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  1. Most people ‘operating’ the schemes (directors etc) aren’t really the people operating the schemes. That’s how you make the money.
  2. Yea they should have just let people go bust and destitute throughout a thorough vetting process when nobody had any cash.
  3. No he’s right most of government is 6 month full then six months half pay.
  4. Agree this looks like some sort of referee or lead generation site to drive traffic to those medics. But honestly if you were going to do that you’d do it well. That is a car crash of a site that does t inspire any confidence at all from a professionalism point of view.
  5. Even if it’s not a company (they say they aren’t they’re a collection of private individuals) you’d have thought someone would have bothered registering one of the business names for £25 or whatever it costs these days. But they don’t even seem to know what they’ve actually called themselves or what domain or email address is the correct one.
  6. FFS that’s pitiful. While he’s at explaining capital project management to us all could he touch on the £35M budget overrun on Liverpool while he was Treasury Minister? It might help put his skills into context.
  7. The website is an absolute mess with about 10 separate email addresses quoted and about three separate domain names referred to (Manxdoctors, isleofmandoctors, privatemanxmedicaldoctors etc). Whoever did it knows little about marketing. The Doctors are listed here: https://www.isleofmandoctors.com/our-doctors Nothing says your professional more than a badly made hastily thrown together Wix site!
  8. This seems to be being pushed heavily on social media this week. Is it now that bad here that people have spotted a gap in the market for doctors who actually have the capacity to deal with people?
  9. There is no confusion I certainly don’t need to read anything posted in this thread more than once.
  10. I don’t need to read any of it again.
  11. Brilliant https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-62085294
  12. You’d hope so. Some absolute piss takers there.
  13. That’s an interesting post by Quilp. Basically as I’ve frequently said above the main issue with Rowling et all is that they are seeing trans rights trumping or removing or diluting some of the rights and protections women have fought for for hundreds of years. That’s it. About 10 pages above have been blown out of all proportion when really that has been the consistent opposing argument.
  14. There’s a few that I think will find it tricky to validate where their historic occupancy records came from to justify the rooms they claimed from. If I was the DfE that’s where I’d be starting.
  15. You’re basically just a pointless woke echo chamber. I can’t even deal with the whiney voice that comes into my head when I read your smug posts.
  16. I would point out that safe spaces apply both ways and that in 5 or 6 years time they would probably have first hand experience of how vulnerable to sexual violence women are in a patriarchal society and they might understand some women's views on the subject better then through learned life experience in that gender role.
  17. People are shopping each other already. Some of the hotel occupancy figures claimed are going to be particularly interesting to analyze. I doubt many will tally with historic booking records. This has been the most abused part of the scheme going.
  18. That seems to be their stock response to everything in this thread.
  19. The only thing he has made clear is that he is no longer the leader of the Conservatives. He'll try a whole load of ploys yet to extend his time as PM for as long as possible. He has military cards to play yet. There's nothing like a war to galvanise opinion.
  20. I think he's unlikely to do that. In fact in Trump like fashion he's now probably mad enough to throw more weight behind his support in Ukraine and risk an all out war with Russia thinking it will save his skin like the Falklands did for Maggie. He clearly has a dangerous twisted mindset which seems to ensure he will do just about anything to stay in power.
  21. They have so much nearly new or low mileage spare kit lying around (including all the mini buses hidden away in school carparks) that they should be investigating the whole fleet procurement process. There's usually only one reason you end up with so many really expensive vehicles that you don't actually need.
  22. To be fair we’ve had a substantial decline in our tourist industry since the 1990s which has probably impacted as well but nobody is going to invest into and scale up their business when government is sitting there actively prepared to do the same work for almost nothing. That’s likely why we’re in this mess as you’d have to be a fool to invest your own money to improve capacity with that sort of threat constantly in the background.
  23. I believe the company was running around 50 vehicles 30 years ago. It looks like the real downsizing happened after Longworth arrived in these shores. Coincidental?
  24. I know that’s a fact. That’s likely why there is no easy link.
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