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  1. Probably not enough. They would probably be better with budgets, or any kind of business related matters.
  2. I'll edit my original post to note 'maybe 100 people unemployed who can be arsed getting a job' Of course the long term sick or professional bums would be prime individuals for a career within accountancy?
  3. Their crystal ball is probably broken. Also they are not a business, they are a government department. Although if they start behaving like a business they then get berated = no win scenario. I'd say that there has been a significant increase in the requirement for Accountants due to evolving complications in business and tax that were probably not forseeable 3+ years in advance. It's not just Accountants though, there is a genuine skills shortage on the Island for most financial and technological businesses. It's the lack of suitably skilled and qualified staff that is actually
  4. Yeah, exactly. I'd say that 90% of locals that have the desire/skills/intelligence to become an Accountant already are.
  5. There is also the fact that realistically it takes you at least 3 years to get a full ACA/ACCA qualification. So if you want a fully qualified accountant now (or at any other time in the next 3 years) you're going to have to recruit from off island.
  6. I think the 'Dick' plate is a genius idea. For mid range driving offences, that probably wouldn't get a ban, but some points and a fine. Or maybe you could reduce your ban slightly if you wore your Dick Plate?
  7. Agreed, I can vouch for Neil @ Quinn Legal. Wasn't mega cheap, but got the job done relatively painlessly for me and it wasn't exactly a straightforward process due to the seller at the top of the chain encountering some issues and delaying things for everyone. To be honest though, you should never seek out the cheapest quote for anything. You'll get exactly what you pay for.
  8. Well we're having 'Isle of Pride' next year aren't we?
  9. Oh yeah, you found me out. I am hugely offended by people who have been to many beaches. Although I doubt that statement is true, as there are many beaches that are pretty much inaccessible unless from the sea or by abseiling in. I've been to many of these over the years, via ropes, boats, kayaks, paddleboards etc. My point was actually that I have often seen rubbish at these beaches, wished I could move some of it (i regularly come back from sea trips with handfuls of plastic) but thought 'how the hell would you actually get it out'. You'd have to organise a group, which i should rea
  10. I know exactly what you are saying about the coves, but only a small portion of the beaches have easy access and parking. The coves are hidden or not easily accessed and therefore any rubbish is only seen by a small percentage of people. Unless you have a boat, it would be an absolute nightmare to shift any of the rubbish from many of them. Try walking 15mins on the Rad ny Foillan with one single giant bag of rubbish! Although I know that kayaking outfit at Port Soderick did do something similar a few months ago, clearing some of the coves below Marine Drive. It's not that th
  11. Funny, I actually heard someone say exactly the same thing yesterday regarding a totally unrelated matter - I think in relation to the UK election. Ironically related however and totally proves your point, is the employees of the OECD who ran the Isle ragged over our tax regime a couple of years back, are exempt from paying tax themselves.
  12. Although maybe not... There was a 'leak' to the ICIJ about three months ago from Mauritius. Nobody really gave a rats ass about it. Plus the 'leak' from Appleby and the investigation into the IOM VAT scheme for private jets was found to not be illegal at all. Unfortunately for the ICIJ et al, there seems to be no context with any of leaks. No indication of whether the structures are legitimate and legally permissible. Their headlines seems to be if one is on the list one is guilty, when the vast majority of people utilizing offshore planning do so for completely valid and leg
  13. Courier is usually ok for private landlords. I've had a couple of ok landlords and properties over the years for reasonable prices. But you'd be looking at at least £800 for a house somewhere relatively close to Douglas.
  14. Seems it's going to be a statue of the BeeGees
  15. Yep, Google maps on my phone has worked pretty perfectly for me driving in multiple countries. Just download the offline map for the region you are travelling in before you go and then you don't pay any roaming charges. I've not used what3words to get drive anywhere, but have used it successfully mountain biking to meet up with people in the middle of plantations/moorland. I think Mongolia or somewhere is using it now instead of post codes.
  16. I'm pretty sure the zookeepers look after, feed and clean the animals at the 'Wildlife Park'
  17. Why is it not a zoo? I often call it the Zoo and get people up in arms, making outrageous statements that is a 'Wildlife Park'. No one thus far has given me a valid explanation of what the difference is!
  18. I'm pretty certain I saw one run across the road in Maughold about 20 years ago. Either a fox or a large ginger cat with a very pointy face and bushy tail!
  19. http://www.ballacain.co.uk/ From what I remember they have a couple of bungalow type accomodation with a central courtyard. It's in Onchan though.
  20. How does it work - are there set times/shows like the Cinema? Website is not terribly informative... Looks good though!
  21. Unfortunately there are a lot of funny weir things on the Laxey and Glen Roy Rivers. I was actually up the Glen Roy river valley last year and it was chocked full of fallen trees, just waiting for the next big rains...
  22. The lake/reservior is a bit further up the valley than where the Gardens were, about a 15 min walk past some old abandoned buildings and is decent sized (Olympic swimming pool). I remember the pond and assumed outflow in the Balla-wotsit gardens and it was entirely separate and just joined onto the Glen Roy river on the valley floor. Not sure what the big lake/small reservoir was used for but it is still there and has some old buildings, a sluice and rusted gearing etc there.
  23. The Laxey River is joined by the Glen Roy river in the Village pretty much exactly where the hole had been created - no doubt another contributory factor. The Laxey River goes up through the Valley Gardens/Old Washing floors, to a lake behind the Salmon Centre / Old Manx Engineers Building then onwards up towards Snaefell. The Glen Roy River goes under the big bridge, through the Glen Gardens and up through Glen Roy at the foot of the Axnfell plantation. Eventually it more or less terminates at a lake/reservoir. There are definitely Salmon that go up Laxey River then up Glen
  24. Anyone have any bright ideas what that weir was for back in the day? Seems a pretty odd structure to be honest.
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