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  1. Nine gas companies have now gone burst this year. Six since the 7th September. Looks like lots have basically f**ked their futures and hedging strategies up as they haven’t predicted the market spikes.
  2. She looks like your typical matronly northern god botherer. Oh, and Wurzel Gummidge.
  3. Lots can’t go back to teaching after exposing something. Usually their cock! Kemp comes across as a bit of a fantasist to be honest. The establishment is out to get him etc etc he really seems to love that
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised either. But the fact is if he is never compelled to tell us we’ll never know. It makes a mockery really of the changes brought in after the Manx Election Trust debacle. Those only cover direct election funding. But it seems to me that if six months before an election Nigel Farage or even Count Binface gave you a six month contract on £100K a year as a researcher while you were canvassing that’s ok as it’s a job and it’s apparently not funding your election (which actually it clearly is).
  5. I doubt it’s secretive billionaires but the one connection that seems to have been openly discussed so far, and not refuted by MJ or LV at all, is Mr Kelly the Tory property developer. This is at the same time as the candidate himself is making a big fuss about lack of housing in central Douglas and at the very same time that the very same property company is sat on two big buildings on the quay that it can’t get change of use for to turn them into flats. That might just be a coincidence - the typical Manx muddle - but it most certainly raises enough circumstantial information to justify demands for public clarity from the candidate and for him to confirm exactly who is backing him.
  6. Stu Peters had to resign so did Glover and quite a few of those standing this time are self employed so the time out is costing them in terms of lost work. Civil servants also normally have to resign.
  7. I agree with this. They’ve both been paid handsomely to canvass for public office and when pressed the other day Lord-Brennan said she didn’t rule out a return to Legco if she didn’t get in. So it’s 100% risk free for them unlike any other candidate standing.
  8. To be honest I went up Royal Ave and that banner was dangerous as it blocked the railings so you couldn’t see up the road by the Coop. I’m sure there’s no conspiracy and that the DOI probably removed it for safety reasons after someone moaned their view from the junction was blocked.
  9. You should read his Tweets. Hyperbole isn’t the word for it.
  10. It looks like the Red flag is now flying high above the town hall. You worry what they’ll be coming up with next listening to that Devon Watson mouthing off like Red Ken Livingstone on social media. It can’t bode well for the people of Douglas when he’s even ranting at his own business ratepayers who apparently drive round in Ferrari’s but pay staff less than the living wage. If I was a business rate payer (particularly the guy he’s targeting) I’d be pretty angry that someone being paid from money I’m generating is allowed to basically suggest that I’m a crook for employing people legally. It will be the ratepayers being shafted for all sorts of duff left facing initiatives next.
  11. I’m 100% with you on the MTA issue. It feels like the public is being duped. As I said above I find it hard to believe that it will go away as an issue - even if he gets in I would imagine some people will still be calling for the links to be investigated. That said it looks like he’s already positioning to drop his connection with the MTA if he gets in which then begs the question what was the purpose of this think thank if it isn’t needed after he gets in?
  12. Willers comes across as the classic Mr Smithers type always doing the evil deeds on behalf of the over bearing boss. But the Karran thing is weird. I notice Callister has issued a few Facebook posts recently referring to his “friend” Peter Karran. What’s all that about as well? Is Karran trying to pull two sets of strings?
  13. it looks like it’s a Douglas / e-gaming issue between two main protagonists which has got a bit unpleasant for the last few weeks particularly I agree. However, to counter that he seems to have had many opportunities to come clean on the MTA and who is funding it (and by extension him) and he hasn’t taken any of them from what I can see. If he’d have just answered questions as they arose I think he’d be in a better position but from what I can see he hasn’t and neither does he seem to think that he has to. I’d worry that there will be a longer tail end to this and it won’t go away even if he gets in. And of course once he gets in there are official channels that people can take these concerns and issues to.
  14. There’s a lot of people who clearly have a bee in their bonnet about the prospect of him getting in. I think even if he does wing it his first few months are likely to be tainted by the same people submitting formal requests for information about his election funding. It’s the one issue that hasn’t gone away and that he’s refused to set the public straight on. Personally I think someone who claims to be transparent who actually refuses point blank to be transparent is always going to have issues with public trust.
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