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  1. If it’s recorded or guaranteed delivery allegedly they deliver it on Saturday but very rarely in my experience. A TV license letter is probably a priority paid for delivery.
  2. Agreed online sports betting has completely destroyed UK football.
  3. Then again some might think that they’re packaging this up as some form of farcical eco village where everything is only 10 minutes away specifically to get round the fact that clearly there isn’t enough parking. Would any other developer get away with such things? Realistically with 137 units and 20,000 sq feet of retail space a shit load of parking will be required as maybe 20% max will be the sort active travel and cycling eco idiots they claim to be pitching this village at.
  4. No it isn’t. I was down in Jersey the other week and at least for a long weekend you’ve got great restaurants and bars. Lovely beaches even at this time of year and a brilliant leisure centre in town that pisses all over the NSC. Oh and duty free shopping. Plus some really nice hotels to stay in unlike here. They have some heritage and signs in French but I doubt it’s the main reason why anyone goes.
  5. A lot of it is down to our doomed tourism strategy (which isn’t any sort of strategy). There just isn’t enough people either living here or coming here to make a lot of things that you’d have in the UK viable. Then add on top ridiculous house prices and nobody can afford to go anywhere anyway as they’re just servicing debt or paying extortionate rents. If you remember back to the number of venues and pubs up to the mid 1990s when the place was absolutely bouncing there’s nothing here now to keep kids here. I remember a mate from the UK coming over early 1990s when you had a few thousand people in the Lido on a Saturday night all wasted with a full laser show on then all the venues and hotel bars on the prom. He thought it was fantastic and better than you’d have got in the average UK town at the time. Now people in their 20s are struggling to find anywhere that isn’t a rip off and at best slightly worse than you’d get anywhere in a main town in the UK. Then you have almost non existent public services, the general cost of living, utility costs, and the cost of getting on and off the IOM and it’s no surprise kids are leaving and not coming back. The IOM is just a retirement home and the best we can aspire to now as new residents is a load of moaning Brexit loving pensioners moving here because they’ve been told they can save a few quid in tax and they’ll see a few less diverse faces in Tescos.
  6. To be fair he’s only a triad and a criminal according the most morally bankrupt government on earth. You have to be really careful with China and Russia to work out who the real criminals actually are. He’s diverting income from the Chinese government so he’s bound to be a criminal in their eyes.
  7. I haven’t slagged off anyone. Just pointed out that some people are relaying accurately what their experience with DBC has been contrary to the regular claims from the usual suspects that people are either making things up or don’t have issues.
  8. What negativity? There’s nothing wrong with expressing an opinion on what appears to wrong with many aspect of this. Personally I don’t believe it will ever get built. They started off with just a plan to refurbish the nurses home now it’s expanded in typical IOMG style into a plan to develop the whole block and buy out all surrounding property. There’s 66 apartments in the new block on Peel Road and that cost £12.5M to build so 137 units on a plot this size is ridiculous when Douglas desperately needs town centre housing. Also if 66 apartments cost £12.5M to build how much is this going to cost on top of the nurses home when we’re even throwing extra millions to buy off other property owners.
  9. It’s ridiculous isn’t it? I keep waiting for a sponsored ad for Douglas Corpy to pop up on here. It’s clearly still fair game for anyone else to get slagged off on this forum though just not Douglas Corpy or anyone associated with Douglas Corpy.
  10. Who is demonizing anyone? But the fact is buying them out will have added about £3M to this project. And this from an agency that only has a primary mandate to develop “unoccupied” brownfield sites not acquire fully operational business premises to knock them down. We’re paying for this with public money and there are plenty of other sites in Douglas that don’t need people to be bought off. As for 137 units it’s laughable. If they’re going to this level of cost it should be 300 units or more or good quality fairly priced mixed social/private residential not mixed use and replicating commercial and retail units that are already abundant in town or in Braddan. It’s starting to feel like the MDC is playing at being Dandara and not doing a very good job of it with our money.
  11. There’s no need for me to calm down as I’m not in the least angry. I’m just wondering why any possible criticism of DBC on this forum results in constant push back. That surgery was for Douglas North and you can’t go unless you live in Douglas North. I also believe that the DBC Councillor bottled it on the day and didn’t attend leave the MHKs to field the questions.
  12. What crap is that? Actual comments from actual people who have dealt with DBC over this and found them sadly lacking and completely tone deaf?
  13. That’s still the best part of £100M which is about 30 x what was budgeted originally.
  14. Sorry didn’t you say you lived in Bride when you first started arguing in support of DBC 😂
  15. It’s on their website. Note use of the word “unoccupied”. In what way is the garage, James Caines, the Antique Shop and the Scout Hall “unoccupied”? They’re all active businesses or venues in daily use.
  16. They aren’t interested. Plenty have engaged including myself. They aren’t interested in dealing with either you or the issue. The view the ratepayer as the problem not the fact that they’ve fucked up.
  17. What do you regard as low value? Caines shop and warehouse likely £1M easy to replace on either swap or cash. The old Crosby Cain and Kennish site again likely £1M or more for a similar sized plot. Then there’s the others. So you think adding £2-3 million to the development costs by buying out other parties makes this a great deal? They have other sites they own including Park Road which is already cleared and must be of similar size. But the main issue is the MDC (funded by us) is supposedly there to develop vacant plots. Not to hand out cash to secure plots. This is outside its remit.
  18. Well whether these rumoured ones are a swap or a sale they’ll end up on here in the end https://propertyprices.im and we’ll find out how much of our money has been spent by the MDC to clear a site totally against its remit which is to develop vacant brownfield plots. Likely several millions when they have plots elsewhere they could have developed. All for 137 housing units which is a staggeringly low number when you think about it. That site could probably accommodate 300 easy.
  19. You seem to have ignored my point. Buying out existing property owners isn’t in the MDCs remit. It’s there to develop vacant brownfield sites nobody else is interested in. Why has our money (if it has) been used to buy out private owners freehold interests just to secure this site?
  20. It will end up on here eventually if you know the postcode as it feeds through from registry. https://propertyprices.im It doesn’t surprise me in the least - how much (of our money) has been spent buying existing owners off this plot so that this can be developed? That certainly isn’t within the remit of the MDC. It’s supposed to be concerned with developing vacant brownfield plots.
  21. Yes it’s sad. Covid has certainly killed the black economy and tax take must be massively up with almost everything going through the system. They’ve even done away with the 5% VAT on building work etc as I’d guess that after covid all the money is now going through the books to keep the VAT and tax records up to date just in case they ever need state support again so it’s time to grab that VAT back. Long term though there won’t even be any easily available sources of cash and it makes you wonder how charities and others will actually provide for people who fall through the cracks? Also now even if you tip a waiter it’s by card so they’ll ultimately pay tax on it. No nice gestures.
  22. I was away for a meeting the other week. Total pain in the hoop for a few hours with a client. Delays on both the outgoing and incoming flights and the usual over zealous security people making up things to stave off the boredom and the ubiquitous depressing couldn't give a toss service from Costa Coffee.
  23. It’s the buskers etc that get me. In Europe they’ve all got either a web address on display that you can go to to pay or a sum up machine. It seems that even they’ve had to learn how to survive in a cashless society. It’s very sad though when you can’t even give someone a few quid as a charitable gesture without it being a right faff.
  24. Barber seems to get pretty much a free ride for being so useless. Most other MHKs as useless would have had a beating on social media by now but she seems to get away with it. Ann Corlett is the same - totally useless to the point that you even question her entire existence (is she a myth, a fantasy, or some sort of political mirage?) but it’s never referred to either.
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