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  1. Clutching at straws Stu? Who has the biggest clout?
  2. Why? If they are not winning the war on drugs, would it not be better to try to control the supply and cut out the criminal element? The Police actually catch a considerable number of dealers/ suppliers so they are not without their resources, perhaps if they were to loosen off on cannabis it would give them, more time to concetrate on the heroin???
  3. The map that is frequently shown for this gas field shows a huge chunk in our waters and a little bit beyond our waters. Is that little bit actually a big bit that could be exploited from English waters rather that our own???
  4. Not if it's a pretty young thing blowing it up there!!!
  5. I believe it can be painful but hardly mortal! Depends how they rip the wax off? Really, we have our victim, he's gone, what is the point of going after VoR, he's entitled to his opinion, as are ALL the rest of us. He was quite an appologist in the covid threads but has mellowed in the meantime until now! Let us bask in the burning Longship of Ashfords departure and wait for those who will follow! Only trouble for us is that they will go quietly and not allow us publicly denounce them? Our wonderful Comin will allow them to do so!!!
  6. Allow small home growth obviously for personal use. Test to make sure they are a user. Cut out the illegal middle supplier et voila!!! Free up the Police to DNA test Dog poo, two birds one stoned?
  7. That's the problem with drugs, isn't it!!!
  8. Does Ashford have a camera on his front door??? Or did he take a hammer to it before going to the shredder??? Is there any way that this letter or rather its contents and voracity could have wider implications in view of the Tribunal comments about Ashfords behaviour? If the letter was not a true reflection of Glover, was Ashord incompetent in believing it? Did his use of the letter amount to misleading Tynwald by presenting it publicly as true especially if he didn't really believe it himself? Could it have been libelous of Glover?
  9. Kopek

    TT 2022 ??

    Amadeus, He needs to get the Three Legs off its knee though. Perhaps Dlas City could present him with a new sticker? Blessed by the Mayoress!
  10. If we could increase our population by 10,000 adults then the visiting relatives, 2 sets of parents, some grand parents and adult siblings, could raise the number by some 50k. These people are included in the visitor figures and while their spend may be less than a pure tourist, any contribution gratefully received? ( Economically active new residents hopefully)!
  11. I have some Greater Celandine in my back yard, they can have that. Invasive, spreads like wildfire so it'll be at Derby Castle in a week! Toxic too, so any little buggers who think it's fun to trample through gardens will get a bit of a shock! Serve the little buggers right!!!
  12. VoR is expressing an opinion that is probably right for North Dlas and Ashfords supporters for his performance in covid meetings but he ignores the difference in roles of an MHK and a Govt minister. I don't think it is Mob Rule, rather than a vociferous minority, given the general apathy of the Manx voter, to advance a solution that the said majority had not thought about?
  13. Gladys, I'm not sure that an organised Party would be rid of the cliches you refer to. If they played their cards rightly, they would indeed target Grannies and present a different manifesto to Somerset Road than to Willlaston ? That's the way I would tackle it? You? If they were to attain a majority or near so, would they then behave in the same way as the current Comin?
  14. ....but you don't know what the behind the scenes manipulations are so you cannot unquestionably support them, you have to vote for your favourite at the election and then hope that those who become Comin will continue to reflect your choice of them as an MHK. The closure of Comin to public scrutiny makes that hard?
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