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  1. As with most of these FOIs somebody clearly thinks they know something. The department says in response that it has no policy, neither do they have any data on the number of people affected (or not affected). Now that usually means that either nobody is affected, or that they don’t really want to admit a problem exists so they have collated absolutely no information on it as they don’t want to be challenged on it.
  2. Who do you know? Senior civil servants and e-gaming company CEOs?
  3. Sorry she’s audibly terrible. Andy Wint even knew it as he clearly couldn’t even try to defend when the caller pushed. She even admitted on some talk show section with Brindley that she picked up the news reading job with MR within a few weeks of relocating from SA. Why and how? Are we that short of people who speak English as a first language in the IOM that they employed her to read local news over anyone else? The caller pushed it a bit too far. But essentially he was right.
  4. A guy rang in on the Mannin Line the other day and it was hilarious to listen to. Andy Wint didn’t know what to say. It was borderline casually racist. But the caller was right in that what’s the point of having a newsreader on a local radio station who locals can bloody well understand.
  5. Max Power and Manx Radio, and whoever asked the FOI, seems to think it does.
  6. About 60% of the population does though to be fair.
  7. “Manx Utilities is seeking a procurement specialist to identify the best route to deliver 20MW of onshore renewable electricity on the Isle of Man, which provides the best value for money for the Isle of Man residents by 2026. You might as well put out the signals to find Batman or Tony fucking Stark
  8. The disturbing bit is the way that the schools are supposed to try to deal with it an inclusive way. The kids in question either have mental health issues or they’re taking the piss. But rather than referring them to CAHMS or telling them that they’re taking the piss and to stop - they feel that they have to provide ‘safe spaces’ for these kids so that they feel included. It’s nonsense. If you’ve got mental health issues then you need to be referred to someone who can help you and if you’re taking the piss just stop and grow up.
  9. What they seem to be letting people do now is just submit receipts from B&Q or Haldanes etc and get half the money back on things like insulation. Which all they needed to do in the first place. You can’t get tradesmen interested in doing the work anyway and nobody is going to want to pay two or three times what a DIY job would cost to get a max of half the money back. Even the basic assumptions were stupid when the scheme is supposed to help people with no money be able to better insulate their homes.
  10. You’re right on location. The drive through coffee hut on the Starwash site makes a lot more sense. You drop off South Quay get a coffee from the hut and then drive on down the quay and across the Swing Bridge to park in Town. Putting a Starbucks at Peel Road just strikes me as stupid as the demand is presumably at peak times which is exactly when the junction is backed up with traffic all going one way into town. I can’t see how people get out easily at all before 9:00AM. I couldn’t even be arsed trying.
  11. Has Manx Gas even now got its workers back to where they were before Covid when they forced them to take a 10% cut across the board just as lockdown hit? I didn’t see many of them moaning on social media about a negative pay increase like the teachers are. The teachers have it all so bad! 😂
  12. Except you can. Not so far away. You are corrected. https://www.jerseydevelopment.je Projects done in last 10 years. https://indd.adobe.com/view/183f18e6-0701-408d-a13f-02536a3c59c9
  13. Now is the winter of our discontent / Made glorious summer by this sun of York https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/oct/01/biggest-rail-strike-in-decades-halt-most-trains-britain
  14. They wonder why they currently have a problem with discipline in schools and then you read something like this. Within 24 hours of self declaring like this the whole family should get a visit from CAHMS and leave it at that. It’s got nothing to do with the school having to accommodate to meet its ‘inclusivity’ targets.
  15. Last time I took the piss out of a furbie I got a ban but you point out the complete ridiculousness of things that most people see and yes it’s generally suggestive of underlying mental health issues. But maybe they should be indulged more? Tell the school dinner lady only to serve them pal or whiskers at lunchtime. Then maybe they’d change their stupid attention seeking behaviour when it’s pointed out that dogs are supposed to eat dog food and you aren’t a real dog then are you if you don’t like dog food? The fact is too that this is a small Island and what might seem funny or attention seeking now isn’t going to be in 20 years time when you’re sat in a pub and someone you went to school with goes - oh look there’s John. He used to identify as a puppy at school. ****king idiot. These sort of daft things will be with you for life in the IOM.
  16. I thought you were joking but actually it’s true https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/no-policy-on-island-for-children-who-wish-to-identify-as-animals/ Simply ridiculous.
  17. Another place that got turned down for planning for apartments by a load of nimbies.
  18. The only thing we need is affordable housing.
  19. Or a version of Waking Ned where the entire senior management team of the DOI are revealed to be a team of well preserved corpses that have been strategically poised to look like they’re still alive who have been running all these over budget projects for the last 10 years.
  20. “UK Home Office” that doesn’t sound good.
  21. The MDC idea is a good idea but it shouldn’t be needed as the only reason why the likes of Summerland, or Park Road, or the old prison site are still empty after 10 years or more is generally our totally stupid planning department. So many developers have walked away from prime sites over the years because, like Kell Properties, it ends up that they simply can’t be arsed burning more money to get nowhere. So we now have a solution that really shouldn’t be needed. There is nothing wrong with any of those sites - the reasons why they haven’t been developed is IOM government itself and its useless civil services and idiotic planning criteria. The concern to me would be that the MDC now rocks up and ‘magically’ gets planning that other developers haven’t managed to get as it’s affiliated with IOM Government.
  22. Chris Thomas sort of did. The worrying concern is mission creep. The MDC is there very sensibly to ensure long term neglected brown field sites are developed by government. If the mission of planning then becomes allowing them to snatch sites on the cheap where planning approval has been deliberately blocked then that’s entirely another matter all together as developers will just walk and the IOM will have just erected a huge “Closed for business” sign up over the IOM.
  23. The basic issue for me is that no developer ever builds a building that they don’t think they can let out of fill. I’m not sure how government assumes it knows better than anyone else what should go on a site and what shouldn’t. Nobody is going to spend £8M to be left with something that they’re not going to get a good return on. There’s enough plans gone in on this plot now. If none of them have been satisfactory then nobody else is going to waste any time or money buying the site to try again. Unless the ultimate plan is that the MDC buys this and so they’ve thrown out the plans so that they can pick it up on the cheap then have their own ‘amazing’ plans rubber stamped through planning.
  24. For the moment. Places are going to find it more and more expensive to have the lights and heating on in the late hours just to serve a handful of customers. I think we’ll see more looking to close early to save costs.
  25. After the first week the interest in KFC really seems to have waned significantly so it will be interesting to see how the Indian works out. Personally if I’m looking to go to an Indian I wouldn’t be looking for one in a carpark from choice. I’m not sure how it works if it’s licensed but I suppose it might be handy being able to leave your car and pick it up on the way to work after a few beers rather than risk it overnight in a disc zone in town but it’s a very odd spot for a sit down restaurant. I’d prefer to go somewhere like Aura on the prom where at least you can have a nice walk back to the car or a taxi afterwards or go on for more beers at the Queens. There you're basically just in a carpark.
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