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  1. However, if Kate had allowed a two way fight, we may have had Cannan as a one term CM., giving even the most forelock tiugging MHks time to see what he was really like, a neo facist anti socialist anti working class, under class? let them eat cake type of leader??? Tho' we may have had CT at the treasury and we'd be zillions in debt now or JW where we would be similar to Cannan filosofy. Still, he's a nice guy and I bet Mc Fox could find someone better that Couch!!! Will depend on the 'voices' elected next time, will they be able to shake the incumbents from their £12k slumber?
  2. True, but they could have gone for Kate!!!
  3. Kopek


    It's the Little People who destroy these houses, the little nimbys don't want any comeovers moving in next to them!!! As a kid I threw stones at street lights, it was just for fun! Now in later life, it was obviously a mindless thing to do. Still, better these houses than a £400 BMW wing mirror? Silver lining ???
  4. Kopek

    TT 2018

    Didn't the Nepal Govt suspend climbing after some of the recent deaths? Shows 'some' responsibility for the safety of the climbers.
  5. Would Lightbulb know what a General Election is??? Who would go? He probably thinks it's a holiday destination!
  6. Kopek

    TT 2018

    ... but if it wasn't for the Moffats holding our Govt to account, who would it be? I'm a great fan of Hooper but he is in danger of becoming another Peter Karran, where his fellow MHKs reach for their " No " button before he has spoken! Daphnae Craine is doing her best but i Fear she is already in that position!!!
  7. Kopek

    TT 2018

    He is anything but that.Name an MHK who has not been the subject of his opprobrium?
  8. Kopek

    TT 2018

    You mean like Open Kimonos and Blue sky thinking??? How do you think Bernie M views you???
  9. Kopek

    TT 2018

    ...and just what is 360 feedback???
  10. Kopek

    TT 2018

    Sultan, I can't quite understand your and several other MFs antagonism to Bernir M. He has been a thorn in the side of the Govt for a loong time. He castigates and pokes fun at past and current MHKs , just the sort of thing that we MFers love? Is it just that his past Union activities have upset your anti-union stance? Is it that in your line of work, maybe you did not have union representation or did not need it or maybe a secret desire to have someone looking after your interests in the workplace that you could not influence on your own~? The unions have been saviour for many workers on the Island, both in the past and there is still a need for their representation because we cannot rely on our Govt to do what is best for us, even though that is what we elect them for. It seems to me that Bernie and Angela have done a good service for the Islands workers and should be thanked for that. Even if they have not worked on your behalf for what ever reason.
  11. Living downwind from a nuclear plant can cause cancer, bone marrow loss, headaches, a desire to hang yourself, gouge your eyes out!!! Much the same as living downwind from Mr. PB???
  12. Kopek


    You mean the police are selling 'stuff'? Any idea which one I should approach??? Have they seized any cabin cruisers lately????
  13. Kopek


    Derek F would have trouble with that extra weight on on his little hips???
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