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  1. Have you got a pond? one of the best things you can do for wildlife is a wildlife pond. I am having to chase a Heron from mine every day at the moment. Letting grass grow, even if it is just around the margin as it provide cover and breeding area for lots of creatures, a bramble thicket is great too. There is a disease, Trichomonosis that has severely affected finch numbers over recent years, Greenfinch numbers have been particularly badly hit, I get a handful a year now. Perhaps that disease has been more prevalent in your area and reduced the numbers. The BTO reports a drop in
  2. I don't think the Sparrowhawk would make that much difference, I have a Sparrowhawk that regularly sits on the fence or log pile waiting for the small birds to come to the feeders and then picks its meal. I still have plenty of small birds though every day although flock numbers vary in waves over the course of a few weeks. At the moment hardly any Sparrows and lots of Goldfinches. The birds that I have noticed a big drop in numbers this year in the garden are Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and Starlings.
  3. No sign of any urgency (barely any work at all) over the last four days seeing on the 8th September Broadway and Summerhill are supposed to be open and two way traffic resumed on Central Prom. To add to the probable congestion King Edward Road is shutting on the 9th just as the schools go back
  4. Bournemouth have bought the double deckers I believe.
  5. Do you actually have any evidence that they are "chomping" to get back to the island though?. Their Manx routes appear largely from the awful schedules, timekeeping and propensity to cancel to make up delays elsewhere, to be only slot and schedule fillers. Neither you or I really know if they are profitable or not or the yield. As we have open skies , which let EZY in in the first place, there is nothing to stop Aurigny, or anyone else, doing LGW anyway. Not that I think Aurigny is the correct way forward, they appear to me to be the DOI of the skies
  6. There are 10 double deckers and 6 single deckers either due shortly or just arrived.
  7. It must be because they announced that you could ask for a free transfer ticket for some journeys from Onchan so why not just catch the route 1,2,11,12 etc up to Onchan and then transfer there to the equivalent routes going back into Douglas and the same coming from Onchan, change in Douglas with a free transfer if for some strange reason you wanted to go from Onchan to somewhere along the promenade. Be cheaper than running an empty bus around all day. 6 new buses have arrived and are parked at Banks Circus.
  8. There is a commuter train on 4th September 07.45 ex Port Erin, 17.45 Ex Douglas, bus fares apply on it and you can buy breakfast Must have been a while since you traveled on the train then, they have long gone and are all automatic now, except for one crossing that has by an old legal requirement to have a manned gate
  9. You might get some people on the route 30 bus then. It baffles me what that bus actually is for, apart from carrying air along the prom
  10. The current fleet of MER trams would never be allowed onto the promenade with open roads without significant expensive modifications so no need for a business case.
  11. Rails came secondhand from a failed plan in Birkenhead for some riverfront development. I think at the time they got them for a good price. They are far heavier than required for Horse cars or MER trams but if the price was better than buying new then that is good I guess. You can certainly buy modern trams that do not require overhead wires ( Birmingham is getting some). They do look nice and the DOI like an extravagant project https://www.transport-network.co.uk/New-84m-battery-powered-trams-are-a-game-changer/16197 The plan for the tramway extending down to the old courthous
  12. I have posted this before but according to the DOI ( who are never wrong )there will more space in some cases and never less. Not sure about what width they have taken for a vehicle though, no doubt a matchbox toy car. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=48953&headline=More space for trams and traffic insists DoI&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 The two tram tracks are about a foot further apart which if it was necessary, which it is not, could have been easily accommodated by reducing the large pavement width by 6" on each side.
  13. Neither would worry a steam roller too much, what are they like to drive?
  14. I assume it is Reynolds again after she seemingly moved back from her previous post of director of ports
  15. It is a coffee place as well, I suppose the parking nearby depends on what you consider is nearby now there is no parking on the Loch prom walkway or whats left of the promenade roadway. It should not be governments job to supply tourists but do they not have a huge department supposedly doing exactly that?.
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