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  1. Doesn't start till after the next election.
  2. It's a fun website to play about with and they've improved it even since yesterday[1]. But there were 4397 people aged 80+ in the last Census (2106) a number I suspect will only have increased. But vaccinations for only 121 care home residents and 493 others in this group have currently given (I don't think any will have had their second dose yet). So it's because they have prioritised staff rather than because there aren't the over-80s to be vaccinated. [1] Presumably someone pointed out that, fashionable though pastel shades are, white lettering on them isn't exactly reada
  3. But to be fair John, there's MHKs who have exactly the same beliefs and ignorance about how things work, or at least pretend they do. At least Keiran is trying to educate himself.
  4. It's funny how people get upset by one election where they think people were elected because they were women, but not by decades of them when people were elected because they were men. The fact that the Keys elected more women to LegCo in a few minutes than they did in the previous 100 years put together should tell you something was wrong. Actually I think that the current LegCo members have been rather better at their predecessors at scrutinising legislation, asking questions and so on. But that's saying very little and just illustrates how bad the retired politicians were at the job
  5. We've been through this several times before. The very definition of a case is that it tests positive in the lab. And that is true of every other infectious disease, so they're not going to change things so as to make some people on the internet feel better.
  6. But the point is that he's a Establishment member of a different Establishment. The Governor is responsible for the good governance of the Island, so he is basically there to, as a last resort, stop the locals behaving so badly that the British Government has to intervene.
  7. It's worth saying that the whole way this survey has been spun in the media has been very misleading. Which in itself is likely to make people of colour sceptical about the information they receive from the media of course. As ever you have to look at the actual survey, what questions were asked and who replied and what they said. The figures actually come from a paper called Predictors of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the UK Household Longitudinal Study. This actually discussed vaccine hesitancy, rather than refusal. The question that was actually asked (online last week in November)
  8. No, they did 160 in the last 24 hours. But numbers have been falling and most of those must be the 1/6/13 pre-arranged tests or hospital-based ones. I presume people are given a slot for the 1/6/13 ones and if there aren't any others booked in after, the swabbers probably go back to base.
  9. If there's an intercom system they speak to you on that, if there isn't they have to climb the stairs and talk to you at the front door of the flat the same way they would if the door was on the street. Possibly both.
  10. So it seems. Just before the bit in the instructions I quoted it says: Vial volume was optimised to reliably obtain 5 doses regardless of syringe type used as most syringe and needle combinations require withdrawal of excess volume in order to ensure the full 0.3 mL dose of vaccine can be administered. When low dead-volume syringes and/or needles are used, the amount remaining in the vial after 5 doses have been extracted may be sufficient for an additional (sixth) dose. They also say: "Use as soon as practically possible, and within 6 hours after dilution", so there's a limit on h
  11. But size doesn't make a lot of difference. After all Taiwan (pop 23 million) has also very successfully followed an exclusion policy - rather more successfully that the Isle of Man. And Australia (pop 25 million and much bigger in area than the UK) is attempting the same. One thing the experience of Jersey (and most other countries in the world) confirms is that 'managing' Covid simply isn't an option. This may change with vaccination, but it's failed utterly so far.
  12. No. You can potentially get six doses out of a vial, because the vaccine is diluted with 1.8mL of saline, but the instructions are quite clear: "Where a full 0.3 mL dose cannot be extracted the contents should be discarded".
  13. It has the effect though of allowing the Manx Government to keep an eye on the Governor while the Governor is keeping an eye on them. If the Cabinet Office (or its predecessors) supply the staff and facilities, the links are always going to run both ways. Whether this is a good or bad thing is another matter, but it's typical of how the establishment works here.
  14. And that's why I gave those links. (Ditto). What isn't clear is whether they will take on 'new' e-mail correspondents in the current situation through the more complicated process described in the How it will affect you section on the E-mail page.
  15. But they don't say that on the main contact page, just 'All enquiries are by phone'. You have to click on the link to their E-mail communications policy and work your way through that - and there's nothing to say that that is still operational under the current situation.
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