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  1. I talk to people in the same manner that they talk to me. If you take the piss, I'll take the piss too. If you are polite; I will be polite too.
  2. Come back when you know what you are talking about.
  3. Whatever. You guys know exactly what I mean.
  4. But you said they had phenomenal memories. This is all very confusing. I said they sometimes forgot parts. Parts of the entire lectures they memorised just by hearing them once.
  5. Feel free to research it for yourself.
  6. The Ahadith and the Qur'an were only narrated by Muhammad. There were several people memorising and/or writing down the hadith or ayah at any given time. It wasn't hearsay.
  7. Sometimes they did forget parts. If they did they mentioned it in the narration, but usually another person will have memorised it too, so they could fill in the gaps. For the Qur'an they both memorised and wrote it down, but for the ahadith they just memorised and they weren't compiled into writings until a later date.
  8. Some of them could listen to a lecture and then repeat it again from memory afterwards. A lot of the ahadith were preserved thanks to the powerful memories of those people.
  9. Do you know what illiterate means? I assumed it wouldn't be necessary to say they wrote the poetry too... Thought that would be pretty obvious...
  10. I'm not trying to offend you when I say this, but if that's your understand of Islam, then you have a lot more effort to put into learning what Islam really is. If you have studied Islam and this is the conclusion you came to, then you have either not done enough research or you didn't understand what you studied. I would be willing to help you clear up any misconceptions if you would like, but if that's the conclusion you prefer to adhere to, then that's up to you and I guess there isn't much else I can say to you. PS: Just to give you an example of how far out that statement is; the peop
  11. I'm guessing I made myself pretty clear considering you are the only person who had trouble understanding my intro, but I'll clear it up for you anyway. 1: The 'we' refers to the Muslim community. Intention: to let people know that there is a Muslim community on the island in case they were interested, or had questions about, Islam. 2a: I'm not representing the Muslim community. I am not speaking on anybody's behalf. My views do not necessarily represent the views of the Muslim community on the island. 2b: I titled the post 'Islam in the Isle of Man' so people know it is about 'Islam in
  12. So you really think my comments are insightful? Gee, thanks 'fatshaft'
  13. Thanks for the insightful contribution. It's about as insightful as your crap about Islam. lol how predictable.
  14. If your 'help' is helping me study islam for 3 years, which you know full well I (and likely anybody else on here) won't take you up on, then your offer is not worth js = it's not really an offer. Believe what you want. I am willing to help anybody learn about Islam for as long as they like. If you or anyone else doesn't want to take me up on the offer, then that's your choice. I will be here if anybody wants to learn more about Islam.
  15. Thanks for the insightful contribution.
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