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  1. There are two ways to produce a breakfast, one, you pre cook everything and just warm it up, microwave it, to serve, or,, you can produce everything, prime cooked to order, this has to allow the Chef time to do all the ingredients required for the 'Full' etc. Their time in producing to order has to be paid for, hence the price! Even in the pre prepared case, there are the extra staff required to serve an unusual amount of customers in a very short period of time, would you travel to the sound to do a hour for ten quid? You can do at home, what we can do,for a third of the cost!!! If you are not prepared to do it for your selfs, you have to pay our prices !
  2. More than their pensions. Balancing the Treasuries figures.
  3. The trouble is, we, the public don't know the value of Longworths contribution. It needs an MHK to ask the appropriate question in the house to get truthful answers. Up to it Rob? Trouble is, Longworths CS will respond to any questions!!!
  4. What happened to the promise NOT to put sewerage charges , back in PKs days at Water, on the rates??? I guess, 'Times have changed'??? Still, it is breaking of a promise from the Govt, just one of many! How long before we don't believe a word you and your colleagues say? The Toilet tax shifts liability from central taxation to householders. That is the thin end, what will be the thick end???
  5. Whena few years ago there were many good cassette players, Yamaha etc, available at the tip, it rather indicates that people were 'dumping' this outmoded media . Who will have this outmoded media to listen to the new upcoming bands?? yes, I will have a selection of players but will \i listen to new bands? Or just the old cassettes that I have? I fear the latter.
  6. Does anyone other than UTube get paid for the plays they provide?
  7. Christ, it's only kicking a ball between two sticks!!! You train the forwards, you train the defenders, it cancels out surely??? Next they'll be saying Three Legs are unfair advantage!!!
  8. Perhaps to find and identify a guilty party? To ensure the public that the person who made the mistake has been identified and dealt with appropriately, fired, demoted or for an MHK, removed from all Depts and financially punished till the next election?
  9. Minister Skelly???? Like all IoMan citizens, Mr Skelly is, no better, no worse than the rest of us! What you call him in his office is of little consequence to rest of the population who are in fact, your employers. It is particularly galling to see a person elected to the Govt. and then, the first thing that they do, is to elevate their selves above the electorate! First you give yourselves a title, Chis Thomas MHK,, this is before you have proved yourselves in your performance of that office. Then you are referred to as, Honourable or worse, Right Honourable! We will decide whether you are honourable and right. Possibly at the next election? You are there to represent the People, you are, if you wish to create a hierarchy, the bottom, We would be the top and you, our servants! Skelly or Mr Skelly would suffice. In journalism, first referring to someone by first and surname and thereafter by surname is the normal? OK Thomas?
  10. Do all clubs have to pay the travel costs of the away team? Or is it just because of the Boat/Plane cost? Being selfish about this, there could be a small economic advantage for us from following fans? Perhaps not if in Div 4 but the higher leagues, maybe a 1000 or so?
  11. He wasn't mocking Schizophrenia. He was mocking the two of you!
  12. With a Zeppelin dock as well? I've read about half the report and feel quite positive, ( about my IQ for understanding it!!! ). Nothing about a business case so far. Apparently may need two Tugs to help them berth, especially above Force 4 !
  13. MT statement, "This is an internal matter which is considered closed by all parties and no further statement or comment will be made on this matter." So, let the speculation begin!!! Spend more time with is family? Borrowed some paper clips? He's been a very naughty boy? He's a Huawei fan?
  14. Why was Economic Affairs taken into the Cabinet Office? Is it totally independent from all the other "Depts" in the Cab office? How can you assure 40,000 cynics that it is not leant on by the other interests? PS. I don't believe you!
  15. .......but isn't it nice that they did!
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