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  1. Would you not also need a UK address and be registered with a UK doctor when applying for anything but emergency care? If not you will need an EHIC that can only be issued to residents of the EU and a couple of other countries? From what I've seen the whole thing isn't simply the UK closing yet another drain on resources but instead it's being driven by the EU and so it's highly unlikely that the UK could do anything even if the UK government wanted to.
  2. If my Grandmother had testicles she would be my Grandfather.
  3. The eternal if. Never mind what Kipling wrote about the word, we put it more appropriately for this situation. ""Az di bobe volt gehat beytsim volt zi geven mayn zeyde!
  4. I tell you this, my little bubbellah, I may not know everything about everything but I know a damm sight more about this subject than you EVER will.
  5. There remains no proof that what took place was a Mossad operation, only conjecture and circumstantial evidence, and a very great deal of circumstantial evidence that it was not. Many others wanted that thing dead. Did it ever occour to you that the most effective Mossad operations are the ones that are never even considered as being hits, let alone hits undertaken by Mossad, or that Mossad is the only QANGO that “”takes out the trash? You comment on things that you don’t have the first idea about.
  6. Its because we’re a whole lot more careful to keep our families out of the conflict and line of fire. We don’t have our IDF members hiding and operating behind civilians, many of whom see their being used as shields as maretyrdom a thing much to be desired by them, and we don’t use our kids as a means of inciting action. A kid with a stone can do a lot of damage to a soldier, and also lets be careful about the casual use of the world child. A person of twelve or thirteen is just as capable of firing an RPG as a man of twenty and when there’s a riot we don’t have time to check on ages of those engaging us or where the snipers are situated waiting for our forces to be enticed into by the so called civilians. It’s a similar story with civilian deaths. We build shelters for our civilians, we don’t use our civilians as shelters. There is disproportionate use of weapons, those weapons are not heavy weapons which are used in campaigns to push back on creeping terrorism or to eliminate the terrorist planners and leaders, the disproportionate use of weapons is when civilians and kids are used as weapons. It’s us who are outgunned in this conflict, we simply don’t have a population our leaders can use as consumables nor do we have the propensity to use lies or have the sympathy of the liberal left many of whom hate the US and wrongly see us as the US in the Middle East. That we are not. The United Nations is no longer the institution it once was. It has become a corrupt vote exchange where nations sell and buy votes in order to obtain their own wants. The Whaling commission is a fine example of where Japan used its financial muscle to get votes against the moratorium on whaling. In the same way so nations that are opposed it Israel use their influence and the recent Goldstone report shows this perfectly. http://www.goldstonereport.org/ is worth reading. It tells a sorry story of what happens when what was a fine ideal gets trodden into the ground by the influence and oil and religion hegemony by parties who oppose the western nations in general and Israel in particular. The problems with the report are huge and attempts have been made to cover them up even down to this http://blog.unwatch.org/index.php/2010/05/10/goldstone-altered-un-letterhead-to-hide-reports-tainted-origins/ If people are interested, really interested in gaining a meaningful and balanced insight into what is taking place in the world with regard to Israel, and it is not a five minute thing to do, the mass of information contained on the http://www.goldstonereport.org/ site is probably a very good start, especially following the references out shown in the left hand column. The UN is no longer a good source for anything. It has not been for a number of years. How much more should we be doing for a place that has elected a government that is dedicated to our destruction? By dogmatism I suppose you mean staying alive and not allowing our homeland to be taken from us AGAIN. It is when what’s being criticised is what is being done to protect us and our homeland, done legally, done within the Geneva protocols in spite of what is being claimed and involves a massive amount of humanitarian aid and support. People wrongly see the Gaza strip as some form of internment which it isn’t but even if it were the solution for those who feel such to be so is simple. Stop doing the crime and you’ll stop doing the time.
  7. To hell with the international press and if the family of the Cumberland taxi driver had been aiding and abetting him as is so often the case with HOMICIDE bombers that is the very least that they should do.
  8. Well don't just leave it at that, at least give some examples. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2007/may/31/highereducation.israel http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1554374/Anti-Semitism-at-worst-level-since-1936.html http://www.crethiplethi.com/militant-anti-israeli-campaign-being-waged-on-british-campuses/israel/gaza-and-westbank/2010/ http://www.aish.com/jw/mo/48941931.html Then how about the Roman Catholic church and it’s readmission of that os Richard Williamson who rants on about the proven rubbish Protocols of the Elders of Zion is actually genuine. Reason enough for him to be committed and more than reason enough for him to be kicked out of the RC again except that so many of the RC priesthood hate us with a passion. Even this sort of thing that people want to believe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRYm5YtaCQo&feature=player_embedded#! If this is genuine then it would explain a great deal about many things There is so very very much. Not only the obvious right wing neo-Nazi groups and their sites but the History Revisionists and the nonsense they push but also the BBC with their dreadfully anti-Israeli reporting shown up in the Balen report that was so monumentally critical of the BBC that it has been kept from public view even though the bBC spent £200,000 of licence payers money to do so. Once again that you even need to ask for examples clearly shows how very little you know about the thing you condemn so repeatedly.
  9. Grandparents one Polish, one German, one Russian, and one pre 1948 Israeli. but Pandre is Yiddish. Because so much of Yiddish is derived from Polish it's no surprise its so close. In ay case my message board name is my nick-name and its origin is as explained earlier. My given name is Chaya.
  10. Arabic is more than a language, it is a way of thinking. Take the words “”occupied territories for example. Where are they? What are their projected borders? Ask an Arab and he will say that because Israel is not recognised as being a legitimate soverign state by him all of the Palestinian Mandate territories other than Jordan are “”occupied yet the non Arab will not realise this is the case and so be more inclined to be sympathetic to the Arabs claim thinking it those lands beyond the 1948 borders. Look also to the conventions of warfare and how land taken in conflict can be distributed in such a way that the nation that previously claimed them as their own looses them and they become territories in their own right, that is how Poland as we know it today was expanded and the same with Belgium and Czechoslovakia, later to split along ethnic divide, to name but a few. Are those nations occupying territories? Germany thought so in the case of the Sudetenland, maybe if people think a bit they’ll see that it’s not us who should be being labeled Nazis. A Palestiunian state was created by Britain when it illegally granted independence to Trans-Jordan and so created Jordan. That illegal divison of the Palestine Mandate lands should have seen all of the remainder becoming the Jewish Homeland State even though it was the poorest part of the whole area. We have a very good claim based on what Britain did to claim that ALL of the land now inhabited by the present “”Palestinians is occupied but occupied by them and we are only claiming back what rightfully and legally is ours in the first place. It would have been ours if we as a nation had stood our ground in May of 1948 but we did not, we chose to surrender what rightfully was ours in order to avhieve peace. Even that was not enough for the Arabs partly because Britain had played using both sides of the deck by promising the Arabs all of the Palestine Mandated lands in return for help in the first world war in bringing down the Ottoman Empire and at the same time Britain also promised the delivery of the same land to become the Jewish Homeland to get the American Jews, many of whom were German or supportive of Germany, to support American involvement in both wars. Britain has a great deal to answer for, there are many unanswered questions about how much Bletchly Park knew about the attack on Pearl Harbour before the event and over the validity of the Zimmerman Telegram. There is so very much that is behind our actions, so many attempts to reach peace, so much that people simply don’t know and so much inbuit hatred of even the word Jew that causes so much prejudice and blind bigotry that stops people asking why ARE these people doing what they do, what is their claim, and are they really the opressors. There’s even the fools who think it’s all about religion. It isn’t. It’s about nationality. You don’t need to be religious to be a Jew and you don’t need to be a Jew to be an Israeli.
  11. Very few things are banned, even building materials are not banned but instead strictly controlled to prevent, or at least minimise the construction of hardened bunkers and storage facilities for the making and storing of armaments. Wheelchairs are also not banned but are as with all metallic tubular goods, controlled and for the very same reason. If a person in Gaza is crippled and needs a wheelchair there are perfectly reasonable means of them getting one though a replacement for one that is worn out must be that, a replacement. Same with some musical instruments. It’s the metal tubing. The rest can be and is shipped in via the Israeli Gaza border crossing. But consider this. How many countries allow goods and services including utilities into another country or territory that has declared war on them? I think what Israel wants is to see an end to the war that Hammas is waging from Gaza and because Hammas can not do other than wage war the removal of Hammas at least as the governing body. I also think that the vast majority of Israeli people want to see life return to normal for the people of Gaza who just want to live their lives as neighbours with Israel. That is nonsense. Where is the profit in that? What would it buy us?
  12. OK. But you're definitely not the same person ? Like Norman and Bates and his mother. Are you sure ? Ah Rog, despite many, many tutorials, you still cannot spell this little word correctly. Fof your information and to expand your limited knowledge about Judaism we never use the name of G-d or even spell out the word. Even in prayer we use the word Adonai which is Hebrew for Lord so referring to Him as what he is to us rather than what he is. From that when we wish to use a mildly rude word to emphasise a thing we even avoid any word with any connotations with or to The Lord. Do you know where the word profanity comes from? Maybe even that knowledge would be of some help to your stulted intellect in following this. You see to spell damm in what you think is the correct way is to use an abbreviated form of an expression embodying a construct that includes the full form of the word G-d. For that reason we do not spell the words in the same manner as Goyim as we do not want to relate what we are saying to any relationship with G-d. We prefer to keep such things in the real meaning of profanity. My husband isn’t anywhere near as frum as I am but even he observes the niceties out of respect if nothing else. Maybe if you knew a little more about what you kvetch about so much you might kvetch a little less.
  13. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100605/wl_mideast_afp/egyptisraelmarriagecitizenshiptrial_20100605151410 Nurenberg 1935. It starts. Again.
  14. I had the “”Pleasure to listen to the liar Arafat in English and Arabic. Time afterv time what he said in English was so different to what he said in Arabic as to make me wonder if it was a case of which language I understood least. Worst of all was what he said after the Camp David meeting. He told the West one thing, he told the Arabs another, and his plan was buy time and gain advantage. There are aspects of Islam that I don’t think you will ever have heard of that relate to deliberate lying in order to acheive an end. People think that Fatah have “”Recognised Israel. They have not. They have implicitly done so but that means nothing. They have not explicitly done so and nor will they. People write and talk about this “”Palestinian people. The “”Palestinian people are an invention by Arafat and his backers. There is a group of people today who have become The Palestinian People, but that is only because it is an invented name for what are actually a collection of groups of people many having very different intentions and very little in common. The Christian Palestinian people often insist on being called not Palestinian but Phoenician to separate themselves from what they see as gutter Arabs and desert dwelling nomads. So much you who condemn know nothing about. Maybe someone who knows so much as to be able to make intelligent and informed criticism will answer me a simple question. What else do you discuss with someone who is sworn to destroy you with an unbreakable oath other than the timeing and means of that destruction?
  15. While there are people who brainwash their kids with this sort of stuff there will never be peace. You can tell a great deal from the national anthem about a nation. Compare Hatikva and its words http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjfFpFW9OdA with the “”Palestinian National anthem The first, a gentle hopeful thing, the second a rawcous militaristic horror speaking of war, death, and killing. Always with the killing they are.
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