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  1. What a thoroughly depressing prospect
  2. When were Island banks ringfenced?. I thought we were excluded
  3. Not reducing your rights, just that you would have to follow different restrictions. I see no problem with it. Life is not always fair.
  4. Presumably, Regent Street and the mobile bank will be back in action on Monday
  5. Of course they would never do this to deflect criticism of the slow pace of their vaccine rollout.
  6. If we get lots more traffic through the airport I am not sure that one will be able to stay open, having been in the airport one it appeared much more cramped than the Chester Street one looks, perhaps the plan is to just have Chester Street going forward.
  7. https://news.sky.com/story/eu-regulator-reviewing-possible-links-between-johnson-johnson-jab-and-blood-clots-12270444 A second vaccine may be showing a similar side effect.
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/unite-boss-mccluskey-faces-calls-for-inquiry-over-98m-spend-on-hotel-and-conference-centre-12267579
  9. Saw my first Swallow of the year yesterday so summer is coming
  10. Have the paracetamol at the ready.
  11. There are voids on Douglas Promenade. Unfortunately they are under the blockwork on the new crossings they have laid. The blocks are cracking and breaking up now.
  12. Do charities currently get free banking with the IOM Bank?. The minimum monthly charge of £10 is actually only going back up to what is was back in 2008, for my account anyway. It would have been nice if they had actually implemented the paying in of cheques via the app though first before putting the price up for paying in at the branch.
  13. The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited trading as Isle of Man Bank That is what website says so I take it not any more
  14. IOM Bank is only a trading name now of RBS International
  15. Is Jez still there now Ms Reynolds is back at airport full time?
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