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  1. Just finished it. Great game! From level designs to voice acting it was top notch. Even solving the puzzles gave me satisfaction.
  2. Good god, we might have consider Liverpool as genuine title contenders now!
  3. I still have the same Xbox from when it was released. No problems what so ever (apart from sounding like a jet engine)! Is it the Jesus of Xboxes or do I just take care of it?
  4. I'm enjoying Dead Space more than Far Cry 2 atm. The Necromorphs remind me of the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4 but faster!
  5. I got ID'd & refused for Dead Space/Far Cry 2 at GAME. Cheeky bastards!
  6. Considering I run PESGaming I think I'm more of a PES fanboy than you. I even bought a PS3 especially for PES 2008! Now that's dedication! Maybe in the past PES was more of the football sim but atm it's a shadow of it's former self & still very arcadey. You have to admit PES 2009 is a big let down considering we're on next gen.
  7. Good luck with the shocking keepers.
  8. I was playing this in Zavvi & it had so many bugs. Perfectly good slide tackles resulted in yellows, reds & penalties.
  9. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1QJNxwvvS8Y
  10. Did she say what kind of issues? I got a friend to fit mine in & have had no problems at all other than it freezing sometimes (happened on Sky + too). The good old on/off reboot fixes that.
  11. I only got the syncing problem when I hooked it up to my surround sound system. Took seconds to fix.
  12. http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/918/918892p1.html Looks sexy.
  13. IMO the PES brand has gone stale while FIFA has been working on their game play as well as adding to other departments which were already good. PES 2009 feels like PES 5/6 with better graphics, some might say this is a good thing but we're next gen now. Where's the improvement? It will be interesting to see what Konami do with PES 2010 as FIFA are close to having the complete game. This better not be on the full game.
  14. PES 2009 feels far too arcadey for me. Compared to FIFA 09 it just seems dated. Hopefully PES 2009 the full game proves me wrong.
  15. Playing on World class mode I always run into players. Perhaps I'm trying to dribble like I did on PES. :/
  16. Anyone else find it hard to dribble on FIFA 09?
  17. I was playing 10v10 last night & did Richard Dunne justice. We lost 5-1.
  18. Really enjoying FIFA 09, the player animations are amazing. Granted the players when close up look weird but from far away they look like the real thing. Game play has improved.
  19. Have sex loudly with the windows open at around the same time. That should show him.
  20. I wouldn't mind but with Manx Telecom I was nearer 8.
  21. Just finished a game. Well it's better than 2008 which can only be a good thing. I can't help but feel bumped though. Games like MGS4 & GTA4 have blown me away with next gen graphics yet I can't say the same for FIFA & PES. Oh yeah, the ball sound effects are terrible.
  22. Anyone downloaded/played the PES 2009 demo yet?
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