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  1. I have my first jab next week, t gives me some reassurance to the problems that could arise. Should I deny that? Should I continue to accept the 'crowding' that I get at the mo? Old folks are the worst!!! Why is that?
  2. I should ahve said 'powers to the Governor' as well?
  3. What I would question Gladys, is that what powers have been transfered away from the original powers to other Depts, ie Health , to enable enactment of the old powers given to the AG or Comin that are now empowered within, some such, Depts or purely within Comin to enact a full Lock down? Or if the AGs dept is required to legalise the decision of Comin, is HE not available to give this legal formulatsasion? Is he on the golf course? I can't believe that a decision by Comin is not legalised in an emergancy? So, why does HQ say otherwise???? We'd like you to shut down but it's up to
  4. Back in April you were saying that masks were not of any use? Times have changed and perhaps your opinion is no longer valid?
  5. Some people who choose to write on MF or social media have a desire to present their self as a split personality, the persona that they desire to present their self as is a particular persona to the forum and their real 'opinion', is of little consequence to the subject of the forum, this eventually leads to a situation where they can no longer present their self as their original dumb persona ad infinitum but need a release to their obvious intelligence, even to salve their own intelligence, to prove to their self that they have more offer than than their chosen 'moronic' stance that they ha
  6. How do you change 'personas' so quickly? I can't even get a reply in in good time!!!!!!! Anyway, get your posts in quickly, tomorrow you're on 'ignore', as you were in the past! I would recommend the same for other serious posters on here!
  7. Pongo, I think that the originator wrote very well, it was chance for the other personas to step aside and to let loose in a different manner to their usual diatribe. Of which we are seeing now? Intelligence, verbal or written, usually means a poster has to give way , for ego purposes, to their true understanding of a situation, to allow their true intelligence to come to the fore, whether or not, they choose to 'see' the other opinion, their usual persona only allows them to oppose and thus, we lose a possible reasoned debate?
  8. .... but have not the emergency powers been transfered to , Where ever? Is the Ag not available for an instant decision? .....and been enabled to be enacted on Comin advice, perhaps with Governor signature ? Without a legal decision from the AG's dept? Is that needed, really needed? Poor JW, he has to wake up to this legal diacromity ????
  9. Sorry Terry, most of us saw it as humorous attempt lifting the the level of serious comment. Very non PC, of course but a little light relief from the serious comments, to which you have added, what?
  10. What they want to do is dependent on Comin. What I'm asking is, could they have locked down today if they, the Govt wanted to??? For what ever reason Comin decided, right or wrong? Is any delay down to legislation or the whim of Comin~?
  11. ......but could they lock down without AG drafting?
  12. Maybe the AG was off Island today and couldn't make the decision? Or, it's just Saturday!!! What is the legal position now? Emergency powers not in force now???
  13. Wednesday 17 February 2021 To today? ..........and it's not in the community?
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