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  1. With your permission I will use your "cycling prohibited sign" defence if I get a ticket.
  2. 1.8m width I think is allowed, how many cars are that or less these days?. They have had to alter the disabled bays at the north end too for some reason.
  3. @Roger Mexicois for once wrong as as is their normal practice Easyjet are only daily to lgw in the middle of the summer on certain days , Tuesday and Wednesday I think. Presumably there are more lucrative destinations at that time of year. Hopefully there will be a viable alternative to London once COVID fades somewhat
  4. I think you are right but it should not be the driver/ cyclist/ pedestrians responsibility to work out which signs are valid/ forgotten/ illegal. We pay above market rates for our civil servants to sort that for us I think.
  5. Remember it would have been Corbyn and his Maoist mates not Starmer in power so who knows what state the country would have been in.
  6. Currently there is a cycling prohibited sign for traffic going south along the promenade at Derby Castle, do you think cyclists that ignore this sign should be prosecuted?
  7. Or your could park and get the horse tram, you know it makes sense😁
  8. They have the Belisha beacons but do not have the white lines denoting the extent of the crossing or the zig zag lines. On the crossings north of the Empress they do. I suppose the legal status of these crossings will eventually be sorted out in court. I am not sure why they could not have been made exactly to the accepted standard that other zebra crossings on the IOM are made to
  9. No zig zag markings or road studs or white lines marking the crossing though, so is the grey/dark grey blockwork crossing a legal Zebra crossing or just a fake look a like DOI pretend one?
  10. Are there any actual Zebra Crossings on Loch Promenade?. I thought the idea of the shared space was that nothing had right of way
  11. It is £1.90 single or less if you buy multi journey tickets.
  12. Today, for instance, the booster does not show on the NHS app but get the pass via the NHS website and it does.
  13. Just be careful, my booster appears somedays on the covid pass qr section of the app and then other times does not show at all ( just showing the two initial jabs), I would suggest downloading a copy when it is there just to be safe,
  14. The horse trams will make no difference on the section you quote as if they are ever put there they will be off the road to the side. You are right though it does not flow and cars backing into the angled parking hold up the traffic much more than previously as the road is so much narrower
  15. They seem to have decided to put these network rail style signs everywhere too. They have managed since 1893 without them and its not a high speed line so just looks like more unnecessary expense
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