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  1. Not really material the main issue (other than the fact that the flight actually arrived 1hr 25 minutes after Ronaldsway actually opened), there are no "take off slots" required for departure at Manchester Airport due to the significantly reduced traffic situation.
  2. One is ATC zone (ie 15 min prior to anticipated movement), the other is Aerodrome availability
  3. And how about not put the horse tram tracks back dow.... Oh dearie me!
  4. Eastern airways don't have any routes to rhe Isle of man....
  5. Any luck? When I looked 5 minutes ago there's no link to online reservations.. "Online reservations for flights will be available from 20:00 GMT on Sunday 15th March 2020,"
  6. Does anyone know if there is any truth in the rumour that EasyJet asked to fly Manchester a while back but were "advised" not to?
  7. Sad yes, but not the fault of the person who drew it or the members in the scheme. The government have been using the money they should have been putting aside tyo pay for the liabilities they promised a long time ago. Those voted in to represent the tax payer now must recognise that even though they didn't take the decisions that spent that money on roundabouts hospitals and runways they are the ones in power and must honour the promises of the body they form part of (Tynwald). If that burden falls on the taxpayer as a deduction from future growth then so be it. It is only righting the wrongs of previous administrations. One thing is for sure. Tynwald members should not penalise current members of the scheme disproportionately for this borrowing from the rights of those who signed up for the scheme, to save the whole islands taxpayers from the decisions of previous administratons.
  8. Uk users of WAM... http://airportfocusinternational.com/uks-first-wide-area-multilateration-radar-system-wam-implemented/ http://www.adsadvance.co.uk/newcastle-airport-invests-in-wam-system.html Newcastle and Edinburgh
  9. Anyone got any idea how its possible to officially register ones dislike of the latest Promscheme? Cant find any consultation anywhere
  10. Shame about the inaccurate connection between Manx2 and Manx Airlines via the inaccurate video footage. Also a bit disingenuous to say Manx 2 had gone into liquidation
  11. Navigate our ship through choppy waters...
  12. Reconfiguration to NORAD spec :-)
  13. Not sure if you're a civil servant CBman, but if you are, and a member of Prospect, you should by now have had a members notice containing the offer. If you're a member and haven't contact your rep. If you are a member you'll also be balloted and will get a copy of the offer with the ballot paper.
  14. It was asked a way back if this is the same as civil service. Simple answer, no. Civil servants will join the new GUS and pay in steeped incremements a minimum of 3.5% more than present , to get considerably less tan they were entitled to when they signed up, or a minimum of 6.25% more to get the same as they expected before (ie parity with tynwald members) Some will pay considerably more, up to 8% more in many cases
  15. I'm not a supporter of DB per se and being the parent of a child who is (hopefully) going to go to uni I'd not be too happy with having to pay more for that either. The reason I suppored him is becsuse he told the truth - that the DoE policy was ill thought out and too hasty. There are alternatives - raising charges to allow services to continue, shelving other non-essential things such as teacching Manx in schools and as proposed raising the fees paid for higher education. My whole point through all this is that the polies Mr Karran announced prior to the budget - which i don't think he needed to as other departments didn't - were simplistic in the extreme & didn't consider the bigger inmplication. The only reason I speak for Mr Butt is because he had the guts to say so in Tynwald and was decried for doing so. It is, as has happened above, unfair to decry DB for making his suggestion that Higher education fees ought to be considered as that (consideration ) is exactly what is needed. Consideration and thought, somehting which has been in short supply up to now. Not knee jerk rushing to slash the first thing that seemes non statutory
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