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  1. Are you happy, given we are looking to the care of our children, that you as a member of government have allowed this scandal to stretch for a decade?
  2. Correct. Total Failure. An organization set up to protect business not the consumer. I could be wrong but any evidence to contrary would be welcomed.
  3. This jolly is a prime example of our over paid UN-accountable public servants suddenly being faced with being asked extremely embarrassing questions about traveling to the ends of the earth at huge expense without any evidence of how the Isle of Man benefited from their jolly. Are we a nation? If so prove what we gained from this?
  4. The serious question that has not been covered is the role and responsibility of a regulator? I have my own concept of what that role is and how it should proceed. What I have seen of this particular system bares no relationship to the regulatory body one would expect of a modern democracy over-seeing a monopoly. One would expect total independence of government for starters. How can the Office of Fair Trading negotiate a deal as a regulator then oversee the process? What domestic/business user of energy would EVER BE INVOLVED IN BEING TIED INTO A FIVE YEAR PLAN?????????????????? UK energy users are persistently told to by their regulator to look for the best deal. Energy costs are totally volatile in the present climate so why a five year plan was ever entered into by a government dept is ludicrous. The Office of Fair Trading need to revisit why they were set up and who are they representing.
  5. Concerns over Manx child care raised in Tynwald - BBC News.htmConcerns over Manx child care raised in Tynwald - BBC News.htmConcerns over Manx child care raised in Tynwald - BBC News.htm As a matter of interest were these concerns addressed? Did any inquiry take place in 2012 six years after it was recommended? What was the result of that investigation if it ever to place?
  6. Be assured the Isle of Man government, the legal system and our judiciary are swimming around in a cesspool of their own making.
  7. Who on earth would want to take on the role of the Minister of this Department? All informed observers know this is the poisoned chalice of Manx Politics. What would be refreshing is a review of our tax arrangement with the wealthy to make them more inclusive in paying their fair share. Quayle need to direct his government to reducing our civil service pension liabilities MEA debt. These peripheral charges will not come near resourcing our health care needs. Get a grip Mr Quayle, your the boss?
  8. This administration as the previous ones have not met the challenge of paying for a spiraling healthcare system. The system demands that the cost is free to all. Given that this system is universally popular then so shall the funds be protected. To do that the administration must make health and social care a priority that is payed for out of our tax revenue. All other budgets in government will follow in order of priority in line with the peoples wishes. Secondly our administration should start looking at reviewing our tax system to ensure that all our earning population should be shouldering the bill. The ludicrous thought that the wealthy are filtering down benefits to the local economy by paying an arranged sum on part of their income does not stack up. If it does, evidence would be so welcome. Priority is the name of the game when you are broke.
  9. Please-Please-Please identify how many infrastructure projects our one party state by patronage has benefited our long suffering electorate?
  10. INTO THE LONG GRASS. Our new team of legislators, have failed the people of the Isle of Man. Their manifesto's at election time screamed for reform The reforms recommended in this report have the support of the people of the Isle of Man. Our masters made sure that this was discussed twelve months after they made sure our new members were given government responsibilities. This lot are not for reform, it only took twelve months to find them out.
  11. I totally concur that LegCo has always been the power buffer that all Chief Minister's could rely on to keep an incompetent administration and an inadequate undemocratic system ticking over. Mr Quayle could have looked beyond this and started to recruit talent. By God to we need talent. We need someone who has credibility in a sea of incompetence. We have very view politicians actually looking outside the box and facing up to a sinking ship. They have all settled in to their duties to government not the people, their manifesto promises long forgotten. Would for once a Manx politicians grouped together to realise one promise that most believed in, that is dealing IMMEDIATELY with the huge liabilities left by previous administration.The group set a date within the next 12 months to nail a problem that was foreseen over a decade ago.
  12. You make an interesting point about Liberal Vannin. Their nominee was by far the best candidate for the position given his legal background and his extensive experience outside the Isle of Man especially in Europe. His CV also included a new book he authored on the tax systems and their legitimacy . Given all this experience you have a cheap source of legal and financial advice which could have been tapped into. The Chief Minister missed a big trick by not supporting this candidate. That is not what it is about, any vote to those who deal in party politics is a no- no within the Ministerial system and the Independent politicians that support this system. Thankfully we have not been exposed this time election which has involved UN-electable MHK's who unfortunately litter the office of MLC..
  13. Respect to what paragraph?
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