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  1. 'Self' identifying. Sure, feel free to identify yourself as what ever you want. Just don't expect anyone else to identify you as anything but that weird kid we all knew when were growing up.
  2. @The Old Git Called 'Naadu' apparently. Seem fairly far along, furniture going in there when I passed.
  3. Tuna? I think JW probably has a Sand Bag Emperor outfit. Sounds like you've got it all in hand. Carry on.
  4. Below Carrefour on Wellington Street. Originally Havana. Then a few other unsuccessful bar things. Then Just Pizza Pasta before they moved to the Quay. Is the KFC/Starbuck Indian Tandoor maybe? I'd heard it was a restaurant moving rather than new.
  5. @Roxanne How is our live reporting team in the Village?
  6. Ironically Douglas is actually one of the beaches least full of round brown fish. If they allow a fishery then it would probably wouldn't be trawlers but would be on hook and line like off the Grand Banks and the Med. Last year the UK for the first time received an allowance/quota for Bluefin Tuna, notionally to investigate possibly fisheries and to allow for by-catch. At the moment if caught as by-catch in the UK, boats are allowed to keep one tuna per boat per day. Not supposed to specifically targeting them. There are few charter boats offering Tuna fishing down Cornwall, but these have to be returned alive and are being tagged as part of a study. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/bluefin-tuna-in-the-uk It's good to see. As I said earlier, this is more to do with fishing limits and a recovery of stocks than anything to do with climate. Although we are in the middle of North Atlantic Oscillation which will be a contributing factor and the last was about 60 years ago.
  7. Will be interesting to see if they can do something about the Newsons plan and if the developer still wants to play. As I said this seemed to be very much the camel's last straw and there has rightly been a massive backlash. The likes of which I don't recall ever seeing before. Change for the future? Shame current economics will probably be reducing a lot of developments for the next couple of years.
  8. Looks like something may have been going on downstairs too (unless they're just using it for storage, as they've gutted the place). It's not called Tandoor. Can't remember exact name but I'll check at lunch today.
  9. Ha, I can picture this as some sort of lesson about a (relatively) wealthy small dumb trusting village being taken to the cleaners by various evil construction companies.
  10. I like them both. Salisbury is genuinely an interesting facade. Who knows about the structure beneath however. I've heard the Plan building has gone full millennial. It's basically a grown-ups play park with desks. It's replaced an 80s monstrosity if I recall. Shame there is still that big gap next to Jubilee buildings though (that is a good looking building, especially with the lighting they installed).
  11. Looks like there is a new Indian restaurant opening in the old Havana building. They've been doing a big refit for the last few months and saw a sign outside yesterday.
  12. What a lot of people seem to forget about the rationale for the West helping Ukraine, is that this isn't just some western anti Russian imperial exercise. Following the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine was left with the third biggest haul of nuclear weapons. It was persuaded to hand them over to Russia by the US, UK and Russia all signing a treaty that guaranteed their protection (hence they wouldn't need the nukes). However one of those parties seems to have disregarded that. Unfortunately if the UK & US disregarded this too, what does it mean for any other treaty we've signed up to (e.g. NATO)? Russia would 100% take Moldova next if they managed to take all of the South of Ukraine, but Poland and the rest? Who knows, but Poland, Latvia and Estonia seem to think it likely as they're all bigger backers of Ukraine than the UK or US when it comes to % of GDP vs aid provided. https://www.ifw-kiel.de/topics/war-against-ukraine/ukraine-support-tracker/ Ukraine's aims? They want it all back quite justifiably. They've been dealing with partisan fighting in Donbas for 5 years already. If Putin gets overthrown back home, I think this is highly possible to regain ALL their territory. If not, then I suspect that some allowances will have to be made. This is all assuming that Putin doesn't drop a nuke. If he does the whole thing is going to change I suspect.
  13. Yeah I said on a different thread I think that Russia doesn't really do NCOs like NATO. They've got zero skills, training or empowerment, so they can't react tactically. The Staff COs are having to go to the front to make decisions and this is why so many of them are getting taken out and on such a fluid battlefield such as the recent NE counteroffensive, it is just too slow. I was chatting to a guy back from there last week. He was showing me some shots of Russian howitzer shrapnel recently that wasn't even painted. They are using so much ordinance that the factories don't have time to paint them before they are dispatched to the front.
  14. Same as that Stonewall Charity in the UK? Appears to be a bunch of bigoted twats protesting about a bunch of bigoted twats.
  15. A few years ago it was a Southern African guy with some military experience. Pretty hardcore if I recall. Maybe Zimbabwean/Rhodesian or something. One of the bushwar guys with really short shorts.
  16. Haven't some archeologists dug up some gold treasure recently?
  17. Brilliant! Crustaceanman? Sorry don't won't to be declared sexist (or just ist).... Crustaceanperson?
  18. Well, one fairly influential, well known and respected guy. BizDev Director so he is supposed to be well connected and visible to the business community here and abroad. That one guy however has 30+ business leaders also responding and commenting in a similar vein. He's even tagged Claire Christian in for her comments, but notes she quit at the beginning of the meeting. Makes you think she maybe foresaw the outcome and wanted to disassociate. I know him reasonably well in and out of business circles. Good guy. I've never really outed anyone on here and don't really intend to start now.
  19. Certainly a Business Development Director for a big international CSP posted about it expressing his dismay. Lots of comments from similar level business people, MDs, Lawyers etc "I'm supposed to attract business to the Island and this is what we have to deal with" 70 something likes. 40 something comments. Not a good look for the Isle.
  20. I know some of the fishermen have a fixed C wooden 'caliper' you can easily make to quickly measure catch. For the sake of a couple of mm, this would be the difference between cutting on the wrong side of a pen mark (or just being a bit pants at DIY). Would be interesting to know if his equipment was defective or reviewed.
  21. Tricky one. Looks a bit fat for a tope. Could be a tuna. Shame you cant quite make out the gills. Either way it's a big boy for that seal to take on!
  22. Quickest way to tell, is sealions have got ear flaps. Also walk on their flippers rather than drag themselves. The the Fur 'Seals' in Southern Africa are confusingly actually Sealions!
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