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  1. Glad to see that your happy to help fund the heritage transport out of your taxes even if you do not use them.
  2. You can argue about the figures I think but the sentiment is sound enough. The real starting date could be argued about and certainly the actuall real finish date will be. I wonder if josem saw the sign and latched onto it?.
  3. This was the other side yesterday.
  4. With the DOI"s record you would not wabt them involved with the design and building a LEGO house
  5. The new signs on Queens Prom have a pictogram of a car on them along with the time limits. Whether that means cars only and is a legal road sign and whether it will be enforced if it is is another matter.
  6. Is he proposing Swiss style referendums?
  7. Well in this quote from the DOI from June 2019 A spokesman for the Department of Infrastructure said: ’The tram tracks are 300mm wider at the request of Isle of Man Transport, the position of the tracks is virtually as it was before. ’The roadway is 3.25 metres wide on either side of tracks as a "running lane", allowing 1.8 metres for parked vehicles. The carriageway is now a consistent 3.25m width along the route - previously it was as narrow as 2.8m in places. ’There shouldn’t be a need for vehicles to move onto the red (sienna) tram corridor.’ So they clearly feel no need to follow their own manual
  8. I think that gentleman needs to be bluntly told he is there to serve the Manx Public and not protect the Civil Service.
  9. That will balance out Robs’s manifesto then. I hope they are both produced on sustainable paper as both with have cost thousands of trees as they both love to waffle.
  10. Unless I am mistaken, the Danish government protects their colonies right to do this barbaric act.
  11. Couple more examples of the narrow parking. Smart car seems to just about fit, BMW has no chance. For whatever reason in the deranged minds of the designers the width allowed for parallel parking is greater on Loch Prom and on the bit north of Summerhill.
  12. It has probably been done like that to match the standard of finish elsewhere on the promenade.
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