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  1. 5 door, 1997 Renault Clio, Automatic, 51,000 miles. Electric windows, power steering, good condition, excellent runner. Moving off Island so need to sell. Not ready to go until 26th November however. £600 ONO. Please contact by email to afandrick@hotmail.com, by PM or by phone at 419074 for more information. Many thanks.
  2. Good one, though must admit it got me more when he lost his best mate - a football! (I think it was, anyway) Me too (thought it was a volleyball called Wilson). Others: Into the Wild Brokeback Mountain The Notebook (but only because I realised how cynical I've become about love when my only words about the movie were 'as if') Mister Roberts Dad And loadsa others. I cry at commercials.
  3. 1988 Honda Civil Automatic for sale. 3-door hatchback, 48,000 miles, taxed until November. CV joints need to be looked at so this is for sale as repair or spares. Excellent runner - love this car and sad to see it go. £150 ono. Many thanks.
  4. I have recently thought about cycling to work lately - I'm only 3 miles from work so it shouldn't take too long. However, there are some hills along the way and I'd end up pretty sweaty coming to work. I also need to get home at lunch for the hound, so that would mean I would be changing from cycling clothes to work clothes, to cycling clothes, to work clothes, back to cycling clothes. Just kind of a hassle. Weather in the winter is also a factor - getting to work absolutely soaked doesn't sound like much fun. It's a fab idea however - save money and get in shape. Should really look into it a bit more or, at least, give a shot!
  5. I bought a 6' by 4' shed from B&Q and converted it. Didn't take much - cut a hole for a pop door, put some perches up, some nest boxes and bob's yer uncle!
  6. Jeez, there are worse things to be called than 'love'. People need to lighten up.
  7. Ska type stuff - loads of fun!!
  8. Went to the Waterfall at Easter and sat with drinks for about 45 mins before we figured out what to order - went to order and they told us there was no more crockery and they didn't know how long it would be until the crockery was ready. Won't be going back. Ever.
  9. This is cack. Have flights in July and in August with Euromanx (well, what was Euromanx ) to London City. Not sure what to do as the only info is that hopefully VLM will help out. I really, really do not want to fork out another £300 for plane tickets.
  10. Rest in Peace Roly - you will be greatly missed.
  11. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  12. Most people as they get older require reading glasses and I don't believe laser surgery can help with that. But I'd still rather have it done - only needing reading glasses as opposed to glasses all the time makes a difference!
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