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  1. That was what I’m assuming the AG should be able to do. Work out how many hours they’ve spent on the case at a set cost per hour per person.
  2. That was going to be my question. Surely in an action where costs are awarded then they would keep a record of time spent? Otherwise if they’re awarded costs if they’re successful what do they do? Just make some up?
  3. Totally agree as I said on the first public support if tested (again) will be overwhelming and on decriminalization support will be strong. To deny that this isn’t public sentiment is just plain wrong. Especially if 99% and 95% respectively have already fed back supporting. I’d forgotten we did that.
  4. All it needs is a private members bill like Allinson did for the abortion bill. They said there would be no support for that either and yet the majority support was overwhelming despite all the crazies and the God-squad who came out of the woodwork with their fake petitions. It will be exactly the same with this. There will be overwhelming support of medicinal cannabis and licensed growing and strong support for decriminalization.
  5. You seem to be the one doing the screaming to be honest. I have offered a rational view which you clearly disagree with. As I have said the UK government knows there is zero appetite for further lockdowns and they won’t be able to enforce them anyway. They are also now over two trillion in debt following a pandemic response which has wrecked parts of the economy. If you think the public will go back to standing in their gardens clapping like goons for a government and a system that has badly let them down again you are sorely misguided I’m afraid.
  6. That’s because there is demand from a Jersey perspective and because in Guernsey they have their own airline which picks up the prime routes. We have very little demand here for London currently.
  7. It very much does. There is no public appetite for further restrictions or lockdowns and Government knows that. They won’t happen as the public has had enough and the economy can’t take another hit either and if the vaccination process hasn’t worked then we’re all screwed anyway. They’re now pushing booster vaccine jabs. If three jabs for the vulnerable don’t make them safe then most sane sensible people will work out that it’s all a waste of time and just crack on. Another UK lockdown simply will not happen. If the NHS can’t cope without locking people up inside their own homes again then basically the NHS is the problem.
  8. Does it really matter what background you have in order to express an opinion? I’m tired of listening to doom-mongers like you forecasting the worst possible outcomes and supporting submitting the public to further social experiments. As that’s all they are - social experiments. None of the foretold doom and gloom has actually happened. Whether you wear a mask or not. So frankly don’t lecture to me like you’re Chris Whitty.
  9. With respect that’s total nonsense. People are just getting on with it and living with covid as directed. It’s not like the IOM or even Douglas is a crowded city where people are packing into shops or huge office blocks or are rammed onto public transport etc. There aren’t going to be anymore lockdowns. Most people have been vaccinated. Move on.
  10. That’s what I meant. He’s only creating an issue of it now he’s desperate for attention from the Karen’s.
  11. Moorehouse was on the radio today pushing the mask agenda and further measures for kids. Funny you never heard a peep out of him when he was in government last time but now he’s clearly looking for a Minister role having served his time and seems to be pandering to the careful Karen’s on social media.
  12. My point was the airport has been almost closed since last March and it’s still not getting flight volumes anywhere near what it was before covid.
  13. Because we don’t all get off on doom?
  14. Yes that’s where I was coming from. It sort of tells a story about how much some legacy communist populations might trust the state about sticking needles in their arms.
  15. it’s funny that now people are being asked to work at almost normal capacity again after nearly two years these sort of claims are being raised. It feels like nobody really wants to go back to being anywhere near as busy as they were before.
  16. That suggests that you have experience in doing so.
  17. There’s a “report” button besides every post made so my assumption is that they do. You also seemed to say that you have reported things before above. Which prompted me to ask why.
  18. No real surprises there I suppose. Ex communist country. The rates seem to be really low in most countries that historically don’t trust their government to honestly look after their welfare because of previous human rights issues. It will give the anti vaxxer’s even more to get angry about though.
  19. This might give them something more to get angry about https://www.euronews.com/2021/10/23/unvaccinated-could-face-new-lockdown-in-austria-chancellor-warns
  20. Yet Dr Ewart is advising people to test every two days whether they have symptoms or not 😂
  21. But the same applies why would anyone complain about a comment they read online posted by anonymous idiots? If anything is slanderous or libelous a moderator usually up has to take things down anyway here and on IOM newspapers.
  22. I think you are probably right but with a GP background and awareness of medical licensing Dr A is probably the best one they can throw at it before someone at Enterprise totally and irredeemably f’**ks it all up for the Island.
  23. Serious question but why would you complain about comments left on a terribly outdated local newspaper site? Most of the people who post there are clearly absolute dicks. Why would a comment you don’t agree with make you complain to the newspaper?
  24. I think the verdict leaves it open for litigation which I understand is going to happen. Personally even though it’s taxpayers money I hope they sue Robinson and others well into the next century as they are a disgrace to public office.
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