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  1. Chamber of Commerce made a pretty good point about trimming down the size of Govt. Huge labour shortage everywhere at rhe moment. Every job in Govt is taking someone our of the private sector that could fill the shortage.
  2. Appears that have engaged Putins PR team
  3. Ha, I was going to say at least you're not planning a coup or going all dictatorial, but then got to your last line!
  4. The opposite. He knows what happens to experts in Govt. Parrying this in advance.
  5. They are literally the lowest tech wheeled vehicle you could possibly create. Its just a frame wirh some wheels. No power, steering or suspension. Yet still they have completely screwed it up. Do you know if they're fixed axle too?
  6. I've done some work in the past with Norfund. The largest Sovereign Wealth/Pension Fund in the world. Set up by Norway using surplus cash from it's oil. Now invests in predominantly green and development projects in Africa. We can but dream.... https://earth.org/how-norways-oil-industry-will-determine-its-future/
  7. And that was even when that Clown in Peel claimed that it was £800 Billion in reserves. Whatever figure it was, I remember looking for a GDP comparative. It was the entire country of Mexico.
  8. Yeah I heard the green views of all my proposed representatives. "We'll plant some trees". Literally nothing else. Was she any better?
  9. Lots of talk of flanges. Love it. However, zero talk on the derailment from any of the local news outlets. Surely this is a significant point of public interest (and with any luck apoplectic outrage).
  10. Aren't MHKs supposed to represent the views of the people? So unless she has a remit from a significant portion of the electorate, what she 'thinks' has got zero relevance or importance.
  11. I think the Marines and the other Regiments might be released/exchanged fairly smoothly. Unfortunately for the Azov Battalion guys, with all the propaganda that has been spouted about them being Nazis, they're not going to have a good time. It will play right into Putin's hands and he will milk it for everything it's worth.
  12. I'm learning that jokes you make about Govt that initially seem flippant regarding their incompetence and/or back stabbing seem to come true. It would be funny but....
  13. Let me guess.... Expert highlights concerns that something is not right to IOM Govt Dept. Civil servant jobsworth boss disagrees despite actually having no expertise in the area, then together with additional trolls, bullies and forces expert out of job, whilst trying to smear and discredit expert? IOM Govt states that lessons will be learned and an investigation will take place; likely costing huge amounts and requiring additional staff employment. Basically insert 'Peel Harbour' instead of 'IOM Covid Response'.
  14. When your jokes about Govt become premonitions...
  15. Unfortunately this is what I always thought was happening; only on the outgoing tide! Regarding the Oil Pollution, it seems to happen a lot in Peel. I posted somewhere on here last year after noticing it also. Musing something along the lines of 'why do the dolphins seem to favour the most polluted beach on the Island, dripping in sewage and oil?'. I've gotten really sick a couple of times in the sea at Peel and frankly avoid going in the sea there now. In relation to the latest report on the oil, I'm sure I saw somewhere that it had been detected coming out of one of the rainwater drains that enters the harbour, so it could literally be entering the system anywhere in Peel, so tracing it would be pretty difficult.
  16. It's made it to the big boy papers now! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/may/17/isle-of-man-medical-director-dr-rosalind-ranson-faced-disgraceful-bullying-tribunal-finds
  17. Zee German Dhoon verge campers have pitched up. TT has started in my book!
  18. Usually I'd agree with you. But the least entertaining child of the Adams Family is still walking around thinking he had no case to answer, as well as being a world leading expert in medical and financial matters. I think he needs to fully realise the disdain that most of us actually have for him.
  19. I see Ashie in passing a couple of times a week at lunchtime. I've always managed to restrain myself, but has anyone got any suggested insults I loudly growl at him now?
  20. In addition to the fact they've made it single rather than double lane, the layby for the bus for the Bowl no longer exists. So any buses stopping at the Bowl will now hold up all the traffic going through the junction. Someone really needs to perform an intervention with these clowns. Functional important junction turned into a complete clusterfuck for the sake of bike path you need to dismount from to cross the road.
  21. I heard reports last night that the defenders of the Steel Factory have surrendered. Not sure what's happening at the moment, but certainly they haven't been heard from since yesterday morning.
  22. Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer here. The Marshalls have to make a split second decision that someone’s (or their own) lives might depend upon. One live casualty vs one dead casualty vs additional casualties (themselves or other riders) combined with a bucketful of ‘what ifs’. It will have to be a personal risk assessment made under extreme stress. Unfortunately covid has demonstrated (or created) a scenario where nowadays many people seem to not be able to make any personal risk assessments anymore and rely on being told exactly what to do. Some people are more capable of doing this than others. If Marshalls feel that they would be unable to make this kind of life or death decision, then maybe they shouldn’t be Marshalls? The best that we could do is to ensure that there is the appropriate legal protection and limitation from liability associated with such decisions.
  23. Exactly. It was just luck and a benefit of our geography. By the same rationale, surely someone should give the Irish Sea an MBE. Our 'moat' was more responsible for our outcome than any one person.
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