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  1. I think there’s a wider issue at play here anyway. Since covid especially I’ve found that most payments for fines or rates or other government subs haven’t been recorded properly when paid over the counter. Then you get a summons for something you know paid ages ago and then have to go back through your bank records to prove it. It’s either very shoddy record keeping or they have a tea leaf somewhere in there like they’ve had before pocketing fines money. If the arrears is this large they need to check whether it’s just laziness or whether some people have paid and it’s never been recorded.
  2. Hilarious how much more time have they got to waste on Cllr Wells and her fantasy claim? She really doesn’t seem to be very good at admitting her failures. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/politics/online-watchdog-is-looking-into-council-email-spoofing-590695
  3. I took this picture coming out of the meeting on Saturday at the bus stop. Here we have an eco village with limited parking that’s going to rely on people walking, cycling and using public transport to get about. Yet currently there’s only 4 buses a day that go past that site even though there’s a school across the road and a load of outpatient medical practices at the old Nobles.
  4. It was on the radio at lunchtime. Thomas has admitted there has been a slight increase in bus users but not much. Can’t see much willingness for them to re visit it after March because let’s face it even if the buses were free hardly anyone else would use them as it’s not the price that’s the issue. It’s the schedule and the restrictions. Maybe they’re hoping to capture some tourists in the data to bump it up a bit if they extend to end of March?
  5. What a pathetic retort. Probably too drunk to attempt any humour already by the sounds of it.
  6. Which thread are you reading. Is it on another forum, or is it perhaps running as an internal monologue inside your own head?
  7. After taking of Flintys new book I see there’s another local delusional narcissist who has self published some thing https://www.keepandshare.com/doc16/27142/the-covid-con-a-wake-free-pdf-502k?tr=77
  8. The operative RR refers to is massive tosser who clearly enjoys the limited powers he has under the Road Traffic Act to be a total twat to people.
  9. Please feel free to point out anything misogynist I’ve ever said. Poor trolling (as usual).
  10. For the forum misogynist (and main pointless arguer) you’re really putting up a good argument for being able to dress up as women
  11. It’s a really bad cycle of taxpayer abuse (which I assume Teapot is referring to) I’m surprised that limpy twat in Douglas hadn’t been run over yet. He’s so lazy all he does is hand out pathetic easy tickets to people 5 mins over their disc time. I saw him back off giving a van driver a ticket the other week for dangerous parking as he hasn’t got the bottle for confrontation. So that’s what Douglas has. Parking controllers picking on easy targets for easy cash at £60 a ticket while doing nothing about the real parking issue. I see quite a few people in Town now taking pictures on their phones when they park just so they can refute tickets issued by that lazy jobsworth tosser.
  12. You only have to look at DBC - over 400 staff and if you don’t live in a council house you will generally never come into contact with any of them at all. They will never successfully do anything for you on a day to day basis over and above ensuring your bins are emptied (a service now being reduced, which they won’t talk to you about even if you try) or if you have a street light broken. Every time you see a flower bed being weeded there’s 5 blokes there scratching their hoop making a 2 hour job for one person last 4 days. Bye laws officers sat drinking tea all day. There is just so much waste on absolutely every level. Then there’s the DDP that’s done nothing for Douglas for 23 years now since Douglas 2000 with a load of staff sat in the office on the corner of the Rovers playing pocket billiards all day. You’re talking about tens of millions of annual savings.
  13. Don’t agree, if the public has rejected them then they simply aren’t wanted. Look at Cretney FFS he managed to milk another 5/10 years of pay as MLC after it was clear he wasn’t going to get back in, in Douglas South. What did he achieve? Nothing.
  14. It “might” because the last time they didn’t get what they wanted with security equipment at Ronaldsway there were queues down to the end of the carpark of people trying to get flights. This is how the CS work. If you won’t fund our new toys we’ll just make things so awkward until we get what we want.
  15. Exactly. At the likely cost per unit there is no way these will be sold as the cost is probably going to be something circa £220-250K so they won’t be built for FTBs to buy or as affordable housing for anyone to purchase. It’s mostly going to be let out and either government or DBC will be paying or subsidizing the rents (like the key worker units for IOMG, and the 55 elderly units for DBC). Not that commercial really. As for the Jane Crookall what they seem to be doing is not looking to knock it down as they know there will be an outcry as half of the town was born there which seems to be exactly what they should be doing rather than adding another floor and “re-imagining” a shagged old building built 80 odd years ago.
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