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  1. Neither would worry a steam roller too much, what are they like to drive?
  2. I assume it is Reynolds again after she seemingly moved back from her previous post of director of ports
  3. It is a coffee place as well, I suppose the parking nearby depends on what you consider is nearby now there is no parking on the Loch prom walkway or whats left of the promenade roadway. It should not be governments job to supply tourists but do they not have a huge department supposedly doing exactly that?.
  4. He must be dreading the fact that Howard Street will shortly be shut for many weeks whilst the DOI gang lay the paving at their seemingly 5 bricks a day speed and not the Gibson lot who seem to be able to do much more, much quicker with less personnel
  5. Or the person with the keys has to remove the "sorry we are closed" sign from across the runway
  6. What exactly is his job at the airport now?, I assume he was brought in to help run the airport as the ever so modest Ms Reynolds had such a lot to deal with running the busy harbours as well as our international airport, but now she seems to have scuttled back to just the airport surely his job will have disappeared.
  7. Horses as well I think and maybe their carriages from facebook posts. It might be me but surely the proposed compacted surface they are planning will be churned up by horses. I wonder if Sustrans are involved and if they are, are they receiving any fees?. Perhaps they could run the horse trams along it.
  8. Not entirely correct John, land and buildings were sold to the government around 1973, the track, four bridges ( I assume the Glen Wyllin & Glen Mooar viaducts, Basket bridge in Sulby and I guess the viaduct on the Foxdale line at St Johns) and any stock on them were sold by IMR as part of the scrap deal to Millen Metals of Belfast at around the same time. It all seemed to end up very messily though. The government then bought back stretches of the rail back from the scrappers to use on the MER. You are right about the bridges in Foxdale and over main road to Peel though
  9. sold by railway company for scrap value
  10. It previously cost approximately £13,500 to replace the Glen Wyllin and Glen Mooar viaducts in 1915 and 1920, obviously without the help of the expertise of the DOI. As I pointed out when this last came up in early July there is no mention of the quite substantial subsidence that occurs, and has done since 1879, at the Donkey Bank and Gob-e-Deigan. You only need to walk those sections to see how much it has moved since the railway closed. I sense that a further "vital" capital scheme will be in the offing to "cure" this in the future..
  11. So what are we changing to?. Stage 3,2,1? or is all that drivel going away now and we are going like the lots of the world with just random changes with little or no notice
  12. No it doesnt, check the Loganair website. Continuation of the current 6 weekly schedule at the moment
  13. Except lcy is not stopping. Brs, like all ezy routes here are really only schedule fillers so always vulnerable to changes elsewhere, not always to do with your border obsession
  14. Hopefully they have an option for a second one to replace the fastcraft.
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