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  1. if it really was boring you should have moved on, you wanted to be pithy and superior
  2. prohibition did not work and the mobsters who got rich from prohibition gave rise to children who have done well for themselves so who do you really think is at the head of the drug food chain?
  3. quarter of people a fifth of territory

  4. for that much money you would hope that he got to make stuka noises niaooooooooooooooooo.....bukh
  5. ringy ringtail is a new twat like expression they are longtails and have been since noah filled the arc
  6. we had a dog who was happy to chase a longtail behind a tree but his tail went down between his legs as he was confronted by a big gang of the little bastards, i was armed with an air pistol and didn't have time to shoot before i got scared and ran away. sounds odd but a gang of joeys staring you down and not running away is scarey,........if only i had read this forum and been armed with a petrol bomb
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