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  1. I don't think that is always the case, you can get the same item from Richer Sounds or an obscure Carlisle shop at the same price! an a lot of 'Half Price ' offers mean old technology! If you want a new fridge but are not desperate, watch Curries/ Colebouns prices, they go up and down and have ''' reduced price' stickers all over them, wait for the lowest price and don't be fooled by special price offers. Never buy an recently released piece of technology, it WILL reduce in price!
  2. It is far too late to turn back the flood of imternet sales that we have become used to but to presume that this, parcel service, is to regarded as the only reason to have a Postal Service ignores the effect on our economy of these sales. In the pre- internet sales did we go without a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner? I think not. What if all these internet sales were made locally, how much would that put into our local economy? A kitchen gadget that ends up in the cupboard under the sink, internet bargain though it was, is money wasted, wasted from our local economy As I said, it is too late now but imagine what our local economy would be like if all these internet sales had been made locally???
  3. Is the Head of Pokerstars a HNWI? Is there not an obligation of these people to recognise the concession that they have been afforded and to provide some comfort to their employees in return for their own privileged position in our generous tax system? Ten employees!!! Half a million quid! As if they couldn't absorb that out of their immoral earnings?
  4. Ah, but if you send your cheque to the Tax Office on a Friday, you'll get an extra three day interest on the value! So that's .25% interest...............Oh! Actually, five days delivery seems Ok, not a lot comes via the mail these days but the saving will, of course, be at the expense of the workers? Is that fair? Will they be grateful for an extra day off and to hell with the money? What would most of us think about a day off without pay?
  5. Kopek

    Rob Callister

    Cheese on Toast??? You are far behind the Archers a la mode, it's Croque Monsieur now if you do't mind!
  6. Kopek

    Rob Callister

    Is it as gripping as the Archers?
  7. Kopek

    Rob Callister

    No he isn't, I've never read his 'Blog'. ( truth is, I'm not sure what a Blog is ? ).
  8. No No, we need the 'stopovers' for our population expansion, it's just that they need to be less sensitive to the term 'comeover' till they have been here ten years and then we will accept them as one of us!!! There still seems to be an attitude amongst English immigrants that they are, somehow, helping us? Yeah! Keep paying your taxes Eejits, that's all we want you for!!!
  9. I wonder if we are leaving ourselves open to prosecution for racial discrimination with these terms? Not so long ago, someone was prosecuted for calling a policeman a 'Taffy''!!!
  10. I used it last week to explain the old perception of the population of Ramsey to a Polish person.! My preferred term lately is ''' English Heathens '''. Bonnag for Lunch! English heathens, whatever next?
  11. but but but...if the cruisers spend their ten quid in Ramsey, they won't then spend it in the Museums and castles!!! Can't have that, can we?
  12. VW. What is ''ridiculous'', their mileage/emissions claims???
  13. Will House insurance cover trailing wires ging across the pavement to a street parked car, IE. outside the house boundaries, should there be a tripping accident???
  14. Wooley. Will the Saudis blackmail the West to slow down electric?
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