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  1. This story just can't get any more bizarre. Can it? Surely not? Oh yes it can! The Department of Economic Development says no licences have been issued to the company Manx Inspirations for the use of official TT branding since 2010. The issue has been highlighted recently after DED threatened to sue Bushy's Brewery over its use of the Bushy's TT trademark, although an agreement has now been reached. Minister Laurence Skelly is listed as a director of Manx Inspirations but in a statement the DED says that whilst licences have been issued in the past - the last was in 2010 before Mr
  2. Why would you boast about having a hideous dangly scrotum?
  3. Yes, I can believe that you're stupid enough to be asking that. But you'd have to stop using the protected official logo first.
  4. The World Series. Vision 9. Bushy's. What is it about the TT that makes the DED lurch from one debacle to another? I wonder what will be next. I actually thought Callister got a rough ride on MF in the run up to the election. I can see now that it was probably deserved.
  5. That audio clip is just too much. I'm going for a lie down.
  6. I agree, but some politicians seem to embrace the use of Facebook with, err, excessive enthusiasm. I find it undignified, not becoming of the role. Embarrassing even.
  7. I don't see how you can claim that even if the rest of your post rings true. I'm sure the two officers who should have been watching him will feel some remorse and it isn't altogether fair that they should shoulder the whole blame. They are just a small part in the systemic machine starting in the House of Keys that insists on perpetuating a moronic battle against peoples' freedom of choice. I doubt there'll be much guilt on Prospect Hill mind. Incidentally, they all seem to be trying to be seen to report the case now. Here's a new one. Bit odd really. Almost like they've been told to re
  8. (Often over)grown men in kiddie One Direction style T-shirts is embarrassing.
  9. Have I understood Rob Callister correctly here? (audio clip). In that the company manxinspirations of which Mr Skelly is a director is not trading? The website doesn't give that impression. Eta - wtf? They must have stopped trading very recently if indeed they have. Note - " Quality Manx themed gifts for the whole family including TT goods"
  10. Lesson to be learned going forward! (audio clip) Lol. Now let's draw a line under it.
  11. Nah, he was elected because he isn't David Quirk.
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