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  1. I saw John in the Council Chamber getting his chain. He then went with the crowd there, who were well represented by manxforum internet folk, some in fancy dress in accordance with their forum names and avatars, to have a big buffet in His Chamber. We all drank loads of drink and talked about the old days of manxforums and Douglas and stuff. (This post could be 4 years or so early, but if manxforums is still going in 2013 I'm going in to regurgitate it)
  2. I have spoken to a few people who had problems with their electricity supply during TT, such as fuses blowing and cut-offs. Any one else know of or experienced any problems? Cheers lardo
  3. The traffic lights are incidental. This is a thread about people turning right on a busy road holding people up. Yes it rather rankles at times doesn't it.
  4. David Quirk MHK for Onchan. Your work is now done. You can go back to being a plumber now.
  5. These posts are far more exciting with photos - go on post 'em up. All credit to the German contingent of the forum who would have reacted straight away with the mobile phone and posted them asap
  6. lard


    Here's a screenshot of Kirk Michael from Google Earth - the picture is about two years old and I don't think there has been any significant building in the village since. Apart from a housing estate built very, very, very near to the fast eroding sandy cliff edge. You can actually go down there and watch it eroding away in front of your eyes. Only on the Isle of Man! As the saying goes in Kirk Michael "last time buyers houses"
  7. . . . . . . rather than force her dulcet tones onto the sensitive ears of Manx Radio listeners. Which is what sparked this thread off in the first place and probably a question or two in Tynwald. A good diplomatic post there John, but I would word it differently and if I was a person that used foul language I would give this advice : "Pam stfu".
  8. Now, now, skrappey, the church will take any lost sheep in with open arms! I think you are right though.
  9. A fair point you make there Celt. Mrs Crowe undoubtedly has a lot of experience, and also as a member for Health Services. I take it you are not employed at the Post Office though. The answer is in the question: Mrs Crowe was placed in positions of authority via a process of democracy, albeit Isle of Man style democracy. That process has again been carried out and apparently she has been removed from those authorities Or not. I think there is a word for this sort of thing, but I shall have to refer to my O' level politics text book for it. 'Jobs for the boys' will do though, but in this case there are many other perhaps stronger descriptions could be used.
  10. Isle of Man Newspapers In Tynwald today, the Chief Minister whinged that questions regarding Mrs Crowe still being the Chairman of the Post office were unfair as she was not present to answer. (Or words to that effect) Actually Tony, going by past form, I think Mrs Crowe would prefer not to be present to answer awkward questions. When the Public Gallery and Manx Radio airwaves were buzzing with Post Office employees to hear her answer questions regarding the Post Office, it were none other than Mrs Crowe that put the kibosh on an extended Tynwald Question time (against the desires of the elected House of Keys) so that she could get out of a bit of a pickle. From Hansard Tynwald 20h November 2007: page 231 Isle of Man Post Office workers Restoring trust in Board 7. The Hon. Member for Douglas East (Mrs Cannell) to ask the Chief Minister: (1) Are you aware of the deep unrest and mistrust of the Isle of Man Post Office workers in the Chairman and Board due to a lack of meaningful consultation between the Board and the Post Office Worker’s Union; and if so (2) what do you propose to do to restore confidence and trust? Question 7. became quite eventful particularly when President of Tynwald Noel Cringle decided to move to the next question despite a number of members wanting to ask supplementary questions. There was another Post Office related question tabled later, but because the Legislative Council over ruled the desires of the House of Keys to extend oral question time, the answer was put in writing thus preventing any supplementary questions in Tynwald. I would respectfully suggest that had Mrs Crowe voted to extend question time in line with the wishes of the House of Keys, and show that she was indeed a stronger woman, then she would be sitting on her cushions in David Callister's seat today. The question and its (written) answer: ISLE OF MAN POST OFFICE Isle of Man Post Office Workers’ Pension Scheme Consultation on closure to new entrants 26. The Hon. Member for Douglas East (Mrs Cannell) to ask the Chairman of Isle of Man Post Office: Who did you consult with prior to taking the decision to close the Isle of Man Post Office Workers’ Pension Scheme to new entrants? Answer: I can confirm that the Board of the Isle of Man Post Office consulted extensively with the professional pension and actuarial advisors to the Post Office prior to notifying the Trustees of the Isle of Man Post Office Superannuation Scheme in June 2006 of the proposal to close the present scheme to new entrants from April 2007. Leading Oral Questions are used in Tynwald to allow further supplementary questions, in order that members can perhaps get to the core issue. In this case we shall never know what members wanted but certainly going by the passions displayed in the earlier question and the mood in the Public Gallery, there was a lot of displeasure about. For those interested, the voting to extend Question Time (2/3 majority needed) was as follows: In the Keys – Ayes 17, Noes 5 FOR Mr Quirk Mr Karran Mr Crookall Mr Anderson Mrs Craine Mr Quayle Mr Cannan Mr Cregeen Mr Houghton Mr Henderson Mr Malarkey Mrs Cannell Mr Braidwood Mr Corkish Mr Shimmin Mr Cretney The Speaker AGAINST Mr Earnshaw Mr Brown Mr Bell Mr Watterson Mr Gill The Speaker: Mr President, the motion carries in the House of Keys: 17 votes for, 5 votes against. In the Council – Ayes 5, Noes 3 FOR Mr Crowe Mr Downie Mr Lowey Mr Butt Mr Turner AGAINST Mrs Crowe Mrs Christian Mr Waft The President: In the Council, Hon. Members, there are 5 votes for and 3 against. Therefore, Hon. Members, requiring 6 in the Council, the motion fails to carry, Hon. Members. This despite the motion be proposed by the Speaker of the House of Keys and a plea from David Cannan Mr Cannan: I confirm that I believe that it will be strongly in the public interest that these remaining Questions are answered, sir. All this may be uninteresting for some, but if you are a Post Office worker, you will appreciate that it mattered. A lot.
  11. If they want the slightest iota of sympathy from me the lazy b******s will need to stop beeping their horns to alert the whole damn street they have arrived outside an equally lazy b******d's house who can't be bothered to watch out for them. Oh, and stop emptying your ashtrays in the gutter outside the Villa, too.
  12. She was one of the ones who didn't have to sing off. The results were eeked out though, `a la Chris Tarrant, even pretending one girl might have to sing when in fact she was safe. A bit - - but it was actually quite entertaining when they sang the losing girl off. I managed to watch to the end and was glad I did. There is only so much Graham Norton one can stomach. The show was followed by The Bafta (or something) Awards - presented by . . . . . . Graham Norton, for which he would have received even more BBC licence fees money and then there was later The Graham Norton show. How many £million do we pay him a year? The guy must have the best agent in the world.
  13. Yeah, it's a bit boring, but there needs to be a quote from the Chief Minister in the space alongside the picture- any thoughts?
  14. Not really an interesting piece of news as such but I am sure that Terry Cringle would be ROFLHAO Manx Radio News Website if he spotted the spelling mistake/typing error.
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