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  1. Kopek

    Manx Radio

    Ok Ok, can we now forget about LFC for another 20 years until they do something awsome again?
  2. Certainly the Roads div and Transport could have a clash of interests. Indeed, seem to have just had one? Where would they put Transport? In the DfE? Iit's tourist dept would demand trillions for the Heritage Rail Network!!! Similar vein to St Ninians, this evening, came across a bunch of 8 or so cyclists between Scarlet and Gansey. Two abreast, nothing wrong with that but why didn't they use the cycle lane/pavement? Is it too rough for bikes?
  3. Kopek


    However, after being burnt at the 'stake', you would be 'steak'? ( rather than 'toast' ).
  4. Kopek

    Black Lives Matter

    So, you're Tax dodging but expecting the UK Govt to help your industry???
  5. Kopek

    Black Lives Matter

    '' So the issue is "To UPS or not to UPS? That is the question..." I've had a few deliveries via UPS. they are pretty good, go ahead, use them. The only reason you would need all that security on the Island would be, if someone has read your post and breaks in to steal your technology!!!
  6. Kopek


    Then there was 'spelt wrong'. No, it was spelt 'CLAER'. It may have been spelt 'wrongly' or even better 'incorrectly'. In N. America, it is popularly 'spelled'. Olde English?
  7. Kopek

    Manx Radio

    ''Look into your heart my friend That will be the return to yourself The return to innocence '' Enigma.
  8. Having relinquished their half million quid a year 'license Fee' years ago. They should own the whole company by now???
  9. Gettafa. Well, if you could provide your own cable ties and a hood, it would help them greatly!!!
  10. They couldn't do 'Extraordinary Rendition' on six people. They've used all their cable ties on the prom cracks!
  11. Kopek


    I think we class as 'Social Media'? I think they do drop quite a few, mostly clunky sentence structure.
  12. Wow! That's a bit of an insider story? Watch out, the Manx CIA will be tracking your IP? at this very moment! It's usually about 5am. that they knock your front door in, sleep tight.
  13. Kopek


    Manx Dyslexia Soc. have a report on MR. about our poking fun at the spelling mistakes here on MF.? While I think that most of our comments were a bit of fun aimed, not at Dyslexics but at the absurdity of the road crews which were simply spelling mistakes such as we all do occasionally. The irony is that the MR report itself had some grammar clangers in it!!! As do a lot of their content. There are several posters on here who are dyslexic, we should all recognise who and avoid poking fun at their mistakes.
  14. Kopek

    Black Lives Matter

    "White lives don't matter" . '' As white lives ''. Can you explain the second sentence? Perhaps the two sentences together? Maybe she means that we are all human beings and that colour doesn't matter? ( or shouldn't ).
  15. Ah, she's obviously there to make the tea!!! Actually her quals should be of use at the DoI?
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