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  1. In your address bar type in (I'll assume you have Netgear). A login page should come up. Type in (Unless you've changed it) Username: admin Password: password Follow the secure wireless instructions.
  2. Router make & model? As Last Ten said reading & following the instructions help.
  3. Just play the lottery online.
  4. They're dropping like flies! I knew this bloke too.
  5. How about Pete Doherty?
  6. Oh god, I just saw a Japanese film called "Nobody Knows" a story is about four children abandoned by their mother who are then forced to survive on their own. It's based on actual events which were far more grizzly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affair_of_the...ldren_of_Sugamo I was expecting the ending to be happy.
  7. Would anyone like to be banned for 5 minutes? I just want to feel the power.
  8. Please use this as your avatar.
  9. I came across this picture which reminded me of Rhumsaa.
  10. I have Killzone 2 to borrow if you want. It's gathering dust atm as I'm trying to upgrade all the weapons on RE5. :/
  11. I turned up for some cock action but there was no one there.
  12. Hopefully if will be another weekend in which all the top 4 fuck up.
  13. Oh lord, Manchester United are cracking up.
  14. QUARTER-FINAL Villarreal v Arsenal Manchester United v FC Porto Liverpool v Chelsea Barcelona v Bayern Munich SEMI-FINAL Manchester United/FC Porto v Villarreal/Arsenal Barcelona/Bayern Munich v Liverpool/Chelsea Feels good man.
  15. We need to take this on the chin like Jenna Jameson.
  16. I don't like these axe blokes. You can't hear them like the chainsaw guys.
  17. Casino Crazy

    Skate Or Skate2?

    I've got skate. for PS3 if you want to borrow it. It's gathering dust for me atm.
  18. Kaupthing. Did you play against Hilton?
  19. Because he acts & looks like Alan Partridge.
  20. Can anyone tell me how buying a football club is good investment especially one like Manchester City?
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