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  1. Knowing the potential penalties it would make sense to make any gauge oversize just to be safe or at least have a calibrated gauge. Nobody forces you to take lobsters right on the size limit. Throwing back is an option if in any doubt.
  2. I cba looking back so far but I am pretty sure this was in the original "business" case when taking the trams off DBC.
  3. It is a lot easier for the tram to be on the tram tracks.
  4. Broke the regulations it would seem. Presumably knew the potential penalties, so no sympathy.
  5. The groynes were ripped out by a large digger a few years ago (2020?) over the course of a few weeks.
  6. So will they become even more weather risk averse sailing to Heysham?.
  7. Did you feel lonely on those flights?. I imagine there is a good reason those flights were dropped quickly.
  8. Can you get any times or fares for these IOM flights to load on the Flybe website?. Doesn't seem to work for me when I try.
  9. Were there not plans to have a cable car across Douglas Bay in the 60's?
  10. Please post pictures on here when your at the party tonight
  11. "Occasionally" lol Anyway , looks like a 4 hour delay on the early LGW today.
  12. Was today a rehearsal for that?.
  13. Or they could turn them into Electric Trams
  14. https://www.airport.im/passenger-figures/
  15. Doesn't statutory redundancy pay entitlement change if you are over a certain age?.
  16. Like the character in the musical box in Camberwick Green?
  17. They use the dining car set which has both afaik.
  18. A member of BSA did go and collect an award for the horse tramway. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/unlikely-award-of-year-goes-to-horse-tramway-232171
  19. I suppose that is why, currently, you are unable to book any flights to or from the Isle of Man on that date and have not been able to do so for a few weeks.
  20. Extra holidays at Christmas it appears was part of an offer made to one of the teaching unions, no idea if it was accepted though. https://gef.im/2022/04/27/new-union-offer-includes-longer-school-holiday/
  21. They could have just moved the whole holiday so schools finished on 21st December and went back on the 4th January
  22. I think the majority of the green/yellow Macemain Amstad shelters were bought when David Howard was the director of transport at IOM Transport. He left in 2006 so it is no surprise really that some are now looking a bit shabby. The prom ones were painted black at a later date for some reason. There may be of course a rolling program of replacements as necessary or even maintenance.
  23. Have we ever had water rationing?
  24. Wasn't the racing on a Tuesday and Thursday at one time? , cannot recall when it changed @Max Power may remember.
  25. The new bollards fitted just out of your picture have been bolted onto that pyramid paving so they have a handy gap underneath to fill with litter, vomit, seaweed, sand etc. You almost could think they did not have a plan.
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