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  1. Kopek

    Robertshaw [brilliantly] states glaring obvious on MTTV

    Apply the same ratio of people served to remuneration and the workers at the power station would be on millions each!
  2. Kopek

    Summerland Sold

    Trouble is we will have had a 1.5 mil lunch, digested it and burped before anything happens on Summerland!!!
  3. These threads are a bit like a bad Magic Trick, pick a politician, any politician, don't show me........... he' s crap!
  4. Kopek

    Richard Baker...

    On Radio 4, as soon as they say a name and start listing their achievements, you know they're dead!!! Cut, next real news item please.
  5. Kopek

    Thompson Press goes into receivership?

    A major shareholder is challenging, in court, the admins sale to the major creditor, apparently an American hedge fund. However, they were obviously not trading in the black, although servicing the debt may have had something to do with that? Certainly needs looking at?
  6. Kopek

    Robertshaw [brilliantly] states glaring obvious on MTTV

    Shimmins - I'd forgotten about that vacuous insignificant salary thief the concept of Rodent and his bag-carrying lackey the Berk of Tynwald He is and was a waste of space. He has done the grand total of fuck all since his election.   Why do people vote for Jocks ? I'm starting to stock canned and dried foods in an underground shelter as surely we are heading to Anarchy after the next election!!!
  7. Kopek

    Robertshaw [brilliantly] states glaring obvious on MTTV

    Those retirement parties do get out of hand, don't they!
  8. I doubt that he is losing credibility with his voters? He's very good at giving an apparently reasoned response to any situation that he is required to do so and it always, as reported, seems to be reasonable explanation of the situation. The art of politics?
  9. Kopek

    Robertshaw [brilliantly] states glaring obvious on MTTV

    Oooooo, you bitch! but who would stand in Miggle that would make the Piggle wiggle back to the farm? Phil Craine? Andrew? is Shimmins that popular? Would Kate B go back to her home ground to get her revenge?
  10. It is amazing how this governments first response to any problem is to deny it! A week or so later, they admit there was a problem but they already knew about it and have a fix!!!
  11. Kopek

    The Art of distraction

    Why was Edgar Quine a twat? Just three reasons for having that opinion to start with??? Is this part of the problem of who is willing to put theirself forward for the Keys?
  12. Kopek

    Robertshaw [brilliantly] states glaring obvious on MTTV

    Interesting the Guernsey has a CEO. and it is he that is directing the changes. Maybe he has met political opposition to some of his ideas and we don't know what has been rejected but maybe that is what we are misssing, a CEO?
  13. Kopek

    Account`s Hacked

    Who are you calling 'respectable' you friggin twathead!!! OOps, a revised statement will be issued shortly. ( by my other persona). Some users will even undergo a gender change with their new account persona?
  14. Kopek

    Tits Out...

    Perhaps she is 'empowered' by doing something that she wants to do, despite knowing the tittering, tut tuting and cat calling she will have to endure? She's an attractive girl, why not. If the horse riding shots are of her, then glamour posing is obviously not her only talent!
  15. Kopek

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    At my great age sonny, they're mostly Granmothers