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  1. Kopek


    I believe that Daphne C is going to float the delegates across on her back while they use those extra wide Manx Tartan Lapels as paddles??? Those lapels, along with wearing that Red outfit while showing her face have to be her 'faux pas' in publicity seeking? Where's your pride Woman?
  2. Is this snake oil stuff any good for Dry Itchy Ear? Where do I get it? ( Apart from in my ears, that is.)!
  3. Kopek

    Legco 2021

    Well he could go to the DoI and lean on a shovel!!!
  4. Kopek

    Legco 2021

    Legco should not be for defeated or retiring MHKs looking for an easier life?
  5. Kopek

    Legco 2021

    You seem to be a fan? Actually I quite like him and his performance in the Keys. You suggest that what he is asking for is a similar job, nearly as much pay but with a reduced workload?
  6. Manx Gas say that there isn't an alternative to price rises but many English companies have closed down!!! That would seem to be an alternative? Administrators in, run the company till a buyer is found, Govt or private. Wouldn't cut the price of gas bhut it is an alternative?
  7. Kopek

    Legco 2021

    If he did not stand again for 'Family Reasons', how can he suddenly perform the role of an MLC???
  8. It's all crap isn't it? Only the drop down news content has any relevance and that can be selective?
  9. I;ve no reason to know that Ashford willl be a puppet for Cannan in the treasury but it certainly seems that way! Still, we can always wait to find out as things unwind. At least our NI contributions are capped by following the English levels, Doh! Forgot about Sunak!!!!
  10. It's not a question of his past experience but rather that that experience should elevate him into the role a as Minister. It is a fresh House, it should be for that House to decide the progress for the future?
  11. That would be churlish, if the neighbours want o use the commercial bin to get rid of their rubbish, isn' that good for the ecology/ recycling???
  12. This may be interesting, with half a House of new enterants and some old favourites will Cannan favour the newbies and their modernising ways or stick to the old favourites??? Even Crookall, once rejected and now forgiven, do'es that make him a 'shoe in' ? or does he he need a term to prove hissself to the voters? I think we may find that he does not!!!
  13. ,,,,, but what about the the 'Attendance Fee' to empty 2 x 10 liter bags from a 700 ltr bin?, are the binmen supposed to decide to look in every bin before they empty it? Can they leave it another week? Suddenly bin emptying is not so 'Simples'? Max, a lot of the bin abuse is down to you, me, we, too much Amazon packaging, too much food waste overtopping the bin, untill 'We' tackle the waste that we produce, there is not much chance of the the Back Lanes being free of overspilling bins, dumped matresses and washing machines!!! I don't think that this is down to Douglas Corp??? It is society!
  14. Five years to go for his performance during Covid to be forgotten? Also, Cannan my want a second term?
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