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  1. But they will have known what the airport opening hours were when they drew up their schedule, If they choose to make the arrival and departure so close to the airport closing time and produce a schedule that they struggle to run to time then surely it is their fault. They seem to manage to have the late rotation to LGW in the winter (the main rotation that causes problems) an hour or so earlier and that seems to be much more reliable but seem totally unwilling to do so in the summer schedule.
  2. Surely you cannot be rostered for a flight that does not exist, or am I missing something?
  3. So they had rosters listed , but no flights on sale to generate revenue, really?
  4. Depends on what the credit terms were. It appears from the answer in Tynpotworld that Flybe had paid January's fees in full, so February's may only have been due for payment after they went into administration. Presumably IOM govt will owe them money for flights taken as part of the patient contract.
  5. 25 years I think you meant to say, older than the SAAB its replacing
  6. pretty sure it did not leave the IOM this morning, so if tech it was tech here. Hopefully they will put the SAAB back on LCY and the ATR to LPL. At least then we have some prospect of getting to and from LCY on time
  7. Look up debit card chargeback, may help though not sure
  8. If only he could be arsed to update the airport’s Twitter feed, last update to that seems to have been in September last year.
  9. Which is older than the SAAB it is replacing.
  10. They were even painting white lines on it the other day, perhaps to prove it was finished. I friend was told by the DOI when they queried the inaccuracy of the plans that the phasing plans were not the DOI's responsibility but Auldyns. The concreting of the tramtracks up to near Broadway is supposed to be complete by Friday night as well
  11. There was talk that the remedy slots ( from the BA takeover of BMI) they use at Heathrow will be able to be used for any short haul destination after the end of March, not just the very restricted destinations currently allowed. This would dramatically increase their value.
  12. Not sure that is part of their skill set looking at some of the tarmac they have laid island wide recently which is as smooth as a ploughed field
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