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  1. Can someone tell me what to do if contacted by uk nhs as being a close contact.This is from a flight last week from spain to uk. I am fully vaccinated? Thanks in advance.
  2. I bought my last van from Arnold Clark in Blackpool. They were fantastic. I tried to buy from Eurocars but after waiting 3 months (phoning every week to be told they would call me back) for a price i gave up and phoned the UK dealer. I was offered the right money for my van as a trade in and got a great deal on the new one.I reckon i saved £5000. I had a problem with the radio and Eurocars fixed it under warranty without any problems.
  3. Thanks Wrighty,Burt It would be a CT scan of my foot. Had a quote of £600 in UK.
  4. How much is a CT scan at nobles? If i have a private procedure done here i will need a CT scan and would like to know if anyone has an idea of cost? Yes i have tried ringing the radiology ward but i couldn't get anyone to answer the phone.
  5. This happened to me. i was told i'd missed an appointment that i knew nothing about. Mr Hutchisons secretary,possibly made an error? She then spoke to me like i was a piece of sh%t when i complained.
  6. Just Tried Da Vincis on Douglas quayside and the food was fantastic. Beautiful decor,comfy and cant wait to go again.
  7. Has anybody seen a planning application for the work at the Tynwald pub? I have done a search but cant find anything.Maybe i'm doing it wrong but to be honest the governments website isn't easy to navigate.
  8. It is believed that an employee on his last day,after being escorted out by security left the building and then went back in saying he had forgotten his briefcase the security guard just let him go back in.apparently he had already disabled the cctv and went in and emptied the safe of a weeks takings. As there is no proof (video evidence) and no money recovered there is no evidence. A local man told me this so it must be true.
  9. The problem with the telly is that it just turned off while i was watching it and is completely dead. no humming,buzzing,lights nothing.. I have already replaced the tv. So the walton's idea about paying 25.00 and if they cant fix it they take the money off the cost of the new set doesn't appeal to me.The way i see it they havent really got much incentive to fix it have they?
  10. I have a 5 year old Samsung that hopefully is repairable. Do any of you know where i could take it for an honest opinion if its worth fixing. I'm a bit sceptical about taking it to the local tv sellers as i'm sure they just tell you its knackered so they can flog you a new telly. As it is i already bought a new telly and would like to repair this one for the spare room.
  11. Qualtroughs in Castletown sell perspex and will cut it to size for you.
  12. Does anybody know if there is a list or government webpage showing which lanes are open and which are closed?
  13. Hi I had a reply from manx telecom which states that 'they have noticed some devices with similair symptoms as mine and in the majority of cases the common denominator is iphones'. Not sure i believe this as i know people with nokias experiencing the same dropped calls. What they need is a log of when and where i am when the call drops they can then pinpoint where the problem is. This seems quite positive I've also been told that Manx Telecom want to put up another 12 masts but Planning control wont let them!
  14. I am having a lot of trouble with dropped calls.This shows up as "Call Failed" on an iphone. I've put a new sim card in and even had a new phone from Apple,but i'm still having trouble. For instance If i make a call on my mobile from my lounge it will fail after a minute and i then have to ring the person back. This is a quite a new thing as i've lived in this house for 10 years and never had this problem before. I thought it was my phone but,when i contacted Apple they told me i'd had 85 failed/lost calls in 3 weeks with only 1 which was caused by the software/hardware of the phone. They sent me a new phone anyway. The phone is an iphone 5 on manx telecoms network. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?
  15. Hi In reply to the previous comments. We have MOTs if you let your road tax lapse for 2 years or more,which the previous owner did. It is an original KMX but it was going to cost too much to get the lights all up and running for a full MOT.If they are on the bike they have to work.Or you take them all off and get a 'Day MOT'.Which is what i did. I had no intention of using the bike at night i use it for riding the green lanes,which it is perfect for.
  16. For Sale KMX 125 2002 with daytime MOT. The bike passed its MOT in July 2012. This means the bike is road legal but only during daylight hours. Great bike for the Green lanes. Loads of new bits. Email me for pics they are too big to upload! £600 or near offer
  17. Mixer and Dewalt cutter now sold. Rubi cutter and Petrol saw still for sale.
  18. I will be setting them up and taking pics asap. If you are interested you are welcome to come and see the tools.
  19. Hi I'm having a clearout and have a few items for sale. Rubi TR 600 S Tile cutter. £120 DeWalt 240v Wet Cutter £400 Belle cement mixer £200 NOW SOLD Partner K650 petrol disc cutter with diamond blade £150 All 3 items are used but in great condition. I am open to offers and can deliver within reason. Items are located in Peel and St Johns. I have attached some generic images below
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