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  1. 12 Noon at the Mereside HQ Bar. Call or text Mark Armstrong on 498789 for a ticket. £15. Cheap as fook gig, with a bang tidy plate of food thrown in? Why not I ask you? Only acceptable answer is that you are already busy with your Gran's 100th birthday, hate blues, or don't eat on a Sunday... Being a vegetarian is also not an option. Well, i think there will be mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes and bread... Good enough? Probably not... text or call Mark to see what else would be on offer. Would people go to gigs like this if more came up? Food & gig for one price?
  2. I don't write very good. Next Open Mic event here... http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=153729968016119
  3. Thanks for your comments RonnieD! I think that first Open Mic that you saw would have been laden with January blues, hence the feel of Leonard Cohen's love child. However, Leonard Cohen is awesome so that is taken as a compliment... Admittedly the music may not sell, but i don't think music that actually sells should be what people aim for when playing at an Open Mic, or expect when attending an Open Mic. What you will hopefully see is either a stage in life of an artist, quality of musicianship or songwriting the artist is. It all adds to the mood of the mood at the night, whether that be the happy or sad crowd, or by who is actually playing and how they interact with the mood of the crowd. Nights like last night are great. The musical talent (and variety in mood) is there, together with the respect and interaction of a small yet very happy audience of 30 people. I think last night was sublime too.
  4. Did you catch Hannah Huxley-Wright, the support act? I think she stole the show.
  5. They could sing, but i don't think the prepared set was long enough... good harmonies.
  6. This Thursday at the Albert... 8:30PM START. All ages and abilities welcome. Comedians, poets, singer-songwriters, bassists or any other kind of performance is very welcome. Get there early to get your seat and slot. Hosted by Josh Dillon.
  7. Thanks Shill. Yes, it is Wednesday 26th. £10 a pop too. Contact Mark Armstrong on 498789 or buy tickets at Peter Norris.
  8. THE SCARLETZ Four girls, two from the North, two from the South. Bryony, Claire, Katiya and Tahnee are the masterminds behind The Scarletz. Hailed as a female Madness, we are not manufactured! write our own material! and can really sing! Taking influence from the likes of Madness, The Specials, All Saints and Chaz and Dave (thrown in for good measure) our sound is witty, fun and original. It’s quirky Pop with an apple on top!!! SUPPORT FROM HANNAH HUXLEY-WRIGHT 8pm start. Tickets will be available on the door or the usual outlets.... http://www.thescarletz.com/ http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=103724329702440
  9. http://tthemoonband.bandcamp.com/ You can also find details on the band on their facebook fan page.
  11. 8:30pm @ The Albert, Douglas. A place where everyone is welcome, a great place to meet like minded musicians, get to know a bit about getting gigs and just an opportunity to play. Free drink for everyone who plays on the night. PA and Guitar provided. Hosted by Joshua Dillon. Message him on facebook if you want to play. Facebook event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=175587292476555&ref=ts Isle of Man Newspapers article - http://www.iomtoday.co.im/lifestyle/manx-entertainment-news/a_place_to_plug_in_and_play_1_1794578 Isle of Man .com article - http://www.isleofman.com/news/article.aspx?article=31701
  12. the heights have just confirmed that they are down to play as well as... Molly Molyneux Phil Garry Josh Dillon Postcode the Rockin' Joughin... and more... oh yeah, all for free...
  13. 8:30pm start... Open mic for a bit then we will get a jam session going from 10:00 pm... get there early if you want a slot playing some tunes... Djembe, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, mics and suitable amplication provided for use. Bring your own if you require... lets have some fun!
  14. i went to the new school for four years from 1990... had loads of fond memories. still friends with two of the teachers... and their wives. and still know most of their names... ok there were stricter teachers and softer teachers, but certainly no corporal punishment etc... doesn't sound like the same Manx Catholic school to me... Admittedly everyone seems to be talking about a different period, but how times have changed!
  15. http://manninseyr.yolasite.com/band-night.php 4 hours of music... The Electric Hedgehog Strengyn Fletcher Christian Mutiny 8pm start... Free entry but donations welcomed, in aid of Breast Cancer Research
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