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  1. He's probably thinking for £65k a year, you can call me whatever you like? Actually, this is not the time to be name calling, they and the CS/PS are doing what they can in very difficult times. As soon as this dies down then inquests can start into their performance and we can draw our own conclusions? Gen Election next year?
  2. Bit earthy. Otherwise, just like Chicken really.
  3. The same as you and I and the people who voted for him. That's democracy! He is some sort of accountant, some skills more than me!!! Farmers. Do you want to eat?
  4. They're taking bets on the coronavirus stats, 1000:1 on them going down this week! Lots of online gambling to put your 200 quid on still.
  5. No. In that case their self employed earnings could have been a filip to their main earnings, which may have remained high. Homestay, holiday lettings spring to mind.
  6. Don't grow old It seems to be saying to self-employed!
  7. I would put Allinson and Boot at the top of the Public Speaking tables, both on speech reading and off the cuff replies. It can be done! Not everyone is good at it though. Allinson was particularly relaxed, even offered to take more than the two question, good on him. Food hygiene. If a cafe or restaurant was operating before the crisis, it was safe, no need to worry about their standards now, keep on getting take aways.
  8. NSC to be used as storage for medical equipment. This possibly is what the whistleblowing Nurse had heard about? Ashford, while denying the mortuary aspect did not mention the storage, which must have been planned at that time, choosing instead to hang the nurse out to dry. Bit sneaky?
  9. We'll need 5G with all the ''Bloat Quoting'' going on here! We're draining the Internet!!!
  10. We don't know? Mr Ali9nson skirted the question to sing the praises ( rightly) of those still at work but not explain the pay situation of those 'Temporally Laid Off'. I should correct my first post which did not say temporally rather than permanently. Piebaps ref gives the circumstances where Govt workers can be paid for 2wks covid isolation, extendable, but not those eg prom workes, laid of for a longer undetermined period. With the average pay CS/PS being some 500 quid that would be more beneficial that the 200 handout?
  11. Should Paul Moultons question have been..... Are CS/PS workers who have been ''Laid Off'' being paid their normal wage by their Dept? or are they on the 200quid handout??? Quandary. Should Govt workers drain the wage replacement fund or continue to be paid directly from the GOvt???
  12. Townend. Do you think if we just stop talking about this thing it will lose interest and (you) go away? Head, Brick Wall.multiple contacts!!!
  13. It's unlikely that anyones home is completely devoid of food/drink, there will be cans/frozen and there is water in the tap!!! They can arrange for friends/family to drop off supplies on the garden path when settled back in their home to isolate for 2 wks.
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