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  1. Kopek

    Manx Radio

    Eh! Can't be worse that a Glasgow or Ulster accent, can it? Makes you understand the BBC 'pronounced' preference for their voice, we wouldn't approve of that attitude today, would we?
  2. Kopek

    Manx Radio

    I want to hear this woman many complain about! When is she on?
  3. Surely the answer is to fix OUR NHS to be better, not to link to the UK nHS and then if that fails to improve our service, possibly the US private system and if that fails, what about Russian, Turkish or Indian health tourism? ...and so on without improving OUR service!!! There must be people who are capable of improving our service? They may need to be given Carte Blanche to achieve the end result, there may be Doctors and Nurses slapped on the wrist or 'let go' but if it achieves the result of an expected NHS that we require, then so be it???
  4. Have we ever been 'nimble' Gladys? We're a small independently governed Island, we could have been a Guiney Pig for so many things, say, crime, a link with a University research program on how would a Primary School lesson on moral responsibility have kept kids from minor criminal acts in their later teens and adulthood??? So many other areas that we could have taken the advice of experts in the field!!! Is it down to our MHKs not wishing to be out shone by others?
  5. They have a defibrillator in the car!!! The Island would fall apart if they died???
  6. Adam Wood had an ex Met officer, he left before Adam, don't know who took over, stocky guy for Gozney.
  7. He'll find a way!!! Aren't there rules about leaving a Govt role and then taking over a facility?
  8. Surely the electricity price cap is neutral long term? We pay less now but more in the long term to compensate? There's a ban on gas and oil boilers in all UK new builds from '25. Hopefully, we will do the same.
  9. Swiss Alps are losing some 6% of the glacier range. Todays news.
  10. Hey, the Govt give sandbags to the Castle Mona shops, what more do they want!!! Was any consideration given in the design of the new prom drainage system to try to alleviate the draining of the over topping???
  11. Actually, there's time for an appeal yet! As there often is in these cases? Retain the stone finish and the old hoist? Yes, that'll do!!! Paint the woodwork green? Even better!!! The 'for sale', if true, is just pique. Silly way for a development company to behave?
  12. Hey! Poor bugger may be losing his home soon. Sympathy? Go fund him?
  13. '' bottle of Gordons is £15 - right? ;;. That's not quite the way it works though, is it. Let's just say wages and overheads! Surely you add on to the cost of your product? Fynoderree x 4. Nice and natural but dear.
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