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  1. That's just one of many contributions.
  2. What, like the DUP? Or June Mummery? Or John Redwood? Or Ben Habib? Or, oh you get the idea.
  3. Am I to assume not so many and not so numerous after all then? If I were you I would have just gone with: Vote for me because I'm not Michael Josem!
  4. I wouldn't have bothered if you hadn't wet your knickers at the Voice of Reason's dumb post.
  5. I find these hotheads a good pro-vax story. Crazy.
  6. For the benefit of Roxanne and The Voice of Reason. * *(Although it doesn't work if you have to explain it)
  7. What is the relevance of Brexit to your post-Brexit opportunities? You don't don't seem to have listed any opportunities that have arisen as a result of Brexit at all. In fact, your imaginary fashion student has had the automatic right to work throughout the single market removed as a result of Brexit, whether they return to the island or not. And developing the diversification of the economy etc, etc, what specifically has the UK leaving the EU done as far as realising those vague ambitions is concerned? I'm not seeing it.
  8. Christ on a bike, you're even getting laughs for it. Unbelievable.
  9. You haven't sit down and read the Good Friday Agreement have you?
  10. Soaring bills. Empty shelves. Cars, toys, gas. A perfect storm! Amazing. The sunlit uplands.
  11. Three stupid Franco-phobic contributions. What an ignorant bunch. The new alliance is a very negative step as far as NATO is concerned. You'd expect it from Johnson and the Aussies but Biden is a disappointment.
  12. I hate this line, which is becoming quite common around here.
  13. What a shame. Get well soon Howard and hopefully enjoy your retirement from Manx politics.
  14. Who indeed? Is it actually him who has done that? It isn't beyond the realms of belief that, err, someone else could have done that.
  15. I'd vote for Fowler's shoes.
  16. Anyone been following the launch of the GBNews channel and Mr Neil's role in that? Crazy stuff from the off really, but it is now entering the realms of super-absurdity. Check this out which follows on from his Question Time appearance last night. I'm starting to feel sorry for the bloke.
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