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  1. In Government, unlike the private sector, cost of capital is free, maintenance is not. So it seems to be cheaper to knock a house down and build new than to paint it
  2. Israel seems the best percentage wise so far with 12% having had first jab
  3. Not lasted long without subsiding, let us hope it is just an isolated fault
  4. They might in certain areas but I have not had one since they scrapped letter delivery on a Saturday even though the tracking says it is at IOM Post and out for delivery
  5. I wonder if the collapse of the situation in Jersey was due to this new more infectious variant, after all their main transit hubs are the South East/London. The new variant may turn out to to be a blessing in that whilst initially more infectious it may run out of hosts sooner
  6. That is because I do not live in Castletown or Ballasalla.. An increased workload at Christmas should hardly come as a shock, I think can safely predict that the same will happen again next year and the timing of it. I have recently had a special delivery that IOM Post failed to deliver the day it arrived with them, if they cannot manage to deliver the most premium product they have on time then something is wrong somewhere.
  7. I have a parcel 24 supposedly scanned as out for delivery at 4am on Friday, still not arrived so they must have a heck of a backlog. Never had a Saturday parcel delivery since regular service went to 5 days a week no matter what service I choose. Often see them in Douglas delivering on a Saturday so perhaps we now have a two tier system with only urban areas getting a service on a Saturday. For all their faults Hermes delivers 7 days a week and the tracking information is much better. My current courier is excellent.
  8. There is a big difference between London and IOM though so not even remotely comparable. Commuting by bike within the Douglas/Onchan/Braddan area may be a just about enforceable and I would not object if on street parking was banned in those areas and the road space released was used to make cycleways but I do not live in these areas. I would like to know how many actually commute every day from say Peel to Douglas, by commute I would define as for at least 40 weeks a year, 5 days a week and how many extra it actually has encouraged to do so. I would guess very very few in reality.
  9. Can you define exactly what you mean by family as that is a pretty broad term.
  10. Can you not put lights on your bike or does the dark scare you? The heritage trail is a complete waste of money, very few, if any, commute on it, they have made it a horrid path to walk on, a horrid path to cycle on apparently and have reduced its wildlife value considerably. So it seems they have managed to piss off pretty much everyone. Must make note to nominate the DOI for the awards for excellence for that. Such a success they are going to do the same to the line to Kirk Michael at great expense
  11. Probably something to do with Hector Duff service
  12. When you look at the new housing estates they have no cover for birds to hide in, lots of wood panel fences and neatly mown grass. Developers should be forced to plant native hedges between properties and build into the houses nesting/roosting sites for birds/bats/insects, specialised blocks are available for this which could easily be accommodated into the new builds. Domestic cats, the MHK's of the animal world
  13. The bus stops I see are red tarmac, so you now have red concrete to delineate a danger tram tracks, red concrete to show safety pedestrian refuge and red tarmac to show danger bus stop. We will all need a two week training course soon to learn all this.
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