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  1. Vixen

    Happy Birthday Tearz

    Happy Birthday Tearz, have a great day
  2. Vixen

    Beatfix Bow's Out

    She's actually a husky in drag, she's the one doing the pulling, she's very much in charge the bees Kym - I'm thinking a mashmallow on the ground could have taken you out with that much red wine in you , see you later dude
  3. Vixen

    Beatfix Bow's Out

    Good night had by all, my head hurts too.... worth it though, if it was Saturday i'd still be in bed nursing a hangover I know that much Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the Beatfix Finale, echo Kym on the recording did anyone manage to record it? Fatty said he was recording it, not sure what time he logged off tho. Vix
  4. Vixen

    Dj Open Night

    Sounds good, I'm in....All you need is a decent or central venue, a date (preferably around a pay day weekend/avoiding any clashes with Paramount DJ nights) and ideally a charity to support to help smooth the waters with the venue and bring in more people....what about supporting the Michael Bellis fund, I'm sure he'd push this as one of the fund raising events on his facebook page too, which has a massive amount of members, so would be a good cause as well as an awesome and different night out... Vix
  5. Vixen

    Happy Birthday Vixen

    Thanks everyone
  6. Vixen

    Happy Birthday Mission!

    Belated birthday wishes
  7. Vixen

    Beatfix April

    Join MoBeats, DJK and myself tonight from 8pm Tune in via the usual links... http://beatfix.camstreams.com/homepage.asp www.mflive.com See you there
  8. Vixen

    A New Arrival

    Congratulations, that's fab news Trust everyone is doing well. You got over your flu just in time
  9. Vixen

    Happy Birthday Unisol

    Happy Birthday, enjoy yourself
  10. Vixen

    Happy Birthday Gladys

    Happy Birthday, have a lovely day
  11. Vixen

    Beatfix 2008

    Join us tonight from 8pm for a night of beats and banter Not long until the Manx Forums 4th Birthday Bash on Saturday 29th March at AMBER, so if you're curious about the type of music that'll be on show that night, tune in and turn up the volume Usual links here... www.mflive.com http://beatfix.camstreams.com/ See you there
  12. Join us tonight from 8 til late for a special extended edition of the Beatfix show! Mo Beats turns 21 again tomorrow, so we have some special guests lined up to mark the occasion... Join us for a DJ medley with sets from Vixen, Mo Birthday Beats, Fattyhou, Monkey Magic and infamous DJk! Usual links for audio and chat... www.mflive.com http://beatfix.camstreams.com/homepage.asp In the last 2 weeks we've linked up with a new internet radio broadcaster, namely Audiochemistry, helping to share our music across the UK. See you there
  13. Vixen

    Beatfix 2008

    Beatfix returns tonight from 8pm Tune in for those Valentine beats and if you're entertaining at home tonight why not tune in and let Beatfix be the soundtrack to your evening.
  14. Vixen

    Happy Birthday Manx-minx

    Happy Birthday Minxy Hope you have a great day/evening
  15. Vixen

    Happy Birthday Tearz

    What a great time of year for a birthday Happy Birthday, have a great day Vixen