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  1. Ok, after they have dealt with Dog Poo and Police on the beat, isn't that why we elect MHKs?
  2. Can the 'Ordinary Man' be expected to trawl though reams of regulations to determine what any Dept are up to? Isn't that why we elect MHKs?
  3. Unless all his votes were second and third preference votes!!! Certainly, we the cognoscenti, think that all should be revealed about the behind the scenes shenanigans, the Onchan residents don't seem to be 'up in arms' about it tho? It only needs a Commissioner to raise the matters at a public meeting?
  4. Isn't that Welsh? Like Betsy Co ed! Holeeday is another. Nothing wrong with WAsp, tho you wouldn't want one in your PAsty!
  5. If he can sack himself that would be good news!
  6. Don't worry Doc. the track before and after the accident site are 'Accident Free Zones' !!! The driver is not suspended apparently? Tho what his wife has to say about the hedge trip ?????????????? Speed is the conjecture.
  7. Don't forget....................Don't eat the silica crystals!!!
  8. No such thing as free banking. The charges are, in theory, passed on to the public through every purchase that they make. Fair play to IOM Bank, they are only making a nominal A/C charge at the moment but when transaction charges start aagain they will be higher. Banks can use the charges to 'encourage' businesses to accept cards rather than cash by putting the cash banking charges up.
  9. More to the above points. Any traders on here worked out the cost of each plastic transaction??? Must be about 20p. each. even on a quid payment? Someone has to pay for that.
  10. 60 - 80 in notes and cash. 50k sewn into my trouser turn ups! Don't trust banks!!!
  11. At least Sam would have more than a cup of tea and half a Teacake!!!
  12. He already has those! Don't get into gambling debts with him!!!
  13. What is bullying? Is it kneeing a commissioner in the Balls saying, 'you will vote for my pay increase'? Is it shouting at a Binman for taking a day off without telling her? Is it psychological undermining of person to further her own position or ego? I thing the Onchan ratepayers are entitled to know?
  14. Oh gawd, how much are the legal costs going to be for DCorp to distance from this!!!
  15. Isn't the onus on the driver 'joining' the highway to take extra care?
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