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  1. In a Govt structure where denial is the first response to anything going wrong, how can MHKs hold Longworth to account for his spectacular aversion to responsibility in his cases where he is the person at the top of the ladder! Time to be rid of him at a term end without come back of compensation and before he can trigger a golden handshake? While he can point to his successes, there are too many problems that have led to those pluses that that are an overall negative or so i would seem to an interested observer. Bullying, inveigling his dept's importance to the DfEs Tourist dept is an oft reported occurrence . Is it time that the MHKs involved in these Depts were to evaluate his actual contribution? That he can happily deny responsibility for a major ' mishap' mean that the MHKs who would similarly deny responsibility for their own mistakes, impotent to act in his case'???
  2. Kopek

    Bell (end) charged

    That's a good point, should a drink driver be covered, perhaps by third party cover, ( perhaps they are? ), so that there is cover available for those injured and in need of urgent or ongoing care resulting from those injuries? It would simply be a matter of a law to allow the insurance to continue rather than let the insurance companies shirk their responsibilities.
  3. ....but it did come in on time!!!
  4. We are were we are Dilli. I'd stop the races tomorrow if it were my choice. Let our Govt spend 5 years profit on safety measures, if that doesn't work, stop them! Our Govt claim 3-5 mil profit a year, one of the smaller English circuits spent £ 500,000 on one corner recently!!!
  5. Kopek

    Bell (end) charged

    It has nothing to do with the Islands image, or the legal fact that this is required. Not having insurance means that immediate compensation for injuries is not available to someone who has, perhaps, been confined to a wheelchair, needing home conversion to facilitate to cope with this. Ten pounds a week, by Court order, on a non insured driver is not going to get the work done!!!
  6. So it'll be a doner kebab with a drizzle of minted yoghurt and red amaranth with three sticks of chive strategically placed on top??? Not really being fair, it does look from the write up that they may be a cut above the usual burger n chips, Good luck to them but could it have been done truly local? Probably! Maybe it's down to price, something we tax payers cannot argue with if they are employing local? Might have look at their recruitment site!!!
  7. There there Dear. Wipe the spit off your chin and have a nice cup of tea. Corrie's on soon.
  8. Kopek

    Bell (end) charged

    If he's a cartoonist, you'd think h could have done a more passable forgery of a tax disc??? Probably get lots of job offers in clink though!
  9. Kopek

    Man sentenced for fake gun

    What about the use of Common Sense in interpretation of each Law, an old fashioned notion but on the Island, it's unlikely that the person rushing for the Steam Train is carrying a bomb, then good old common sense could avert a tragedy? It is illegal to park on Double Yellows but if the driver emerges from the Chemists with a bundle of prescription drugs, do you still book him? In this particular case, why did the policeman approach the car in the first place, because they 'thought' he may be armed? or because they recognised the driver as a perp and thought that there may be something in it for their arrest/ investigation record that may be in their favour? Yes, a fake gun may be as illegal as a real gun but in this case, really?
  10. Kopek

    Doing It On Your Doorstep

    A skeet at what? Their catalogue! What a swizz, nothing to browse. Anyway, I took one of their catalogues, take that you buggers now you'll have to print another one and I didn't buy anything!!! Only problem is, along with the WDS/Nesbitts cat. the print is so small I can't read the bloody things!!!
  11. Kopek

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    I can't disagree with you regards transparency but here are times to say who and times not to say so. Look at the Peter Karran case where his 'dvisors' were all but named in the Keys, solely for the purpose of disparaging them solely by their association with PK. What did happen to them??? There are many forums on MF where it is advised that it is career ending to be too public. If a builder wants to remain on the Govts favoured list, better to keep your nose clean? These 'backroom' advisors can serve a purpose of informing an MHK but perhaps best,not to be too public about their involvement???
  12. Kopek

    Doing It On Your Doorstep

    Wow, that's a bit prophetic and ( an answer to your Vodka intake critics ). I hope that progress, generation to generation will continue, with some reservations regards noses stuck in mobile 'phones, for the sake of our KIds. It has got to get better? I see lots of young Mothers more interested in Snap Chat than in their Kids, I wonder what their Kids will be like when they have Kids of their own???
  13. Kopek

    Doing It On Your Doorstep

    Nostalgia! What a curse!!!
  14. Kopek

    Manx Sport is Golden

    How very dare you suggest that Midgets should be used to 'Roll ' out the playing field!!!! What would Wimbleton look like with 1 meter stripes!!!
  15. Kopek

    Manx Sport is Golden

    .....and when Poo Sticks become an Olympic Sport, which they probably will, it will be played on an even field by all participants.