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  1. I was supposed to go out for some beers with a Doc friend of mine this weekend. He's cancelled because of the 'Rona outbreak. Bear in mind, he has been vaccinated. I called him a Pussy and haven't heard back from him yet!
  2. Early on there was a lot of comments like this. My brother who is late 30s and quite fit in Dec 2019 was in Spain and was completely bed ridden with the 'worst flu of his life'. It seems various sources and re-testing of old samples are confirming that Covid was circulating in Europe at least a month before it was initially confirmed. You have to account for the fact that alot of cases are asymptomatic. People may not even be aware that they have it until they are told to have a test as part of contact tracing and then turn out to have it. Also with the incubation periods etc, realis
  3. It appears that it might almost be Spring?
  4. Similar problem at Mt Murray. Got a couple of absolute wrecks up there with no tax. But officially it's an un-adopted road and not a highway, so there is little that can be done. Especially if it is actually a residents car and not obstructing anything.
  5. On the plus side, I understand from a shooting friend in the US, there is a huge shortage bullets! Seems everyone is stockpiling in anticipation of the breakdown of society, associated the election and covid. I think Chris Rock did a sketch years ago about similar. Just ration bullets/make them really expensive
  6. Personally, I think everyone is a bit racist, albeit subconsciously. It's not just the colour of skin is it. If you think Scots are tight or the French are cheese eating surrender monkeys then surely that's racist too. Personally in Swahili I have been known as Mzungo and in Thai - Filang, Indonesia - Bula. All effectively mean White Devil/derogatory white. It goes both ways. Although I've never been offended by it.
  7. I think that we can agree that our illustrious leaders would be hard pressed to coherently fabricate or hold together any kind of conspiracy. Surely, just watching a press briefing would be proof enough. I suspect they have difficulty knowing what day the bins go out on, yet alone successfully gas-lighting the population of the Island. Or for that matter, successfully agreeing with the leaders of the rest of the world on the same conspiracy plan!
  8. Aukland had a small outbreak about a week ago. They locked down for about 4 days whilst they did hardcore contact tracing. This seems fairly viable to me.
  9. I've got to wonder about the legality of this. I can accept him running a seminar for the other tin foil hatters that can turn up of their own free will. But actively sending out propaganda like this?
  10. Just had word that someone has received a 'mailshot' in the post from him as attached: 210218 The crime of 'Covid-19'.pdf
  11. Most of the racism I've seen on the Island hasn't seemed malicious and has seemed more to do with ignorance. Remember, there were virtually no brown people here until about 25 years ago. There was genuine curiosity as historically we had very little exposure. I recall that when I brought over a friend from Uni of Pakistani descent (round about 2000/2001), he found it hilarious how many people were staring at him in puzzlement in the pub. My cousin who must have been about 6 or 7 at the time even asked if he was from Africa - that was embarrassing! It's changing though, w
  12. I think he was just Business Development or running their IOM office or something.
  13. Disturbing isn't it. They've been fawning over him for years it seems. Makes you wonder who's crazier.
  14. Jurby Wellness Limited is due to be struck off from the Companies Register
  15. I met him a few years ago as part of his Bladon Jets thing. He seemed relatively normal then, but appears to have completely lost his grip on reality. A quick google and I haven't seen any reference to any actual qualifications. A biomed consultant (suitably vague) A common law 'advocate' who thinks he doesn't need car insurance, licence, tax and that the IOM Legal system has no jurisdiction over him and into 'Wellness' which generally means a snake oil merchant! I'm all for free speech and that, but where do/can you draw the line for these conspiracy theorists. H
  16. The Phantom


    A few years back I met a dude with a yacht called Two Ravens, in the process of sailing round the world. I asked him about the Odin's pets and he said I was the only person to ever link it.
  17. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/promenade-walkway-parking-temporarily-suspended/ Doesn't bode well.... I'm voting that the prom wall has been damaged in the storms, possibly undercut. More delays likely.
  18. The Phantom


    I've often wondered why 'Odin's Raven' (the viking ship) was named singular, when Odin had two pets. Or, which of the two the boat was named after.
  19. Defo an Accuracy International with the. 338. Might not be an exact military spec one though.
  20. Good old gimpy. I melted the barrel on one of them in training!
  21. Really? You've probably been catfished. Most of the gun guys I know are either ex (real) military like me, or otherwise pretty responsible and wouldn't be telling you in the pub how many guns they've got. It's like if you ever meet any randoms that tell you they were in the SAS/SBS, I can guarantee they weren't.
  22. Interestingly we could put together a fairly hardcore militia for such things over over here. As we have different gun laws to the UK, there are some members of the general public with some serious hardware at home. The requirements for getting a licence are reassuringly complex and diligent, but once you get one, you can own almost anything apart from fully automatic weapons! Visiting some of the (official and legal) gun dealers over here is an eye-opening experience. There are some gun owners over here that advise special forces and someone has a L115A3 sniper rifle (which at on
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