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  1. I’m slightly confused by most of the comments and the direction this forum is taking, this was a ‘competition’ by a major, if not THE major motor cycle magazine in the UK, they decided that the Sound was a worthy contender and they themselves nominated them, it had nothing to do with the Sound. How many of the contributors to this forum are bikers and have actually been to the Sound over TT week ? The area is full of very happy bikers who make the Sound their destination of choice. Bikers like to go to somewhere where they can meet likeminded people, relax, talk bikes and generally enjoy what the Island has to offer. Yes you can get cheaper, bigger, better value breakfasts at other venues on the Island but that’s not the objective of this competition. Last points - I don’t think the cafe ‘adjust’ their prices or level of service for TT week and I should imagine that the rent they pay is considerably more than other locations mentioned in this forum.
  2. Just a starter: if the proposed new customs border is agreed could this be a boost or pain for the Island !
  3. I’m still owed £17,000 from flight support, who were tied in to Euromanx. I’m not holding my breath !
  4. Supamanx

    Home Stay

    Is it still 1 April ?
  5. Is this the security as in baggage checks etc ? If so I thought that was already ‘private ‘ ?
  6. Supamanx

    Police Cars

    Because it’s too cold !
  7. Supamanx

    Police Cars

    After all the ‘publicity ‘ over the speed limit on Richmond Hill anyone who gets done for speeding there deserves all they get , I always get a queue behind me as i set my car to 30 when I get to the limit , I can see it annoys some people but tough, I’m not getting done to pacify them ! Just to clarify I’m not some old bugger who deliberately drives slow to annoy people, I enjoy driving and am a confirmed petrol head, my car is a V8 and gets driven as it should where possible, but as I said above it’s been well publicised that the police will be on Richmond Hill
  8. Yes, but I didn’t have 4 o levels !
  9. I left school at 14, worked in an accountants office until I got bored and joined the RAF at 19, I served 22 years and reached a high level as a senior nco, when I retired and returned to the Island there was a job advertised in the tourist board, the post required 4 ‘o’ levels, despite my service history and being Manx born I wasn’t considered as I only had 2 O levels ! The rank I attained required more than any O levels but the rules said 4 O levels.
  10. Budgets need to be spent ! In my previous RAF life I was involved in producing many budgets, any areas that didn’t spend the current years allowance would Suddenly NEED new cars or equipment before the year end. The most memorable one was in Saudi, where 2 new Range Rovers, a Rover SD1 and a Daimler XJ12 !! Were needed before the year end, the reasoning was to fly the flag ! Ironic that both the Daimler and Rover blew up within 3 months, but at least they matched the budget !
  11. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but a speed limit was put on Ballamodha following a couple of fatal accidents, I seem to remember that in addition to driving too fast for their ability, both times the driver hadn’t passed their test and obviously weren’t insured, they also happened at night time. I’m currently teaching two of my grandchildren to drive, in addition to them having ‘proper’ lessons, they are progressing very well and I’m quite confident and relaxed when out with them, I’m teaching them to actually drive and not just pass their test ! They go to an official instructor to help pass their test, mostly in a limited speed area on certain routes. I do think that there should be additional experience once they have passed their test as going from a controlled environment to being on their own, or with ‘mates’ they are obviously going to try things and learn by their mistakes, sometimes with disastrous results. The fact that they officially can’t go over 50 will in most cases be ignored, how many times have you been overtaken by a car with R plates ? My father taught me to drive, he was a bus driver and also ingrained in me to expect the unexpected and what to do if something did happen and how to avoid it. A few hours at Jurby being taught car control and basic maintenance knowledge should be instigated. i’m a long in the tooth petrol head pensioner and drive ‘stupid’ gas guzzling old cars, I stick to speed limits but also enjoy driving to my ability when there are no limits, driving should be fun but within your ability - when I passed my test my first target was to see how fast my car went - it was an 803 cc Morris Minor so I reached 40 mph downhill with the wind behind me ! Unless things have changed with time I should imagine most young people today have a similar aim when they get their license ? The problem is their first cars are rocket propelled in comparison with my moggy and they don’t know what to do when they lose control. Most speed accidents occur in the dark when nobody is watching, are any tests taken at night time ? My final comment is that education is more important than speed limits !
  12. Supamanx

    Old age

    I would be interested if any 'experts' out there can advise me please i'll try and put the full picture : My Father is a month short of 90 He owns a bungalow in Friary Park He has dementia we moved him into sheltered accom 3 years ago when the dementia started getting worse, 3 months ago he had a fall and spent a week in hospital, followed by a couple of weeks respite in Southlands His condition had worsened so that he could no longer look after himself so he was assessed and moved into a residential home in Douglas (Which advertise as being a residential home capable of looking after Dementia patients) as there were no vacancies in Southlands - (Strange that they now have sufficient space to have a respite wing !) Approx a month ago he started behaving angrily in the evenings and I was warned that they may have to release him as he was upsetting other residents, throwing things etc. I asked could he have a urinary infection as was told no - we have checked that - 2 days later his GP diagnosed a major urinary infection ! From that point on I had the feeling that he was no longer wanted there as was causing work ! Dad had become public enemy number 1 ! Last Friday he had a fall at the home and was moved to A&E - then eventually on to ward 1. A couple of days ago a manager from the home reassessed him and they are unable to take him back ! So since last Friday Dad has been in ward 1 and the staff have been amazing with him, he has daily outbursts which they are unable to handle, which isn't their fault as they are general nursing staff - Dad has a mental (Dementia) problem. Finally social services have made contact with us and the first comment was " Is he privately funded ? " This is where I would appreciate some guidance please : We had to pay for his respite, we also paid £565 a week for the residential home, now, if he is moved into a 'Care Home' his fees are going to be roughly £900 a week. Why should he pay the extra £335 a week as he is moving because he has an illness His bungalow is currently rented to cover the current costs, however it may now have to be sold as the difference will eat into his 'savings' a lot quicker than we budgeted, his Bungalow was one of the Friary Park properties that were recently written down due to the build, so even more of his savings have been eaten away, I should imagine there will be a stigma with those properties for a while yet, so what happens if his savings run out, and the property can't be sold at a proper price ? Any advice would be welcome - Thanks
  13. Supamanx

    Old age

    I have recently posted an item on Facebook - Manx Voices informed choices - basically regarding my Father and a problem with his dementia, I would appreciate your comments please
  14. The problem is that when Dad was my age and if he could see what's happening to hm now he wouldn't have wanted this, but with Dementia he hasn't a clue which is a blessing I suppose
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