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  1. I don’t know why the DOI always has to do this ridiculous shit. There is nothing wrong with that crossing and Victoria Street worked perfectly adequately before it qualified for a 20 week fucking up by Jeff Robinson.
  2. Wow, Ann Corlett doing something. Glad that’s been captured for posterity.
  3. Fucks sake you still can’t work out what the actual job is from that description.
  4. They always look after themselves. Ironically the HR function for ODC sits in .. DTC I believe. So I’m sure there’s a few brownie points for internally appointing your own boss too. Was this job advertised externally?
  5. Agree they have their priorities all wrong if they’re pushing this as a ‘tax dodge’ when people like Conister are giving people £250 (which is taxable) a month to pay their bills with. It’s obviously more important that people can eat out tax free at bars and restaurants this winter!
  6. They’re so desperate to make this be seen to work but that is a bit below the belt. It’s a shame that Manx Gas don’t take these vouchers so that your staff could be encouraged to keep warm this winter tax free.
  7. It’s a way of explaining that Liz Truss needs to accept that she can’t go off with these random badly thought decisions as they will only create volatility because the UK isn’t the major player that it thinks it is anymore.
  8. https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/politicsandpolicy/has-the-uk-economy-become-an-emerging-market-mini-budget/
  9. Britain is now widely accepted to be an emerging markets nation by the capital markets. We are only 5 years from the Brexit vote and 2 years from it actually happening.
  10. That’s exactly my point. When have three things like that come along in succession? This is a big spike caused by one off events so most historic comparisons are of little value.
  11. I’m not sure what relevance any of that has when we are talking about spikes driven by black swan events like Brexit, a global pandemic and a war in Ukraine.
  12. I think the point was if somebody sticks the wrong rubbish in your bin as theirs is full what happens. Which is they will refuse to take your bin away and you will be left to dispose of your neighbours rubbish.
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