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  1. Speaking as someone who has been knifed, had real guns pointed at them and with a martial background. I would 100% rather facedown a person with a gun instead of a knife (up close). I remember being shot at with one of them from about 30 ft away. I actually saw the pellet curve towards me.
  2. Yep, I remember the same. Anyone remember Gat Guns and those painful little darts they could fire (in addition to airgun pellets).
  3. Kid with a knife. No suggestion he tried to use it. Probably just brought it in to show off. By all accounts, a somewhat poorly adjusted young man from a pretty unfortunate family background. Unfortunately I'd imagine he will get expelled and make it even more difficult for society to try and straighten him out.
  4. AND environmental - training/living at altitude plus a history of success breeding success. I read an article once about the dominance of Caribbean/American athletes at other sports that suggested it was a result of the slave trade. Only the strong survived and this was then passed down through the generations. Kinda makes sense, but also a very sobering thought relating to unintentional eugenics....
  5. Frankly I wouldn't believe anything China tell you. The figures are more than likely much higher. We're talking about a country that bans Facebook and Twitter. I was chatting to a guy in Mombasa a few years ago who was involved in the Port there. As part of the Chinese imperial drive into Africa, they are building a Port in Northern Kenya, very close to the Somali border. Anyone heard anything from the Somali pirates recently? I wonder where they have all gone! The UK has got MI5, America CIA, Israel Mossad etc etc. Does anyone even know the name of the Chinese secret ser
  6. It was pretty cool to look around though. I had one of the best random chats ever, with a Cosmonaut about smuggling vodka into space (apparently you get drunk alot quicker). Taking guns with them (in case the capsule lands somewhere with loads of Polar Bears) and best of all, the capsule actually had mounting points for 'Space Guns' - this was just in case there was ever a hot war up there.
  7. There is some weird complicated formula that works out the amount each practice gets per person based upon the demographic of their catchment. It seems that the population of that area is quite young (I'm guessing no retirement homes, lots of flats etc) which means they get less money per patient. The rationale being that young patients don't visit as often and therefore won't cost as much. Seems that the figures just didn't stack up when potential GPs (who are literal partners of the practice) looked at the books and the costs per patient. They wouldn't get paid enough to make it wor
  8. I know some of the employment agencies actually advertise that they use investigators to check qualifications. I recently had to supply all my qualification certificates for a job and these were then double checked by https://www.expol.co.uk/ Of course this is the private sector, I don't know if the Govt also undertakes such diligence.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I know it is usually the fathers, but I was just pointing out not always. I wouldn't say she is insecure, she's an idiot who loves cock too much and appears incapable of learning. For genuine kids/parents that need the free dinners, I 100% agree and am happy that some of my tax money goes to feed them. If they are truly that poor, it's within the realms of possibility that their school dinner is the only decent meal they would get. I saw some study somewhere, that did link nutritious meals with better behavior and improved learning. This of course assumes that th
  10. Typical, we have a politician that almost asks the right question, but doesn't get the full story, so the information is worthless. True, but it's not always the 'Dad'. A friend of Mrs Phantom has three kids under 6 by three different blokes. You gotta ask who is the mug there and why are we picking up the bill because she can't keep her knickers on?
  11. You'd also need to see the numbers per school/area. For instance I'd assume that the vast majority of the kids at a school in a council estate would be on free dinners. Birth rate etc also doesn't fully explain it. I know a few Manxies who moved to the UK, had kids there then came back here as it's a better place (safer, greener etc) to bring up the kids.
  12. Ha try telling that to Mama Phantom. Hmmm, ok maybe not the 'shame', more that she didn't want to be a burden on society. She worked multiple jobs just to keep us fed etc and maybe didn't want the rest of the world to know how much we struggled.
  13. It would be interesting to correlate between the reducing birth rate and this. Seems we have more deaths than births at the moment. Less rich people having children and the poor people staying the same? When I was a nipper, we would have qualified for free school dinners, but mum flat out refused due to pride/the shame!
  14. Yeah I've noticed this recently. The 'red-eye' seems to be cancelled at least 50% of the time at the moment. A bit concerning, as I am due on it next week.
  15. ????????????????? Like the Dark Web? Do they mainly sell drugs, tiger penis and sharks fins?
  16. Helpful hint if you're doing a small shop - If you forget your 'bags for life' and are still keen on saving turtles, take your wire basket home. Mrs Phantom thinks i'm crazy, but frankly I think it's genius. I take it back when I go for a big shop or have actually remembered my bags for life. You can also use it for a BBQ in an emergency situation if you flip it upsidedown. Separately I would have thought the main reason people use the home delivery service is not because they are trying to reduce their carbonara footprint, but because they have neither the time nor patience to go
  17. You only here about the dodgy stuff. There are plenty of very successful investments etc over here. No one would come and set up here if it was all dodgy. Unless of course you're the government, then any investment into magic beans or unicorn tears that you make will unsurprisingly vanish without trace. But don't let that upset your finance industry bashing.... If it wasn't for the finance industry the only jobs would be in fishing (there are no fish) or farming
  18. AML would be unlikely to show up his fraud in getting the money in the first place. He received his money from playing the stock market - he would evidence this by providing a statement or confirmation of receiving funds by return from some form of stock broker or agent. This wouldn't show fraud. In fact if you read the article, he even reported noticing the fraud capability to the Market Regulator and they told him several times that there was nothing wrong, before he decided 'screw it, if everyone else is doing it and the Regulator says it's ok, I may as well do it too'.
  19. Yeah Sam, you'll find a lot of negativity here! Admittedly the government are mostly a bunch of taxi drivers and chimney sweep schmucks that don't have a clue what they are doing. But the rest of the Island is great. I'm not entirely sure why most of the posters are still here (you'll actually find that a lot of them aren't). But in relation to your property query, it is a bit of a mystery. Up until around 2007 there was a significant over inflated bubble. But that then seemed to correct itself. In my experience, houses that stay on the market at whatever price
  20. Yeah sorry, going to call bullshit on that one. Show me the survey with confirmation that it was a genuine cross section of the population. S
  21. Did you get this the wrong way round? I'd say most of the govt workers are on less than £50K. Obviously not the Politicians or 'Consultants', but the admin staff (teachers, nurses, road workers etc which would surely make up the bulk of the Govt workers). Most of the jobs for educated and qualified workers in the private sector by the time of middle age would be definitely around the £50k mark - fully qualified accountant with a few years post qualification experience would be aiming for around this and we are actively trying bring more of them here due to a shortage. Same go
  22. From and economic and military point of view, unbelievably Trump seems to be doing a pretty decent job. Sidenote: Just because its good for America/business/military doesn't mean its good for the rest of the world and especially the environment.
  23. Yeah, they're exempt, but they actually choose to pay the equivalent amount of income tax that would be due on their income.
  24. I always call it the 'Zoo' and then everyone gets indignant and angry with me, claiming it's not a Zoo, it's a wildlife park. However, no one has ever actually ever been able to give me a justifiable explanation of the difference.
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