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  1. I've noticed a lot of UK registered cars over here. Some people I know have also come back, staying at parents, or a place they've rented out and have now moved back into whilst the UK is all over the place and once all cleared up they'll move back. They work for UK Companies, pay UK tax, UK NI but none in the IOM, same with the cars tax, insurance here etc. Is this above valid? i.e. they aren't paying into the locals funds (tax, NI etc) but assumed to use the service if they get ill.
  2. He was a geography teacher when I was at school, nice to see he's still a massive prick.
  3. Knoxville

    Royal Visit

    Are they taking her up the prom (not that way ), would love hear he thoughts on the prom
  4. Went through the airport on Friday night, nice to see they've "done up the security area" but the staff.............the guy there on Friday, what a moody, scruffy individual. Zero manners "HANDS", when doing that wipe thing, couldn't crack a smile if he tried. 4 of them by the scanners stood around chatting, x-ray boxes pulled to the side for checking and the blonde one with a face like a slapped ass when someone asked to come down and check them..............my god quite possibly the worst airport experience of my life!!!! Sell it to a company who'll not only replace the
  5. I've just had the tax office call and say that they're rejecting my % I contribute to my employers pension that I've put on my Income Tax Return. My employer hasn't included this on section B (T14) and the tax office has told my employer and myself that this is taken at source and relief applied? I've always had section B having my contributions, and this is the first time I've been told this. Has anyone had the same issue?
  6. What's the most someone's paid for a drink and a burger or even the cheapest? Bacon cheese burger in Bushys last night - £7 Bottle of Pepsi - £2 Burger wasn't great nor was it particularly big, 5/10 over all.
  7. He'll be dead by the end of the year, CIA take down
  8. And you’re a utter helmet, simple as that
  9. John, as you've received treatment what has been your personal experience of it all? Would you consider looking at another therapy type, such as trying CBD etc? Genuine questions, I know online it look like trolling, in case its coming across that way.
  10. I'm putting forward my personal experiences, you know watching a loved one die in front of you when there was alternatives out there. I pray to whatever god there is no one in your family is ever effected by this and you don't have to watch them slip away and watch take there last breath and wish you'd done more. I genuinely feel sorry for you, you sometimes come across as a ok person but most of the time you're pretty much a bell end.
  11. See, we were advised AGAINST using anything cannabis based. Now I've looked into CBD is actually helping, yet they won't even entertain the notion of actually looking into. If I knew what I know now, I would've done what your Father did and told my Mother "fuck them, this stuff works". The reason I've seen is why they won't use CBD, is because its mostly free and its something you can "grow" and do yourself........no one makes money out of it. Hats off to your Father for doing what he's doing and looking into alternatives
  12. They'd achieve more if they looked at other treatments, not just focus on the ones that actually don't work. My Mother had dual therapy, this utterly destroyed her. There's so many other therapies out there that actually work, but if its not earning someone money some how its not looked at, that's the sad fact, not your thread. I've spoken with so many women who have suffer/suffered with oesophageal cancer and the treatments they've had and how its changed there life, some haven't cured them BUT its extended there life months and in some cases YEARS. If I'd known what I know now, I'd have
  13. Its quite sad really, read all sorts....population control, as you've said no money in curing sick people. Its some of the charities that really annoy me, claiming they're doing research, when in fact they're just blinding people with bull shit.
  14. Cure is here but the cancer business is worth so much it'll never be shared I watched my mum just slip away, I really wish I'd done as much research as I do now about it.
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