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  1. Ha ha! Superiority complex much? Way to insult Manx Forums thick bastards!
  2. They have a fine breed of dairy cattle which is red and white or a splendid fawn in colour. They produce milk with a high betacarotene content which gives it a most attractive and tempting yellow-gold tinge. Delicious. It is also high in butterfat and protein content. Each cow produces around 6,000 litres of this scrumptious product every year. I'm salivating just thinking about it. And such cute faces! So what do we get? A manky, flea bitten, hideously deformed feline of questionable ancestry. So fucking unfair. Couldn't make this shit up.
  3. "...a small quantity of brown power..." Some media training required there.
  4. Here she is getting in a spot of early canvassing.
  5. Wow, what an amazing coincidence. Incredible.
  6. Nice sort of you're not in such fine fettle now are you piece in the Observer here. With a picture of a random boat which, judging by the shadow, may well have been shot in the morning.
  7. Yeah. It was only a woman he killed after all.
  8. Why did the chicken take on a potentially risky manoeuvre? To get to the dogshit bin.
  9. Don't worry, she won't be now.
  10. That just goes to show the absurdity of the Manx government's attitude to road safety and the wholly inappropriate lack of a national speed limit on the Isle of Man. Such crazy speeds are bad enough on the narrow country mountain road as it is, even if it is the best road over here. Throw in a likely encounter with livestock and well, let's be honest, it's mental.
  11. He does seem a tad bovine spongiform encephalopathetic.
  12. Might I respectfully suggest you have misinterpreted the intended meaning of the classic early disco smash? For the clip to have stood any chance of working, the three characters would have had to have resigned their posts forthwith and relinquished any claim on their retirement packages. That they didn't and haven't renders the choice of soundtrack wholly inappropriate. Maybe something like Tom Robinson's I'm Alright Jack would have worked better? I've seen the satirical element of the piece gushed about herein, but as far as I can tell there simply isn't one. All I get is a creepy animation with an irrelevant song in the background. No stars.
  13. After reading such positive reviews of this piece I have to express extreme disappointment in it. It fails to deliver on any level. I didn't even smile.
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