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  1. Kopek

    TT 2021 ??

    When you have a captive audience, you can charge what you like..............
  2. Are only Civil Servants required to be honest???
  3. Dilli. I just don't think that we should judge someones character unless we know them. The court will have been made aware of this.
  4. You need the Bowling Green Sid. Don't expect any 'Yuppies' though!
  5. We don't know this Womans character, other than that she could be tempted to steal but it, the lenient sentence, could be a judicial decision taking into account the likely effect the sentence will have on her? they may have judged that that effect could be greater than on other people?
  6. Kopek

    TT 2021 ??

    People leaving the Island do not do so just in the TT fortnight. Some go a week before, some don't return till the week after! Even a business that gains from the TT, Pubs say, will have to employ extra staff to cope with busy periods, not all expected busy periods arise still haveto pay the staff though. One of the most disrupting factors on a business is when a race or practice is constantly delayed an hour at a time, customers are waiting for hours to see if the event goes ahead!!! Even a pie shop in the street has e4xtra staff in anticipation, if the Sun is glorious those customers go out from Dlas. Homestay. I think the rule is that the owner must remain in residence with the visitors? ( Sure it's broken frequently???)
  7. If you PM me your bank account and sort code I may be tempted........ Oh, is this attempted fraud??????????????????
  8. She probably did dismiss this employee 'wrongfully' but 7k for a part time employee for three months??? Probably OTT! All done by proscribed formula, which is the best way to handle these situations but still, 7k??? An appeal is in the offing, may reduce that amount? It is good that this system of appeal is brought to the attention of the public so that all are aware of their right to redress thru this system!!!
  9. Kopek

    New Beginning

    They could claim compensation for time held on remand or wrongful imprisonment but that would be reduced by the cost of accommodation and food costs!!! thats justice for you innocently imprisoned toerags and scumbags!!!
  10. One only has to look at the queues at the Regent St branch last year to see that there was a need for counter services. The Banks have been manipulating the Public and Businesses for years to convert/make easier the change to online and plastic. Higher charges for cash payins , free plastic use for customers while not pointing out higher prices to the consumers when businesses are able to adjust their prices to cover the extra cost banking charges. Back in the old days, it could take a day to get credit for a payment but three days for the new technology, the Banks' answer was to slow the old technology down to three days!!!! If you went in to a Bank today and asked about Bank charges, they would tell you ''there are none'' but not mention that every purchase you make contains an element of Bank charges to that business, regardless of if you pay by cash or credit/debit card, will have built into their price! Deceit yes, do the public realise they are being manipulated?, probably not!
  11. Kopek

    End of Summer

    Yeah. You remember the 2,4$ to the pound days too?
  12. Could well be right. I've never known an alcoholic Cat!!!
  13. I'm truly sorry about your Nan and that Manx Radio did not give her her true public forum! Fact is, if all political voices are not given airtime, we will be stuck with the same old same old. Watterson, '' I;m in favour '' of political reform of Tynwald but not untill I have had a go in the Ermine Robes!!!
  14. Kopek

    Ready Steady Cook

    So, what do we expect, our MHKs to come up with, some exclusive dish, never heard of before? All modern cooking is in influenced by tradition or blog tv prog social media conceptions of what is the norm, it relies littlle on cooking skills, rather that 'following' a recipe? Baked Alaska with a pureed Kipper under layer, now that would be different !!!
  15. He's a member of a political party which may, or, maynot change the face of Manx politics. His attempt at election may be a forerunner of a SWEEP of seats at the general election or abject rejection of party politics in an Island so endured to personal persona that an party persona might not overcome???
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