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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-jersey-63930916
  2. Looks absolutely horrendous. Apparently the residents reported smelling gas and then were told that there were no issues and it was all safe. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-jersey-63930916
  3. The thing is you just never go back after those sort of experiences.
  4. Jackson’s have now put bollards up to stop you being able to easily drive round the lot without getting out. Last time I went up the sales guy literally walked in front of my car to stop me and asked me what I was looking for. Their sales practices are appallingly hard sell. I will never go back in there again after the way they tried to convince me that my car needed replacing after I had it serviced by them. They wouldn’t let me pay the bill until a sales advisor spent a good 10 minutes trying to tell me how fucked my car was and how it would be cheaper in the long term to buy a new one.
  5. The Apple Shop is normally ok but agree that’s just incredibly rude when it happens.
  6. I’ve cancelled orders for about £600 of stuff on Amazon in the last week for that reason. Still in dispatch after 10 days so frankly I’ll go any buy the item somewhere else that can actually dispatch it after taking my money.
  7. Fining them just because they have mental health issues is basically useless. There doesn’t seem to be any offer of support so it will probably happen again regardless of the fact that £300 of his benefits has now gone towards a fine.
  8. I do know that fining someone £300 has absolutely no impact on whether they will have a similar mental health episode in future. Because they aren’t going to say “I feel a bit manic today but it cost me £300 last time so better not do it again that’s me learned my lesson!”
  9. And you think fining him three hundred quid would stop that happening? Do you think next time he’ll say I want to die but last time i tried it, it cost me £300 so best not try to do it again!
  10. I assumed Swindells only won because he was actually the long lost love child of the existing Clerk?
  11. Totally agree I can’t understand why this guy was either named or fined for basically trying to commit suicide in a public place during some sort of mental crisis.
  12. The only thing they clearly developed was fat pensions.
  13. Do they really need a CEO and a COO to run a statutory board? The COO is probably running it and the CEO dealing with the unneeded political crap. It’s £200k PA of cost tied up. I’m not thick at all.
  14. I know being presented with facts is confusing. But the three highest PO executives received an average of £96K a year in 2018. That’s a straight newspaper report. They still employ a CEO and COO and a CFO and if the average wage was £96K in 2018 it’s well over £100k now guaranteed.
  15. No the papers from 2018 https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/politics/three-post-office-bosses-take-home-nearly-ps100000-each-224260
  16. The quicker they realize that IOM Post is dying on its arse the better. But as you say if all they’re employing is people who have been there all their working lives what do they expect? They aren’t even going to understand why the world has changed around them until they’ve tried every other failed avenue to maintain the status quo of high wages and minimal effort.
  17. The CEO and the COO who it was reported way back who are on over £100k each. https://www.iompost.com/about/meet-the-team/
  18. This just shows you how insane and power crazed most local authority commissioners are.
  19. This is where the whole cost saving argument falls apart for DBC. They employ 400 people. After the bin collections changed they still employ 400 people. They still have the same number of bin wagons. They still own or lease the same infrastructure. It’s all fixed costs so where are the savings coming from other than less gate fees paid by delivering less loads to be burned?
  20. As your insurance company will tell you they won’t be paying out as you basically advertised for someone to nick it by not taking adequate measures to secure it.
  21. Yes a bit like some one leaving their car door open with the keys in the ignition overnight then claiming that someone nicked it.
  22. It’s charging you £13 a day to park. I can’t see that it’s lost them any money.
  23. There are plenty who have been struggling since September who are pinning their hopes on Xmas trading.
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