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  1. cooldad

    Room 101

    People who go to work clogging up the roads, same time,same places every day. This should also be extended to the air travellers I hear as well, clogging up the airport same place, same time. TICM
  2. What a dreadful commentary by Glen. Great footballer in his day, but can't manage or commentate. Danny Baker has named him Glen Ploddle on twitter. :-)
  3. There cannot be an 'over the top' sentence for drink driving.
  4. I assume you must be more narrow minded etc. if you think that of somebody for disliking one thing (Illegal drugs).
  5. If it makes you feel better, why not. Until it is though what you gonna do?
  6. You try it all you want. Every person to their own eh?
  7. What for? It leads on to much worse things.
  8. 3X3 Random capital Letters at the Start of Words.
  9. Man up Woody, take them off block and just laugh at them.
  10. Don't mention vodka drinking at the Cul-de Sac!
  11. Don't mention the TT / Weather / Funfair / Drunk riders / Mountain is one-way / Manxies acting like twats for a fortnight etc. Oh forget it, nothing new to talk about...
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