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  1. Just a point of observation. I picked on nobody as I just re-circulated a post I read on Facebook as I thought it was amusing. And I can have no empathy for someone I don’t actually know. Neither am I aware of what someone who I don’t know goes through as I don’t know them. But I do frankly find people dressing up as furry animals in public as a hobby fairly hilarious. I don’t think that is especially unusual.
  2. Exactly and this is the point here. It will be interesting if the FOI request is ever published how much taxpayer cash RB has already had over the covid period to be shutting now just before TT. But if they get any government cash due to this furore as sure as eggs or eggs everyone else is going to come out with their begging bowls demanding the taxpayer underwrites their business. Where would it end?
  3. I’m not sure on this one. They wrote to all their customers. Nobody really kicked up a fuss and then it’s suddenly gone viral after posts on here and Facebook and now government suddenly wants to engage with them. It really feels that with TT coming up this has been timed to create a bit of a fuss and tap government up for cash. If government offers them any money how many other ‘essential’ companies are going to come out if the woodwork claiming they’re going to end up closing if they don’t get taxpayers money?
  4. It’s a group of people. Presumably all of them don’t have autism so please don’t use that approach as it isn’t relevant. It has nothing to do with LBTGQ+ issues either. I can’t even understand how some people seem to want to link people dressing up in costumes as a ‘hobby’ with either of those issues. They do not correlate at all.
  5. Why are you weaving Isle of Pride into this? I raised a topic about people who seem to like dressing up as animals looking for a new venue for their ‘hobby’. How does that in any way tie back to Isle of Pride or anything else? You’re just looking for excuses to find offense where there is none.
  6. If you’re happy dressing up as a dog then honestly you have issues.
  7. I imagine it’s hard to type a keyboard with the full suit on 😂
  8. The IOM is becoming such a cosmopolitan place. If you run a local cafe, pub or restaurant and you’re looking for some ( edited ) customers to balance the books this could be exactly the thing for you.
  9. Things like this are going to start happening with a lot more frequency. Getting through covid was only ever going to be the start of it all.
  10. I wonder if they’re now selling off the family jewels to balance the books? https://www.cowleygroves.com/property/field-no-524152-cooil-road-douglas
  11. https://www.wired.com/story/the-war-in-ukraine-is-threatening-the-breadbasket-of-europe/
  12. Where will I go to buy stale bread now?
  13. The worst ones are the total morons who also beep at you because you used the roundel exactly as it was intended to be used.
  14. It you use them like a roundabout then clearly you are an idiot as they are not roundabouts at all. All the people stopping and using them like roundabouts are just thick and are disrupting traffic flow.
  15. They aren’t roundabouts. That’s already been established. The people who treat them like roundabouts are idiots.
  16. They’re parasites on overtime.
  17. Do Noa? I’ve always wanted to know the secret ingredients required to be able to make bread you can smash your own teeth with.
  18. The only sustainable island government wants is one that’s sustainable for them and their income expectations with the most minimum of effort involved.
  19. The guy is simply an actor playing a role. Do you actually think he does much in Treasury at all other than what he’s told to do?
  20. But they could protect everyone from covid allegedly. But no it’s far better to keep us all alive, wreck our businesses and incomes in the process, and then tell us it’s tough s**t they can’t really protect us from anything just as they get to the other side.
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