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  1. I'm not sure that's especially controversial. Even ignoring the grubbiness of financial services, it's tedious. The tourist industry cannot support the local populace any more, fishing and agriculture cannot, manufacturing is incredibly expensive over here due to transport and other costly inputs, so we are where we are. Exactly, I'm not quite sure why everyone is getting up on their high horse about the IOM helping people pay less tax! This is one of the major industries on the Island, if it gets shot down, there will be 1000s of more people unemployed creating extra burden upon govt
  2. Including not too strenous overtime, I had a friend down there working temporarily earning equivalent of £35k pa. I was pretty damned shocked considering even he admitted they mostly just drank tea all day.
  3. Already there is quite a lot of business based over here in the hight tech manufacturing, lazers, lenses, aerospace engineering parts etc. High cost low bulk items are the key. I understand the lenses or the lazers on the current US Mars Rovers were actually made on the Island up in Onchan. So currently the Island already has a little exposure to the Space industry. The whole "IOM as a new international space hub" is down to the fact that we don't have insurance premium tax (if you can save 10% on the insurance policy for a multi billion dollar piece of equipment you are about to strap
  4. Or if you do crash whilst untaxed, take the disc out of the car and buy one ASAP or get it done retrospectively. You can then re-claim your 'unused' road tax off your written-off car. If it means you will get the insurance payout, then it's worth paying for a couple of months road tax. I know someone this happened to a few years ago, he had genuinely forgotten to re-new the tax then had a little 'incident' in the snow. Meant he ended up just paying a month's road tax for the car in a year..... which was nice.
  5. I saw a few local astronomer types posting up similar on Facebook last night. Telling everyone to look to the skies as a huge solar flare had erupted and people in Northern England should be able to see the Aurora. I had a quick look but couldn't see anything, don't know if anyone else did either.
  6. FYI the wall is now open!!! Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30 pm till 10:30 pm Saturdays 10:30am till 6 pm For further info (prices etc) please download from the below link. http://goo.gl/Pl28r or visit the Facebook page: Hot Rocks Climbing Wall Isle of Man Location. http://g.co/maps/zaxdv FYI the wall is now open!!! Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30 pm till 10:30 pm Saturdays 10:30am till 6 pm For further info (prices etc) please download from the below link. http://goo.gl/Pl28r or visit the Facebook page: Hot Rocks Climbing Wall Isle of Man Location.
  7. Happy New Year All, Over the christmas period I spotted a photographer taking photos of some of the surfers in Castletown. He looked like he was out on 'operations' fully camo'd up including on his telephoto. Anyone know who this was? I was one of them and I'm sure if he got some decent shots of the other surfers he might be able to sell a couple. Cheers
  8. Well done; that was productive... (and wrong). We do infact have many places for 'big' bands to play. However we only have a population of 85k. Do you need somewhere for everyone on the island to go at once? In that case look at Elton John over the summer at Nobles Park - big enough for you, or are you suggesting we go even bigger than this?! In the case of 1-2000 people, which is what you would realistically expect at a 'big' gig with our population pool, then you would have the Villa and/or the Gaiety, the Bowl, a variety of outdoor venues and probably many others indoor areas if
  9. This is going to be awesome. I guess they will be just doing a DJ set rather than the band? Is the Courthouse big enough? I would have said you could probably pack out somewhere bigger. The question however would be where?
  10. This would clearly be epic if they came over. If only there was Chav filtering on the door to make use of the excessive security presence there.
  11. Not sure about this, apparently they are having some nightmares with Health & Safety as it's not permanently supervised and there are kids everywhere who would also be running past the wall with sticky outy stuff at face level. Last thing heard on this was that they would have to put the first holds at 10ft, which means only giants could use it or they would have to put a comedy cumbersome platform in everytime it was to be used.
  12. How much for a year? Have you considered doing one for 10 years or for a lifetime? Year memberships would definately be considered. You might even get a Christmas special as currently it looks like the wall will be opening mid December. PS to all, I am not the owner of the wall. I am just aware of what the plans are etc.
  13. Yeah, like Walls in the UK you will have to demonstrate you can tie a fig of 8 knot and belay someone on rope, before you will be let loose. Of course if you don't know, you'll be shown. Re being 'taught' to climb, it's something you just pick up, but I'm sure there will always be someone to give a few pointers
  14. Good ideas, but real rock faces such as Summerland or Marine Lab just wouldn't be viable. You couldn't use them at night or when raining (i.e.the entire winter), plus you'd have to spend huge amounts of cash stabilising the cliffs. It has to be indoors. About 10 years ago there was a small one at Summerland in one of the squash courts that had a load of bolt on holds put up. It was ok, not brilliant and must have been about a 10th the size of Hot Rocks. In the UK they are usually built inside old churches due to the height of them. Alas, no churches or similar are available for ren
  15. Just to let everyone know, there will be a climbing wall/rock gym opening on the Island sometime at the start of December. Current plans are for approx 5 x 8ft x 22ft vertical walls, 3 x 8ft x 22ft+ overhanging walls (all roped) and 2 x 8ft x 10ft bouldering (low and very hard) with crashmats. Plus a few other bits and pieces. It's a great alternative workout. Keep an eye out for it when its up and running, it's going to be called Hot Rocks and they have a page on Facebook with plenty of photos of the construction that they are currently doing. It will be down at Middle River
  16. Re: The massive new pavement development running from shaws brow carpark along king street. Why? Is this government funded? Don't they have better things to be spending their money on?
  17. Saw today a poster in the window of Appetites saying that they were gonna be doing pizza again. Anyone know if its gonna be the same dude who did them before (Rumen I think mentioned in the thread)? They were amazing an I will be truly amped if they are doing them again.
  18. It is an awesome achievement indeed. Anyone know what the story was with the cling film on his helmet? Less drag from the vents or something? Surely it would be a bit warm?
  19. That building is jinxed. The food was good, but yeah the whole vibe/decor/plan in there was too much hype not enough substance.
  20. I'm surprised you don't know actually AT. What with you desperately waiting for the huge crash you've been so long predicting, I imagined you scanning the same service religiously every day. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-14715863 The crash; it cometh.... hopefully. The first time I have actually seen someone not on the Estate Agents' payroll actually publish something that states how screwed our property situation is. Hopefully one day when interest rates actually go up, combined with the current lack of sales, it will actually create some sort of rectific
  21. Pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin content, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamins C, B12 and B6, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with allergies. The removal of some of the enzymes and vitamins actually reduces the ability of your body to absorb calcium and this can actually contribute to osetoperosis, tooth decay etc and it should not be relied upon for increasing calcium intake. Calves (and lab rats) fed pasteurized milk do poorly and many die before maturity. Several generations down, if they survive at all, the animals will re
  22. If you manage to milk a cat, please post a video.
  23. Remarkable; I know of someone who is claiming to have had the producers round to do a test film of him. As others have proposed, he is indeed a bit of a twat and could be covered by two of the above descriptions.
  24. I remember watching it before it got taken down. There was a brilliant quote, when he was going on about the IOM being shafted by the UK that went something along the lines of: "We would never be in this situation if Richard Corkill was still in charge, sure he'd take a few thousand himself, but he wouldn't just have rolled over and given the UK millions like that idiot Brown."
  25. Note: I should read previous posts again if I haven't looked at them recently. Doh
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