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  1. manxb&b

    TT 2018

    There, corrected for accuracy.
  2. manxb&b

    TT 2018

    Tbf that's because they will usually return to the same venues more than once.
  3. Reckon Quayle should be more concerned about his waist-bandwidth!
  4. manxb&b

    TT 2018

    I must say GeeCee is late getting started this year, I wonder if he's ok. I'm sure if he'd died LC would have let us know. Actually come to think of it it's more likely he's too ashamed to show his face after his sick comments on the anti-abortion thread a while back.
  5. Funny you should say that
  6. Nearly £50,000 total plus the inconvenience (and probably a lot more than just inconvenience in many cases) and the robbing twats get a few months each, already laughably inadequate sentencing which I guess will be halved again with good behaviour.
  7. Yeah I did, Firefox gave me the warning and wouldn't connect but gave me the option to exempt. And here I am, you lucky people
  8. What a great name for someone convicted of bad driving.
  9. More than likely that the owner had previous and was known to the authorities, information which couldn't be revealed in a news report.
  10. Not me, it's a bloody kids drink, I prefer a drop of the hard stuff myself, yep Vimto squash all the way!
  11. Local people drink Ribena?
  12. Aspartame seems to get a hell of an amount of bad press.
  13. I'm of the opinion that there's a difference between signalling you're trying to be funny and communicating the fact you're not being serious (which was my intention), although I guess the lines can become blurred at times.
  14. Yeah, have you not seen my new DVD ''manxb&b funny as fuck live from the Palladium''? I can send you a signed copy if you like, at cost . I was wondering if that was the first time you've ever used the laughing emoji btw?
  15. Lol, jeez dude, you don't half take life (and yourself) seriously. No demands there, just a laughing emoji to show it wasn't serious and that I was, well, having a laugh. Not really big on 'having a laugh' though are you Declan!
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