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  1. Rang Hailwood for a phone consultation, thought this was the way they preferred, after the usual taciturn Receptionist interaction, got the appointment, about a week I think, 20 mins late but got my phone consultation, got some anti-inflamatories, it was only sciatica for chrissakes, only to be told it would require an actual appointment to be sure??? Legal covering??? Receptionists? Now there's a story!!!
  2. Incidentally, a recipient on the R4 prog this morn didn't know which she had had but presumed that she had had the vaccine? Why? Shows the advantage of 'Blind Testing'.????
  3. *** NOT*** knowing...................
  4. You Doctors will believe anything! Some characters never die!!!
  5. Hardly surprising? The cost hasn't reached 50 mil yet!!! Under Phil Gawne these projects always came in under estimate!!!
  6. Nice photo of 'posing politicians' but what about the guys who built it??? Happens too often, no acknowledgement of the 'coal face people'!!!
  7. I dont think that Stinky is Buster tho, you never be sure on here!!!
  8. Radio 4. ''How to vaccinate the World''. Todays (2) added some more info but not the definate answer. Podcast avail. Some worry for pregnant Women, side effects not known.
  9. Dear, there is more to getting a Good Man as your Husband than biscuits? Have you tried a good winter warming stew, a Bonnag or a Queenies and potatoes Estoufade? A good Man will soon turn you from your scientific nonsense to a Good Wife, to serve your Husband as his requirements. please stop this argumentative nonsenese and accept a life of servitude to a good man who will tolerate your quirks!
  10. Do you mean those who can pay, should pay? Or those who can pay after those who are vulneranbe and cannot pay should get it?
  11. After posts and posts supporting the Govt stance on this matter, you have a go at MRs Quayle !!! Have you not heard about the power of Carrie Symonds? What is the dole paying these days ???
  12. There seems to have been some redaction on MR? The Moulton interview will not 'play' and the link to the reading out has disappeared? I seem to remember that, at the reading out, Ashford ze la Douche, said that he had sought permission to read it out??? So he must have had a name to contact? If an employee of the DHSC writes to the Minister of that Dept and the Minister reads it out, then it no longer a ''Private'' letter, it is political property and should be kept for posterity or 21 years as appropriate??? The only saving grace for David may come in the campaigning next year
  13. Well, that explains why they never get back to you???
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