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  1. I live in Singapore and the government has been very aggressive with imposing restrictions on anyone with recent travel to any of the COVID-19 hot spots. Everything is communicated clearly by the government and the Prime Minister. They test all influenza-like/pneumonia cases and trace every possible contact of those infected.

    Whilst I understand some of the steps Singapore has taken will be hard to replicate by other governments I hope the IOM government can use some initiative and quickly implement successful protocols from around the world instead of waiting to see what Boris and the UK gov does.  

  2. Why is it called The New Manila when it is Thai?



    Food was lovely but service was a bit chaotic. Looked no more than teething troubles, to be fair.


    Still can't work out why you'd name a Thai Restaurant after the capital of the Philippines ???? Totally bizarre. Like naming an Indian "The New Hong Kong"


    Deffo advise a visit though ...


    Yoda ...


    The restaurant is named the New Manila because as said previously one of the owners is Filipino.


    Unfortunately the work permit for our chef who specialises in Filipino/Japanese/Malaysian/Vietnamese cuisine was turned down. He was to work in tandem with our Thai chefs & we are hoping to bring him over in the new year.



    Sorry to hear about the service starwash but we are trying to make our service more efficient each week. Was it the Asian guy as I have sacked him? Ha






  3. I've had a quick look on google.







    The Panasonic txl26x20b seems to be showing football on a beach whereas the txl26x10b has The Muppets on. Even though the txl26x20b looks bigger I'd go for the txl26x10b purely based on content. Haven't seen the Muppets in ages.



  4. I might pick one of these up when they're smaller in size like a phone.


    That's so funny that I think a little bit of wee just came out........[/sarcasm]


    Jesus & I thought I was an Apple fag. Lighten up.



    I will be getting one of these but I will only use it for light web browsing in the front room. Hopefully I can find an app so I can use it as a universal remote.

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