crisp Stand incident? Is he an undercover police dog who infiltrated Quayle's fisherman cartel?
  15. I think they might need to appoint a diversity and equality manager to their organisation. Good on them for including some women into their structure, though it still needs work to bring the % up.
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