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  1. The buses will run along the front, much as they do now. Not sure the retail units will appreciate the smell of diesel fumes as the engines are left running whilst the drivers play on their phones.
  2. This happened to me. I was informed that my account had been purged due to lack of use after 90 days (I use it to forward emails everyday, but do not physically access the account) "It's in the T&C's" was the stock answer. This has never happened in the 4 years previous that I have had this system in place. I was informed that my "purged" email address was available again and I could re-register, I queried the fact that the existing email sent to that address would then start being picked up again. "impossible" I was told I re-registered and lo and behold the account starts repopulating with all my existing account, newsletters etc. surely this is a massive issue for data protection. it does not take much once in an account to log in to a on-line shop, register as forgotten email and a link sent to the address you are in? I suggested that they at least send out a 48hr notification of this purge. I also suggested that account names be suspended for 6months/1 year if they are purged to avoid this situation. At the present time it is a shambles and very worrying.
  3. Plans have already be submitted to change the bus stop in Peel opposite the town hall to accommodate 2 buses instead of the existing 1. Not on the school route but the BB's were taken down this road when on their trial, for some reason?
  4. Have you got a reference no. for the adaptor?
  5. Hello, Is the set still available? If it is will the set run on just one adaptor, sorry to sound thick, just a bit confused with the reference to the second adaptor being missing. Cheers
  6. But this would then mean buses going around Peel rather than all the fun of going down, around, over the pavement just missing cars, people etc, as it does at the moment in the centre of town. I won't hear of it, some people would have to walk slightly further is a slightly different direction to catch the bus.... if thats what you are implying
  7. Changes to the Cathedral grounds in Peel also includes plans to alter the bus stop to accommodate two buses rather than the existing one (at the expense of two much needed parking spaces), apparently its for all the coaches that will be coming to see the new gardens.... not sure any bendy buses they could be used in Peel though as the standard buses struggle to get round the corner in Athol place at the moment.
  8. Surely people should have a choice though? If you wish to use a phone so be it. Some children use phones but certainly not all of them, again its the choice of the parent, so be it. People nearby by will in some instances will be exposed 24/7, they have no choice. The kids at the nursery have no choice. In fact The installation of the mast could prove to be a problem for the two business concerned as people are talking of removing there children from the nurseries should this go ahead. As you have mentioned MT to a degree have set a precedent by changing their minds due to public demand. Two MHK's felt strongly enough to voice their opinion on the subject as well. Although it would appear Mr Cretney's rhetoric about this being avoided in the future counts for nothing again, no surprises there. The worry is for every calculation disproving any risk there also appears to as many suggesting a risk. Whilst I do not want to appear dismissive, surely any suggestion of a health concern is too much. I know people also say that we are constantly bombarded with signals from phones, wifi etc etc, should we add another one just because we can? I appreciate the maths but if YOU were to live near by and somebody close to you did become ill, could you honestly say you would give no thought whatsoever to the installation in the Cathedral? Obviously its an emotive subject, but where there are potential for health concerns, it always will be.
  9. I also received a leaflet about the application. It does raise the question as to why the proposed mast near Bemahague school was eventually abandoned but a similar project within 100 metres of two nursery schools and 400 metres of a primary school is deemed ok? The attached link would suggest that this sort of thing would not happen again... what short memories these MHK's and corporations have. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/mt-scraps-phone-mast-near-school-1-4345219 Never mind, as long as the church can keep making money for its latest project.
  10. I will be asking Mr Harmer his opinion with regards to the Ballawattleworth Action Group / Oak road dispute. He has previously been quite vocal on the subject and yet there appears to be no reference to it on his website or posted literature which I think is deliberate. As a resident of Peel I feel he has not represented the town and has purely used his position to help his own cause in protecting his own interests. Mr Harmer MHK and Mr Cushing in the Peel Town Commissioners would be quite a double act....
  11. This would be the same cost cutting team that has advised all education departments (who have budgets) that they must purchase stationery from the Post Office rather than local suppliers, even though the costs may be higher. Great idea for supporting the local economy.
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