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  1. Here's an interesting Twitter thread on the potential effects of Brexit on energy supply to the UK. Commissioned by the National Grid and published in March 2016.
  2. Ok, we already have the most expensive gas in the world so which way do we thing the imminent gas crisis is going to send our bills? I think I know.
  3. That's just one of many contributions.
  4. What, like the DUP? Or June Mummery? Or John Redwood? Or Ben Habib? Or, oh you get the idea.
  5. Am I to assume not so many and not so numerous after all then? If I were you I would have just gone with: Vote for me because I'm not Michael Josem!
  6. I wouldn't have bothered if you hadn't wet your knickers at the Voice of Reason's dumb post.
  7. I find these hotheads a good pro-vax story. Crazy.
  8. For the benefit of Roxanne and The Voice of Reason. * *(Although it doesn't work if you have to explain it)
  9. What is the relevance of Brexit to your post-Brexit opportunities? You don't don't seem to have listed any opportunities that have arisen as a result of Brexit at all. In fact, your imaginary fashion student has had the automatic right to work throughout the single market removed as a result of Brexit, whether they return to the island or not. And developing the diversification of the economy etc, etc, what specifically has the UK leaving the EU done as far as realising those vague ambitions is concerned? I'm not seeing it.
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