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  1. One has to remember that until the last election, Boot and Perkins were part of the Govty they are now complaining about. One can also presume that they would have supported the Govt action in their time there?
  2. Just like the rest of Douglas? The @elderly' part will have underground/1st floor parking with two lifts to serve the apartments, whether it's 45 spaces is not stated. All areas will have visitors so not any different to any area Island wide??? Parking will certainly become a problem, no one will want to pay for 'off street' parking, so there will be a lot of disc time changing for those at home and pain for those who have walked to work. Hillside, Desmaine and Allen sts will be choked!!! This is not any different to the rest of Douglas? Perhaps the School, Nobles car parks could be available for overnight parking? Off by 8am? More positivity please.
  3. Go in at 6.45pm and haggle for 2 hours! Seems to work?
  4. Stay out of 'our' City then!!!! Get back to your own district and do your weekly shop in the Andreas corner shop!!! It's probably you 'out of towners' that cause the long queues in 'our' Tesco? Should be higher prices for you lot! You come into our City with your mud covered Lada doing 18mph everywhere running over cyclists because you've never seen a lycra covered bum before! 50k people from Dlas and 'suburbs' contribute to Dlas rates, shopping, commuting to work and seeking entertainment, we don't need you Govvags? Get back to your own district!!! Tongue in cheek? Maybe?
  5. Great idea, get fewer people to do the work of 5 or so! Even private industry would benefit from that??? You volunteering? If all LA's employ, say, 1000 people, bringing all their services under one Dept would not mean that 200 could replace them! Douglas seems to need twice that number. If Central Govt took on that role it is highly likely that the numbers would increase along with wage bill? Because that's what Govts do.
  6. A very good presentation which you wouldn't get from a private development ? Most of the 30k sq ft of commercial is in the Crookall office building, the retail units are small and aimed at eg. Hairdressers and not catering units. Generally, I think it is a good development, it's hoped/known that DBC will take on the 45 'Elderly' units to release other housing stock. It looks like it could be a nice little community? Parking will become a problem but then parking is a problem on every estate? ( and Town streets!!!). I ticked positively for all but the 'Cycle Paths' question!!!
  7. In sport, the third placed finisher is still awarded a Bronze medal!
  8. Selfish parking. That's about 80% of drivers? Leaving too big a gap so that they can drive straight out deprives others of a space! That's a £60 fine from the Grammar Police for you Son!!!
  9. While it would be easy to suspect that a Drag Artiste is harbouring gender identity crisis, otherwise, if you want to sing, why not just sing in your usual clothes??? However, this would ignore the large number of Men who are only too willing to don bras, TuTus and fishnets for a charity run, carnival or stag night? It's just Fun? Isn't it?
  10. The Guild is bad for retail business! All those Grannies going to watch 'their Little Darlings' instead of lunching with their usual friends, who don't go out either. So that's a min of 4 not retailing for a week!!! Ban it!
  11. Kopek

    Firm closing

    Sub titled Firms Opening?
  12. Try DakhaBrakha, the guy in in uniform and has a very high voice, ticks all the boxes???
  13. You use the Butchers in Willaston? Is this to see how 'The Other Half' live?
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