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  1. Actually, freight held up pretty well, given the circumstances - not unsurprisingly its passenger revenues that fell off the proverbial cliff
  2. Yes, but part b appears to relate only to active members of the force; if they have already retired, or resigned in anticipation of disciplinary proceedings, I don’t think that this section would apply. Whereas part a applies to all recipients of pensions, ie inevitably including those already retired from or otherwise having left the force...
  3. Fond memories of Douglas Head principally Black Mass doing Steely Dan covers and finishing every session with Freebird. But, being a bit of a folk rocker, does anyone remember Triad at the Long Room at the Castle Mona. Or indeed Dave Sayle’s Wednesday Folk Club further up the hill?
  4. Are they taking bottles yet? - I, er, seem to have built up quite a collection
  5. Netball Development Officer, actually - surprisingly only one of 15 in the sports development officers team (there would be 16 if they fill the currently vacant golf role!) https://msr.gov.im/sports-development-unit/sports-development-unit/sports-development-officers/
  6. Has anyone got a pdf of the ‘Emergency Powers (Prohibition on Movement Regulations) 2020’? It was cross referred to in the “Emergency Powers (Coronavirus) (Events and Gatherings) Regulations 2020”. neither of which seem to have been publishes on the Tynwald website yet. Wouldn’t mind seeing what I can and cannot do (ignorance of the law/no defence, etc). And indeed, when do such restrictions came into effect - on the subject of which did anyone else notice the amendments made today to the CM’s statement of yesterday?
  7. There are only a small number of DAB stations available on Island - perhaps extend the DAB capacity here so that more specialist speech and music channels are available. Then MR could morph (back) into a very local community focussed station.
  8. Hold on, if he came back to the Island before the emergency regulations came into effect, and isn’t, apparently, showing symptoms, why does he need to self-isolate anyway?
  9. We went to the Bay to try out Little Fish when it opened: we had a dog, so knew we wouldn’t be allowed in the restaurant. But they wouldn’t serve/bring LF food through into the bar area, even though there were only two people in the restaurant and we were the only people in the bar at the time. Not been back. A bit more of a dog-friendly approach would have probably paid dividends - cf the Shore, Cycle 360 etc.
  10. If I recall, Don Gelling was chairman of KSFIOM. Whilst he cannot be blamed In any way for the collapse of the IOM banking subsidiary (the problems were entirely created off island) he certainly can be criticised for keeping his head down and not helping to lead the company through a critical time- for instance, avoiding the creditors’ meeting of the collapsed bank and leaving his MD to take the flak. Not at all impressive!
  11. I still have a HL account, and they haven’t threatened to close it yet. However, I had an email exchange with them in Feb 2018, in which they advised: “Unfortunately due to new legislation that came into effect at the end of 2017, it is now not possible to open a new HL Vantage account or top up an existing HL Vantage account if you are not a resident within the EEA (European Economic Area). If you have opened a HL Vantage account previously before this legislation was in place, the account can remain open and you can managed the investments within. However, no new money would be allowed to be added to the existing HL Vantage account if you live in the Isle of Man.” hope this helps - I suppose following Brexit this legal requirement might eventually change... as for compensation, hopefully client assets are properly ring fenced from the firm’s own funds, but there have been legal challenges to that approach - you could well be right and it always pays to diversify as far as possible.
  12. Just to quote the Assessor’s practice note 144/07 “For completeness, it should be noted that our current legislation has references to the status of ‘ordinary residence’ without further defining its meaning, for example: Section 9, Income Tax Act 1970 contains the phrase “ordinarily residing”, and both Section 70 (7) Income Tax Act 1970 and Schedule 1, Paragraph 4, Income Tax Act 1980 contain the phrase “ordinarily resident”. The Assessor takes the view that additional definition of ‘ordinary residence’ is not necessary, and that the word “ordinarily” should be construed as synonymous with “generally” or “usually” as our system is concerned only with residence and non-residence when determining how income should be taxed.”
  13. Good point, I was thinking solely about plastics - I use heavy duty bags sold in France, Spain and Portugal: these truly last a lifetime but I doubt are at all biodegradable. I was comparing them with the flimsier bags seen in the UK which are indeed biodegradable (possibly - https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/apr/29/biodegradable-plastic-bags-survive-three-years-in-soil-and-sea) but only last a few months before needing replacement. I’m really not sure which is better for the environment; something that endures or something that is less robust but needs regular replacement. My point was that you can’t have both, although I confess I wasn’t considering other materials.
  14. Something of a contradiction here, surely?
  15. bankerboy

    TT 2018

    Probably because, somewhat surprisingly, it’s not been drafted as an ‘exclusive jurisdiction’ clause. I’m not a lawyer, but if you want to enforce jurisdiction, safer to write exclusivity into the terms. In fact, some of the other wording seems quite sloppy to me. For instance, in the event of a red flag, riders are instructed to ride their machines ‘back’ to parc ferme; although elsewhere in the document it is made very clear that riders must not go the ‘wrong way’ around the course without proper instruction, telling them to go ‘back’ is not only ambiguous but potentially dangerous.
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