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  1. I would infer from what is being intimated above that ( those posters ) think it is a 'Divorce of Convenience'. The purpose being to separate Kate from the dissolving of the family cleaning company but as JW has pointed out, a business failure does not affect the position of the MHK! Now, if it were the failure of a dodgy company selling land in , let's say |Portugal, you know the the type, buy shares in this land and we will build a Golf Course and appartments but it turns out to be scrub land that could never be developed for anything, if this were a joint purchase and the directors of the holding company are facing fraud and boiler room charges in the UK courts, then I could see the reason to try to separate oneself from that scam but, if jointly purchased, prior to the separation, the liability, financial or reputationally, whether sold for a nominal fee or not, remains 'joint' and the above implications would not apply? Could it simply be the breakdown of a marriage?
  2. Yes but getting back on subject..............
  3. Albert, that is very non-PC of you, no one refers to Women as 'Birds' these days. The ones at Weightwatchers are called Fatties. Regard to Bird Feeders, I've been putting Chocolate Gateau on mine all Summer, not a single Woman!!! Oooops!!!
  4. They're not Seagulls, they're GULLS, Herring, Black Backed etc. God MFers, don't you know ANYTHING!!!
  5. My Dentist uses text reminders and seems to work well, couple of days in advance of the appointment so time to change/cancel if reqd. .but then, they are private business, probably got their system on Amazon, so bound the be better!!! PS. 300,000 spent on Govt website improvements in the last five years.
  6. Do you pronounce '' -Carrickey ', as Gariky or Garikier? Colley is supposed to be Collier or Collya in Manx, what about this?
  7. This is one of those areas that an MHK will ask a question, get an nod of approval from the others and hen hand the problem over the the civil servants who will be required to come up with the solution to the 'alleged' problem. For the MHK, it's is a matter long forgotten but the machinery of Govt grinds on and LO... we have a situation that the MHK has long forgotten about becoming Law!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ...but in the rural area there are cars that would never be seen on the Islands roads! Whether there is a leniency in such areas or a presumption that a 20 y/o Peugeot is OK on country roads and one might need their vote in the next Mayoral election or not, I do not know but it is so.
  9. One of the beauties of the Isle of Man is that we are a relatively 'affluent' Country, this is reflected in our number of recently new vehicles on our roads If you were to go to rural areas southern Germany or France you would see a much higher proportion of '' heaps of shit '' than we have on the Island! There are, of course, a small number of vehicles that should be subjected to an MOT but is this a percentage that would require the intro of an MOT with all its law and expense??? Don't create a problem where it doesn't exist!!!
  10. Without the TT etc, campsites would not be necessary?
  11. He obviously hasn't told his wife his posting name!!!
  12. Ah, but how many Men have changed partner, either temporally or permanently? ( For gender balance ).
  13. Didn't Houghton bully someone who had bullied someone else who went to Houghton to complain about being bullied and Houghton bullied that person about their bullying of the other person? Prior that is, to some committee bullying an elected Houghton to apologise to some other people that he bullied while trying to get the bullying of the second person by the first person to be investigated???
  14. Why would she want to smuggle Turkish Delights? You can get them from a guy called Bob if you know the number to call!
  15. What does that say about my Mk1 Viva???
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