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  1. That’s the usual argument despite 60% of the IOM population working in Douglas most days. Even if you go for a crap once a day at work you’re still using our amenities which your employer and everyone else in Douglas pays for.
  2. I’m not upset about it at all. Seeing Douglas’ two premier league bell-ends in one place at the same time was highly amusing.
  3. They’re clearly relying on Manx Labour Party and the unions to provide the shit-stirrers as they certainly aren’t the teachers. That sad twat Devon Watson was getting a right stiffy yesterday waving his banner around like he was a big boy. The same as that other useless fat MLP tit Hamer who used to be Douglas Councillor. It was like a 40 year old Alan Bleasdale drama.
  4. One single waste bin and one green waste bin. That’s it.
  5. It was hilarious to listen to. They didn’t bother picketing today either from what I could see so I assume they might have got some stick yesterday. The government pulled a flanker by advertising the £36K salary start as it’s clearly pissed off a huge number of people who don’t earn anywhere near that.
  6. Strange exclusions Any premises that were granted planning approval for their erection as part of a single planning approval for multiple buildings, i.e. those that were built concurrently alongside other premises as part of a housing estate, which were also given a completion certificate within one year of the date of an application, are ineligible to apply for any aspect of the Scheme.
  7. I’m sure Douglas was something like £60M
  8. But surely most LA borrowing is internal borrowing so why have the rates gone up? Government is lending them the money from our money.
  9. It’s typical DBC high handedness but you’re right it alienates people and actually is quite insulting to the people who pay their rates to fund her little empire. Let’s remember people aren’t refusing to recycle - nobody is refusing to recycle. They’re complaining about the crap way they have implemented this and the knock on impact on their household and the petty rules around it all. I actually think Wells should resign. Nobody voted for her anyway.
  10. It’s a bit like me saying oh shit I re-mortgaged three times when interest rates were really low and now I need someone else to contribute to my mortgage for me as I can’t afford to service the debt.
  11. It’s quite generational though. Delusional 40 year old man thinks he can cure a woman of lesbianism. It’s so 1985.
  12. I can guarantee you the service before (at least as I experienced it) is much better than the service after covid. The real issue seems to be the number of over 50s who have done ok who have just jacked it all in because of the pandemic. Most GPs fall into that category. If you can afford not to give a shit after the last 2 + years then mostly you can hold out and only work when you want to.
  13. That’s a theoretical supposition based on something that never happened. Now even after it’s all ending you still can’t get a doctors appointment for two weeks. The whole thing has categorically been an economy sinking con.
  14. That’s basically where I am. I’ve had enough natural immunity now through two bouts of covid plus the three boosters. These anti vaxxers really make me laugh. We are a long way away from where we were two years ago. You only have to look at what’s happening in China now to see where it would have ended up if lockdown was the only solution. In fact I’d care to wager the danger now is 1BN isolated Chinese boiling up a cauldron of weird variants because they’ve not been mixing and not been exposed to the inevitable mutations the rest of us have. if you go back to March 2020 here the whole idea of closed borders and a zero covid strategy is literally insane.
  15. It’s too late for that sort of scheme here. We (Tynwald) let the developers take control decades ago and we can never go back to the option of sensible policies like dual housing markets and residency permits.
  16. Bollocks there’s very little I’ve posted on here ever that’s embellished. In contrast to the above made up bollocks.
  17. We have so much surplus property as we allow non residents to buy and hold or rent which places like Guernsey don’t. If you don’t have the right to reside in Guernsey (a residency permit not a work permit) you can’t buy a house. Simple as that.
  18. He could at least do a few bins on St Catherine’s Drive while he’s there!
  19. He’s your typical angry muppet. Has he taken a day off work to stand there like a knob in the freezing cold pretending he’s some bargain bucket Bobbie Grant?
  20. There was quite a large protest line outside Ballakermeen this morning.
  21. Not according to tracking info which often shows packages in the IOM for 2 or 3 days before they’re delivered:
  22. It is the truth the IOM postal service is appalling and needs to be dragged into the 21st Century.
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