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  1. I think this has been an interesting thread - especially noting how different people have reacted to the Manx Radio announcement. I heard Charlie Lambert read the official statement and tribute from the ACU. I think we all knew what was coming when he announced that there was an ACU announcement... His voice changed and my heart sank. Then we got the details of Paul Dobbs tragic death during the race at Ballagarey followed by Charile's comment that 'I'm not sure how to move on from this but I'm going to have to anyway.' I was at Braddan Bridge waiting for the TT Zero race to start but for the next few minutes, like many others around the course I guess, I was wrapped up my own thoughts about life, death, danger, risk, families and tragedies. I don't believe that anyone watching the TT treats the death of a rider "like a broken chain". It is a painful and tragic thing. I cannot begin to understand why some people are prepared to take huge risks in life. But there are some thing that I am sure of and one of those is that life is far too precious to wrap us all up in cotton wool. If people want to climb Everest (30 deaths in the last 5 years), ski off-piste or ride in the TT then we must respect that choice and marvel at the human spirit of adventure. Once we have accepted the place of extreme sports we cannot fall apart every time there is a tragedy - because there is nothing more certain than the fact that there will be tragedies. An earlier item in the thread suggested stopping the race. I can recall years past when there have been as many as 6 deaths in TT week or MGP week. If you accept that extreme sports have their place then you cannot overreact when the inevitable happens. This is not callousness or a cheapening of life. Rather it is a form of respect that allows us to let others live their lives to the full in the manner of their choice. If we overreact when there is a tragedy then we would probably hasten the end of the TT. Giving TT rider the freedom to enjoy their sport comes at a cost to all of us... but this would be a sad world if we smothered that freedom.
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