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  1. This is the same man who as Health Minister told you that he could protect everyone from COVID-19 and effectively shut the Island down to protect us all. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/govt-cant-protect-every-household-from-inflationary-pressure/ Now you’re all on your own as we’ve spend all the money shutting down your business and making you stay at home.
  2. Have the 6 people earning £65K a year on the Tynwald poverty group managed to find a definition for poverty yet?
  3. Government must be quietly bricking it though. They had a substantial budget imbalance before all of this and have been spending reserves in installments for years. Will the fear of a huge crunch in revenue and spike in costs change any of their behaviour though? No is the answer. We have the monstrous £70M + incompetence of the new terminal in Liverpool still to fund and another pile of vanity projects that will also be grossly mismanaged ready to go as well. Just look at the prom. It’s the exact sort of project you see in Africa after a government has been stripped bare by crooks and left with something that looks like and is worth about 10% of what it cost to fund as all the other money has been nicked.
  4. It doesn’t as a pair of Christian do-gooders will tick every box when it comes to some sort of assessment. I bet they even had the correct allocation of teaspoons in a nice convenient to access drawer.
  5. Yes that really seemed to have helped Emad al-Swealmeen. Housed with a pair of Christian do-gooders who encouraged him to convert. Who then seems to have ended up hating white Christians so much he set out to kill some. If only they’d just have had just the right amount of teaspoons.
  6. Yes seen plenty of things to this effect on Facebook and you’re right. I supported housing Syrian refugees at the time for the exact same reasons (you’d want someone to house you if you were in similar circumstances) that I support receiving Ukrainians. But a lot of it is clearly driven by racial stereotypes as the ones who were saying all the Syrians were probably terrorists who would be living in your house now don’t seem to have an issue with white ‘Europeans’. That said Emad al-Swealmeen who taxi bombed the Liverpool Womens Hospital claimed to be a Syrian refugee to get the right to stay in the UK despite them suspecting he was actually Iraqi and even converted to Christianity encouraged by his host family to put them off the scent.
  7. Greater risk clearly than staying in a house that risks being blown to smithereens and you and your children killed in it. It is frankly the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen government seek do in ages.
  8. To me this is just typical of the IOM - you literally cannot do anything without civil servants sticking their beaks into your business. Now you can’t even host someone fleeing a war zone without their approval. The worst thing is that if you’ve already been inspected to do Homestay they are clearly prioritizing TT visitors over refugees as you can’t take a refugee if you’ve already agreed to do Homestay. All in all this is one of the most narrow minded pathetic over complicated things I’ve seen government do in years.
  9. Yes the UK is paying £350. We haven’t said anything about payment yet. I’d happily take a few people but I’m honestly not going through that sort of intrusive clipboard checking cr@p just to keep some civil servant feeling important. Honestly it’s unbelievable that they even wish to control this like they do homestay.
  10. No the hosts aren’t being paid and they are using the same form that asks about teaspoons. Honestly this is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in a long time. Nobody wants to make money out of this. They’re doing it purely because they want to help.
  11. Do you know. I signed up but they can f**k right off. You can’t even offer humanitarian support in the IOM without some nosy government tw@t sticking their nose in to your business.
  12. P & O ferries stopping a big percentage of UK aid going outward to Ukraine by sacking almost everyone working for P & O ferries.
  13. Educated and well known in Peel you say? Is he well known for being the only educated person in Peel?
  14. I know but it’s just sad that every dick head in the IOM feels compelled to ring in and say things like “I feel really sorry for these people. But I’ve been waiting for an ingrowing toenail operation for 2 years so they shouldn’t come here as they’ll take all the services may taxes are paying for”
  15. Listening to some of the morons on the Mannin Line today on this subject makes you ashamed to Manx.
  16. There’s a few on there who should be embarrassed about what they posted. At least one of them used a fake Facebook account to post racist rubbish that never seems to be deleted despite the fact it’s an obvious fake Facebook account that takes about 5 seconds to work out. You wonder what the real opinion of the moderators is.
  17. There’s some real despicable stuff like that on social media on the Ukrainian refugees. There’s some proper bell-ends on IOM News and Politics who have posted similar views. At the end of the day these people didn’t ask for there homes to be bombed out of existence and their lives put at risk. We should be opening up to them as much as we can. It’s what we’d expect people to do for us if we were in the same situation.
  18. I’m not sure why anybody would be worried about this. These people are fleeing the risk of instant death.
  19. IOM government would do well to open up our hotels to this. It’s not like we’re going to get any tourists. Ukrainian package tours could replace all the self isolation bookings they won’t get this year.
  20. A crack team arriving from the DOI would strike fear into the heart of any first world country.
  21. The BBC reports this morning from people caught up in the bizarre processes required to get into the UK thoroughly embarrass the UK Government. As once man pointed out - funnily enough when I was fleeing for my life I didn’t think to bring a bank statement or utility bill with me. Shameful. Genuinely shameful given the numbers other countries are taking.
  22. It’s a bit like clapping really.
  23. Poland has been exemplary throughout. They remember WW2. They’ve taken around 1,000,000 refugees. The UK is arguing about taking 300. Lots of questions hanging in the air about the City of London and the UK political system when it comes to offshore Moscow.
  24. The official Polish statement says https://www.gov.pl/web/diplomacy/statement-of-the-minister-of-foreign-affairs-of-the-republic-of-poland-in-connection-with-the-statement-by-the-us-secretary-of-state-on-providing-airplanes-to-ukraine “The authorities of the Republic of Poland, after consultations between the President and the Goverment, are ready to deploy – immediately and free of charge – all their MIG-29 jets to the Ramstein Air Base and place them at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America. At the same time, Poland requests the United States to provide us with used aircraft with corresponding operational capabilities. Poland is ready to immediately establish the conditions of purchase of the planes.”
  25. My guess would be this. NATO can’t provide direct air cover without being sucked in so the US are giving the MIGs to the Ukraine for the Ukrainian’s who were trained on MIGs to fly in from Germany to provide air cover.
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