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  1. Do any of us actually know if any pressure to resign was put upon these MLCs? Do any of us know if there are moves afoot to remove all MLCs from Dept roles as per the Lisvane recommendations? Until we know the answers it is churlish to name call the poor woman when she may be acting responsibly in taking the scrutiny role, which is the main role of Legco, seriously. Roger, the Legco sittings are just the group meeting, the scrutiny will be a back office job, perhaps with several MLCs participating and then reporting to L:egco? Bit 'Fake News' to infer they only worked for 20 mins??? It would be a far more important situation if they are forced to resign for the CMs or the Keys political reasons.
  2. The swag is usually under the settee cushions!!!
  3. The Manx Police have a ready database of local miscreants, drug dealers, drug couriers, burglars, drunk and disorderlies and so on. Any problem on their Patch,, eat your heart out Barrie S, they know were to look for the perp? Given this, their solution rate should be 98%???
  4. .......but Roger, if the liquidator found a significant number of these situations, would he not be obliged to ask the Police to investigate a possible theft or fraud??? within the company or........... does a customer continuously denying a debt until the 6 yrs have passed also commit a fraud??? Bottom line of course, is how far is the liquidator willing to take these matters!
  5. .... but if a company has issued annual statements of overdue amounts, does this then overrule the 6 yr period? Is this not bringing forward the outstanding amount? Unlikely in this case surely but as general principle??? It's probable that in this case the more than 6 yr debts are just a few? Fairplay to the liquidators, this action may well trigger some who know they have not paid their bills to do so?
  6. With regard to the cyclists, skateboarders in Strand St, it doesn't matter how many of them there are, when one is confronted by one, it is a bloody nuisance. The Police have issued a warning that Strand St is not a freeway for these vehicles, some are yet to realise this! .....but then there is the driving through Strand/Castle sts after 5 pm.not allowed, loading only, not p[icking up Taxi passengers, shop assistants finishing or a Take away from Kebab u Like!!! Why do the Police tolerate these minor infractions when a mild ticking off may prevent future transgressions?
  7. Yeah, I couldn't get grip of those heely things either Gladys. Ended up on my back under the trolley a few times? It gets more embarrassing as one gets older as people put it down to senility. Just a balance thing really?
  8. Then an import tax may be the answer to this imbalance? What do you suggest? 10%, 20%?? There are ongoing attempts by the EU and ENGLAND to tax these online giants at the point of the sale, rather than its headquarters location, presumably, the Island would get its share of this tax through the 'agreement'?
  9. Although some tax was owed, I don't think , unlike the Famous Peel Case, the taxman triggered the collapse. While one wouldn't wish harm on the feuding family, it does seem a silly reason to let the company go to the dogs? They may have reasons beyond the Raymotors debacle? What happens when the liquidators have done their job? Does the family get the property back? After legal charges and paying creditors of course. Do they have to 'buy' it back from the liqs or have they lost ownership of the site forever? If the latter, can they buy it back with the residual value of the site, effectively paying their selves for the purchase, so their loss is the charges of the liquidation???
  10. Maybe they were informed by E-Mail but Manx.Net was down?
  11. Barbary Coast is a busy restaurant, this could have similar appeal? The menu offers " Something on the Side"!!! That's up to the waitresses surely? Nothing priced.
  12. Doesn't the subsidy require a £30k salary to be offere3d? Hard to imagine a Premier Inn restaurant requiring a £30k chef?
  13. No Dilli, that is how the employment market works, how it can contribute to our economy or ooops, just didn't think of that outcome! Still the DfE wiil report the gross benefit to our economy and ignore the unforeseen losses to their figures?
  14. Although, how long before the employees in the adult entertainment sector start to out weigh the customers???
  15. \in an operation such as this and many other new start ups, our Govts concern is the wages paid and the Filip this has into our spend into the economy I would suggest that Premier |Inns will only mop up local under employment rather than bring new employees to the Island. With regard to the contributions that these employees will make to our economy, it could be that these employers will determine their shift hours to ensure that the employees will not pay NIC, in order to make the 'Take Home' Pay more worthwhile. This is a loss to the Treasury in it's hoped for return? It still remains that any new start up is to the benefit of of our our long term economy.
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