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  1. Milk or powdered milk.
  2. Kopek

    Cafe Lingo

    No dear, it's Sherry not Cherry! Now repeat, "A small Sherry please".
  3. Kopek

    Equality Law - The "Gay Cake" Issue

    What about the Daily Mails printers???
  4. Kopek

    Equality Law - The "Gay Cake" Issue

    LL. it is naiive to think that they would not have printed this message on a cake for a heterosexual couple because such would not have asked for this slogan?? I agree the High Court ruling is correct in that it interprets the slogan to be unacceptable rather than the refusal is an affront to the couple requesting it but the bakers state that they are \Christian' and that makes the difference here, it gives the hint that t6hey are acting on their own personal prejudices of being anti gay than that it is just a general objection to silly slogans on cakes of any sort. It may have been an astute defense to this particular case but it does open up a possible defense to other bigoted cases where they can defend their selves on the grounds of they are objecting to the actual wording rather than their bias towards the people involved.
  5. Kopek

    Equality Law - The "Gay Cake" Issue

    I think it is a case of nuance and interpretation. For your wedding cake, do you really want a political/gay rights statement on it? Does that denigrate the reason for a wedding cake? Or the ceremony of a wedding itself? Were I to refuse to produce Kosher Lamb for a party, would that mean I am ' anti semitic'? or just anti cruel Animal killing? The bakers claim that thgey are a ' Christian Bakers', that alone makes a difference to this, it could be argued that they are not reacting to the slogan but to the basic message of that slogan ( pro gay rights), would they refuse a 'heterosexual non marriage' slogan? Probably not? My opinion is that this is an obvious case of gender bias but that their legal team have picked out6 a literal interpretation of the wording on the cake as opposed to the underlying message of the slogan? But again, what a silly message to put on your wedding cake?????
  6. Kopek

    Cycling news

    I only use Peel Road in the evenings but I have never ever seen a cyclist on this road using the cycle lane! Perhaps 9 to 5ers will have come accross more? We need to be told just how this 4mil quid will be spent, is it x mil on consultants and the rest on carrying out the work recommended? 4 mil quid, that's 20,000 walking machines or Gym memberships!!!
  7. Kopek

    The mayhem is to commence anytime now

    ...but should they be made to pay off any debts from the Jarvis co. from this contract?
  8. Kopek

    Trouble at Okells

    Perhaps a consequence of the overheads involved in running 30 or so pubs as opposed to one freehouse where the landlord may be happy with say, 20k and his living expenses and roof, possibly renting out his own house, taking holidays whenever he likes and generally having an easy life??? Sure there will be winter weeks when he wonders how this is going to work out, then, come the good weeks, all is wonderful again? Then there is the profit from the food going to the landlord not the brewery and the choice of beers/ booze to have on tap? OOOH, think I might look for a freehouse!!!
  9. Kopek

    Trouble at Okells

    Yes, of course it is!............ and if only these selfish pub workers would agree to work for nothing, it could be in pubs!!!!
  10. Kopek

    Trouble at Okells

    They stopped his free beer?
  11. Kopek

    'Not Suspicious'

    It is sad. He was a great teacher, much liked by my son and other students. I liked the interchange between him and his students, unusually helpful. Sad whatever the circumstances.
  12. Kopek

    Trouble at Okells

    Yes, I'm sure there is. Maybe a new brewer brought in over his head and he got the hump? I can't remember him saying that has gone to pot since he left.
  13. Kopek

    Trouble at Okells

    Surely, from early reports, he left because it had already gone to shit through management changes??? That smacks of a principled decision to me.
  14. Kopek

    Red Cross lose contract for patient transfer

    It's a big sharp steel axe, youi're a china teapot. Shuuussssss!
  15. Kopek

    Red Cross lose contract for patient transfer

    Thanks Bazza. It does seem that there has been some manipulation of the 'system'. You must have an MHK on your side who can ask the question for you..... " when purchasing these buses, did BV envisage this service? " did they purchase and then realise the under utilisation and then seek to find 'extra' services to justify the purchase?