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  1. Those children sound pretty stupid to me.
  2. WTF isn't an anacronym.
  3. Unusual perspective.
  4. The Isle of Man TT races are deeply saddened.
  5. Any chance of some medical MDMA and some medical charlie? And go on, while I'm at it I'll have some medical scaggy Es. And then I'll probably need a medical.
  6. It is very silly. But I don't feel shamed. And I'm local.
  7. It's another silly acronym which isn't even a thing.
  8. I'm going to give everyone else a chance first.
  9. I seem to be the only one listening.
  10. Omg, apparently there's been a medical emergency in the Nun Race. Thoughts and prayers for the Sisters.
  11. Or is he saying Casey's?
  12. One of them should really stop referring to Katey's.
  13. Who are the two commentators on MR right now?
  14. There's no better place for a funeral though, you miserable twat.
  15. Some nice footage of Sam West's crash here which caused yesterday's qualifying session to be red flagged. Enjoy.
  16. Worth remembering that she was the idiot who was willing to put her name to the Owen Paterson amendment. Which was pretty much the point at which it all started going pear shaped for Johnson.
  17. Ooh, you grumpy old charmer.
  18. Leadsom not quite committing, but she can obvs see the game's up.
  19. Who writes the police Twitter contributions? Is it a dedicated position or are all officers able to put their own tales on? I'd guess at the former. I don't care much for the character of the reports on crimes.
  20. Especially in Laxey. I'm often struck by how fast traffic seems to go through there. It's a long 30mph stretch and not many stay within that throughout.
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