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  1. Seems possible. If the waves and current are against you. A couple of years ago in a 5mtr RIB I did Pt St Mary to Peel in about an hour. However, we had to head back into the wind and waves that picked up whilst having a pint at the Creek. Took about 3 hours and was a nightmare. I think it was SW on Friday, so he would have been heading into the wind and waves. In a small vessel, you can't just blast through. You're constantly on and off the throttle up and down through the waves, so you don't breach or bury yourself.
  2. Yeah, I know, I should be outraged and disappointed by this. But, I actually have a begrudging respect for him! Pretty hardcore - then walked from Ramsey to Douglas. Hope she was worth it.
  3. Not really for local businesses. But I'd happily be corrected. Some of the 'online only' banks are fine for transactional stuff. But I wouldn't really want to keep any big cash balances with them longterm.
  4. IOM Bank is the only bank I've been able to get accounts sorted with for local businesses I've set-up or helped out with. In my experience all the other local players, demand either a completely unviable balance be maintained or have outrageously high fees. It takes at least a month to open an account nowadays and that's a good result! A business needs a bank account to operate. I genuinely think that modern banking practices will/do hinder the economic recovery that needs to be put in place following the Covid apocalypse. I've seen many people who've been made redund
  5. Nope, actually floating (kind of) in the harbour. I'm guessing he tried to snatch something out of the water and failed.
  6. I think he was absolutely livid he'd been rescued. Some people (and animals) have no gratitude.
  7. Never really been that into birds to be honest. Although this year with working from home in the 'conservatory office', I did decide to get some bird feeders to provide a little distraction. Turns out we had loads of tits, robins etc plus bigger collared doves, starlings, crows, blackbirds. My ID is still pretty poor on the little ones, but there were many. Initially had seeds, but they went everywhere and attracted some longtails. Moved to suet balls instead and the feathered friends are still turning up. Maybe many others have done similar to me and your little birds hav
  8. True, true. I know it's unlikely a conspiracy, accidents happen, but it just seems very coincidental. I don't remember a team ever screwing up a tyre change to such a spectacular level (short of not actually attaching a wheel). Especially probably the slickest team of the lot. Unfortunately, I think Bottas has demonstrated he's not exactly up to speed.
  9. Looks like they've been to the Co-Op this morning to buy a top up card. Working again now.
  10. A lot of talk about Mercedes purposely fluffing the tyres/pits, as it would look ridiculous if Russell had just hopped into a new car and won the race. I don't generally subscribe to these conspiracy theories, but knowing what F1 team orders can do, I genuinely wouldn't be suprised if it was true.
  11. Webcams on the mountain appear to have been broken since the weekend. Usually pretty handy to gauge the conditions up there. Any ideas? https://www.gov.im/webcams
  12. When Moses was talking to god next to a burning bush; I wonder what that was? It's more ingrained in our history than a lot of people realise. There's been a lot of research recently to suggest that the ingestion of hallucinogenics could have been instrumental to the cognitive leap that humans made to evolve from instinctual animals. I mean dolphins get high on puffer fish!
  13. Joe Rogan had a pretty funny (and relevant) skit about looking after his young daughters whilst stoned. "It might make me a little more paranoid about their safety and want more hugs - surely both of these are good things?"
  14. I don't think they are illegal in themselves. It's that you can't officially ride them on public land, roads or pavements. So unless you have loads of private land/roads to play on, you're kinda screwed. All to do with do they need licensing/tax/insurance and the usage limitations that this then implies. It could probably easily solved or clarified by Tynwald, but they'd rather wring their hands about telegraph poles or discuss an imaginary cannabis export sector. But yeah, I've seen some dude flying along on one on Victoria Road in the mornings. Not hanging about!
  15. I wouldn't say anything if I were you. The cult is watching and will damn you to eternal hellfire. #Living Hell
  16. Is that the case over here though? I know it is in the US, but I don't recall ever having named brand drugs pushed upon me by my Doc. Although I've never really had significant ailments or requirement for longterm medication.
  17. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/medicinal-cannabis-reliant-on-willing-gps-says-ashford/ Parried/dodged/shirked/delegated the decision. Unfortunately it looks like it will NEVER happen as the Govt are clearly under impression that anyone who partakes is a feckless junkie. It's a shame, but did we expect anything else?
  18. I thought the Poles went home when their economy picked up and the exchange rate went the wrong way.
  19. Would you prefer i use a term like paranoid dillusions? I'm no mental health expert so God knows what's wrong with him. It seems 'mental health' is the new tag word and you're not cool unless you've got issues. There are a lot of people using this new buzz word as an excuse for being lazy/weak/evil/a dickhead. If you actually cared about him I would have thought you would have raised his mental health earlier rather than getting indignant. Also you seem to have some inside knowledge that may have been helpful to the investigation. Perhaps it would have been beneficial to all pa
  20. Romans used them for psychosis actually. Whether or not it worked however.... They probably weren't used in the dark ages however.
  21. Riiiight. Fruitcake is insulting? I don't know his actual psychological issues, of which there clearly appear to many. Frankly Fruitcake was the least insulting term I could think of! You are either him (does this class as social media, which you're banned from?) or clearly have some close relationship with him and taking this particularly personally.
  22. I'm actually quite suprised he hasn't ended up with some sort of psychiatric help via sentencing. Judging by the reports, court case and comments on here, the dude is clearly a fruitcake!
  23. Saw on Linkedin some comments on his death from a criminal lawyer. He took up law, as the Ripper killed his mother. Quite moving really...
  24. I would have thought that Laxey (and Snaefell) mines were bigger than Foxdale? Lots more ye olde infrastructure in Laxey anyway. The river ran straight through both Snaefell and Laxey mining and processing areas. Plus that big red wheel suggests there could have been quite a lot of water/flooding of the mines. Not many remnants in Foxdale are there?
  25. Saw an interesting report a few days ago that the Scallops off Laxey have much greater mortality due to weaker shells. Related to the mineral pollution run-off from the mines.
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