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  1. Those Ads are made so you remember them. Deep down you loved it really!!
  2. England will lose yet again on penalties!!
  3. Passion will close due to lack of interest.
  4. What Nana Moon died? She milked it enough like!!! Her voice annoyed the hell out of me.
  5. Not really a fan. I don't think they're making anymore now.
  6. You dunno where Tom Jones' chest hair starts & ends!!
  7. Just thought i'd drop this sex bomb.
  8. My little sister use to think that the drink contained grouse.
  9. Nah the Honda adverts takes the biscuit or any with Kerry Katona!!
  10. Sorry if anyone was offended/pissed off by "The Messiah's" posts. Due to me being a dumbass i got my account hi-jacked thus i have to use this new account!!
  11. You're a f*cking tool stealing my account!!!!
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