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  1. 😃😉 Those Call Center targets are hard! 😉
  2. '' A hotel would be my last choice of the options available ''. Even ten years ago? New fangled systems! Is Air b... any or Manx Homestay any better than 'Buy to Let'? Black economy, we all lose out in the long run!
  3. Try to get a re-booking after cooking your Manx Kippers every morning for a week!!!!
  4. Surely staying in an Air bnb is like staying at home? Well, not my home but a nice one!!! Bit like a caravan, why bother?
  5. What next? Paddle Steamers to Liverpool taking 8 hrs?
  6. So to summarise, not worth the bloody trouble for a rickerty old MER tram to run for three months a year? You may remember, years ago there were Horse n Carts running on dirt tracks? We got rid of them to embrace modern transport means!!!!!
  7. What is the point of the animosity now? We're all trying to get back to 'normality'. The last year you have been down on the measures to get us to this position? Let it go Dear.
  8. Privacy, Anonymity If you're on the internet...................................
  9. Is it so hard to wear a mask and SD. so that we can all enjoy a free for all back at work? Is it only the responsible ones who observe some kind of mitigation responsibility, rather than lets pile into the Pub because we can crowd? We've months of mitigation to get thru, why not try to make it as safe as possible for everyone, not just yourself? This mini outbreak must have been shock to the Govt? Next week, Yes, wtih more social meeting but straight away? Probably not expected ? So it's back to the drawing board for DA?
  10. It's all part of the DfE plan, flood the Prom and get a team of Seahorses to pull the Trams! Worlds first!
  11. but Teapot said you can't get your groin out there anymore?
  12. but but......... where will the 50,000 pax cruise liners park !!!!"
  13. '' I wonder what people did about driving etc..... '' Some 150,000 injured and 1800 killed on UK roads a year. So, not a lot of care about a long term, known danger?
  14. '' Stop giving the figures''????? If we are to manage our own safety during mitigation, how can we do so without figures and details?
  15. After the first lockdown last year, hospitality opened with SD. Only lasted about two weeks, then SD was lifted.
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