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  1. You are Dr Christian Jessen and she claims her £125,000.
  2. The opposite I think. It's to make sure that this report isn't debated properly. It's tabled and then being debated in the same Tynwald but the debate is literally the last thing on the agenda (#39), bumped to the end by more important things such as a debate about a a loft conversion in Douglas North.
  3. Well we know that men are more likely to die from Covid than women so it's not unreasonable to think they might suffer more from symptoms. What's interesting in these Manx figures is that women are more likely to report symptoms (72%) then men were (65%). But it's also a bit unusual that there are slightly more men testing positive than women (53%-47%), in most statistics I've seen it's the other way round.
  4. Please do. (Same sex marriage was passed and in force before Quayle by the way)
  5. From the latest dashboard: Symptomatic 396 + 400 = 796 ie 68% Asymptomatic 151 + 217 = 368 ie 32%
  6. As mercifully they don't even seem to have killed any of the birds, it suggests that even when they're misbehaving they can't get that right. I'm fairly sure that misuse of equipment will be in there. But breaking the law on the job (which attempting to kill wild birds is) would also be covered.
  7. Roger Mexico


    Oddly enough that leads me to notice that Mr Callister is still in his 'interim' position as a Departmental Member at the DoI. Eleven months after it started. edited by moderator after complaint about use of a word meaning 1: heavy dimness 2: thickness and heaviness 3: darkly vague or obscure
  8. Meeting Foster is OK because, like her or not, she is the First Minister of Northern Ireland - at least till the end of the month. There are people who you are obliged to meet in your official capacity and that includes the heads of other governments. Especially as she's officially hosting the meeting. But Poots is only head of the DUP - a political party. He's not even the First Minister designate (that's a guy called Paul Givan who's just as bonkers and possibly even more stupid than he is). So they shouldn't have been pictured with him and certainly not tweeting it, unless they were
  9. See also the 360-day year. Most other transport authorities (such as TfL) have managed to work out that you need to offer products that tie in with how people actually live, but someone at DoI no doubt get brownie points by showing they were 'saving money' by doing this. In actual fact it probably doesn't even save money and also puts people off using public transport, but the real purpose isn't to actually make savings but to perform making them or 'being entrepreneurial' or whatever. Consequences are always ignored.
  10. Platinum Cards are really aimed at the locals as they "allow unlimited travel [...] for one year (360 days)"[1]. Though a rail enthusiast visiting might find they were worth it, as it would only take about half a dozen journeys to cover the cost. Like all IOM Transport's travel schemes it's all massively more elaborate than it needs to be and full of all sort of unnecessary security and bureaucracy. As ever you expect the extra cost is the aim not the side effect. Platinum Cards do require a photo on them which might explain why there is delay in issuing them, though I can't see why th
  11. I think that's the reason for it happening now. Quayle has so little he can point to in his Programme for Government that he has achieved, that anything he can tick off in the last few months, no matter how (literally) meaningless is being done.
  12. But that's because those people weren't recruited to run the Airport, they were recruited to spend money. Reynolds was originally brought over explicitly to justify the decision to extend the runway - a decision already made for reasons no one now claims to remember. Coming up with more capital projects whether they were needed or not or implemented correctly or not was just continuing in the same mode. The purpose of a system is what it does.
  13. But they've always been able to bring over skilled workers - and indeed have done all through the Covid crisis. So if they haven't got the people, it's because they aren't really trying or aren't offering the right money or terms. But why should they bother when they know they can do very nicely no matter how long or ineptly they work? Of course demands that the private sector take over such projects are silly because they already have. The DoI is by far the most-outsourced Department, more of the same thing will just make things worse. The real problem lies with the control and direc
  14. There's an urban myth about doctors using NFN to indicate Normal for Norfolk. Maybe political observers need NFO.
  15. Shh! Or you'll wake the "What about us menz" crowd up.
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