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  1. I wouldn't say anything if I were you. The cult is watching and will damn you to eternal hellfire. #Living Hell
  2. Is that the case over here though? I know it is in the US, but I don't recall ever having named brand drugs pushed upon me by my Doc. Although I've never really had significant ailments or requirement for longterm medication.
  3. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/medicinal-cannabis-reliant-on-willing-gps-says-ashford/ Parried/dodged/shirked/delegated the decision. Unfortunately it looks like it will NEVER happen as the Govt are clearly under impression that anyone who partakes is a feckless junkie. It's a shame, but did we expect anything else?
  4. I thought the Poles went home when their economy picked up and the exchange rate went the wrong way.
  5. Would you prefer i use a term like paranoid dillusions? I'm no mental health expert so God knows what's wrong with him. It seems 'mental health' is the new tag word and you're not cool unless you've got issues. There are a lot of people using this new buzz word as an excuse for being lazy/weak/evil/a dickhead. If you actually cared about him I would have thought you would have raised his mental health earlier rather than getting indignant. Also you seem to have some inside knowledge that may have been helpful to the investigation. Perhaps it would have been beneficial to all pa
  6. Romans used them for psychosis actually. Whether or not it worked however.... They probably weren't used in the dark ages however.
  7. Riiiight. Fruitcake is insulting? I don't know his actual psychological issues, of which there clearly appear to many. Frankly Fruitcake was the least insulting term I could think of! You are either him (does this class as social media, which you're banned from?) or clearly have some close relationship with him and taking this particularly personally.
  8. I'm actually quite suprised he hasn't ended up with some sort of psychiatric help via sentencing. Judging by the reports, court case and comments on here, the dude is clearly a fruitcake!
  9. Saw on Linkedin some comments on his death from a criminal lawyer. He took up law, as the Ripper killed his mother. Quite moving really...
  10. I would have thought that Laxey (and Snaefell) mines were bigger than Foxdale? Lots more ye olde infrastructure in Laxey anyway. The river ran straight through both Snaefell and Laxey mining and processing areas. Plus that big red wheel suggests there could have been quite a lot of water/flooding of the mines. Not many remnants in Foxdale are there?
  11. Saw an interesting report a few days ago that the Scallops off Laxey have much greater mortality due to weaker shells. Related to the mineral pollution run-off from the mines.
  12. Plus the legislation will be differently titled and dated. e.g. If a UK contract said 'in accordance with X Employment law dated 01/02/1934' it wouldn't be the same.
  13. The Phantom


    Touche The only people offended by the term Karen, are Karens.
  14. The Phantom


    So has anyone got any info on the 'bomb'? Most of the ordinance that turns up here is washed up, no doubt from Beauforts Dyke. Seeing as this is nowhere near the beach, first assumption would be that it was dropped during WW2 (either in error, or lightening the load). I don't believe the Island was actively targeted during the war. Although I would have thought that the local farmer back in the 1940s would probably have noticed a crater in his field! However, the Luftwaffe did kill a frog with a bomb down near Cregneash in 1940. Other possibility, was it about to end up in
  15. Sorry, what? You don't 'believe' in herd immunity? The thing with science is, that it doesn't really care about your beliefs, it relies upon facts and evidence.
  16. Or be allowed to grow your own. Say you're allowed a few plants for personal use. That would probably keep most stoners 'in stock' so to speak. If you think about it, it is crazy that if I grew a few plants for my own personal use, not selling any, not contributing in any form to the underground world of drug dealing and all that entails; I could end up with a criminal record! Surely the main rationale for laws are to protect others from harm. What harm would I be doing to anyone?
  17. You can watch the first 3 episodes on Youtube now. I've thought they've been pretty good so far. A few jokes fall flat, but mostly funny. No one, apart from Trump has really been savaged in my opinion.
  18. https://manx-paragliding-supplies.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral He does tandem trips. Not sure if still on Google Maps, but you used to be able to see a couple of paragliders up near the top of Snaefell.
  19. Cheif Cuntstable God, sorry for my shabby spelling. It's Chief
  20. Exactly. We could have been at the cutting edge on this, but the hysterical and uneducated views of too many people (mainly politicians) in relation to cannabis will stall any attempt to have a more forward looking and open policy on this. Nothing will be done here unless the UK does it and then, we'll probably be way behind. It genuinely makes me despair. Today the Cheif Cuntstable was riling against drugs and organised crime being the biggest threat to the Island. I'd hazard a guess that around 50% of the business interests and cash are associated with weed.
  21. Suppose it's better than the Govt money-laundering.... I recall a case recently where an otherwise unemployed drug dealer was given a (not insubstantial) fine, which was paid straightaway. I wonder how he paid that? Or if the Govt undertook a source of funds check!
  22. Aha, twas the wife as I thought... shame she screwed it up for him.
  23. LOL - If anyone saw 'What we do in the Shadows', he definitely has a vibe of Guillermo. I think he did a fair job and the award is warranted. If you ignore the alleged embezellment bit (I can't remember, was that actually proved - I think it was his wife really) RC was a pretty good CM. I think with his Pharmacy background, he probably would have been REALLY good CM in the current situation.
  24. Covid will be coming back. Its dillusional to think it won't. The thing with 'bubbles' is they always burst.
  25. Same for a few international or UK controlled businesses. Kind of understandably they are not making individual country decisions and will just open everything worldwide back up at the same time (or not). Mrs Phantom works for an American owned company. She's going to be WFH until at least the first quarter of 2021.
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