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  1. Cannot see anyone hanging on the tram ( but they probably desperately were a short time before). The person in sunglasses standing next to the tram looks like the man himself
  2. Why could they not just have had ANPR on entry and exit and payment machines inside the airport that you entered your reg no into and paid before exit?. If you drove out without paying you received a penalty and if you stayed longer that 3 months the machine produced a report so the vehicle could be removed.
  3. So nothing at all wrong with 19, 21, 32 or Snaefell 1 then? I thought 33 needed new wheels, amongst other things.
  4. I changed my reg number on a car booking last week and there was no charge.
  5. They are only used a few times a day and not with passengers so not necessarily the same animal
  6. I do as there is no need for it to be so sharp and S bends cause their own problems. One of the features of the current railway management regime is to replace nice sweeping shallow curves with sharp ones followed by straight bits. Look for examples of this at the relaid Laxey station and along the prom. But they are the experts with all the paper qualifications
  7. It should not be, certainly when I was involved laying track we widened the gauge slightly on sharp curves to reduce wear and friction.
  8. There was a "consultation". https://consult.gov.im/infrastructure/electric-bicycle-and-scooter-draft-policy-proposal/.
  9. No difference for me, not bought anything Ramsey Bakery for years. Bake my own or I get Ross Bakery bread if feeling lazy
  10. Herring Gulls are red listed ( of greatest conservation concern) as their numbers have declined so much I think about an 85% reduction in population in recent years http://manxbirdlife.im/bocciom/
  11. I walked it a lot before it was "improved", it was fine as it was imo. Personally I do not want to walk down a 2m wide shale path.
  12. What is a seagull? We close roads and inconvenience hundreds for a few weeks just so a few bikers can ride pointlessly round.
  13. I am fairly sure the “design” team at the DOI published plans when this started showing the intention to remodel the Peel Road junction to provide cycle crossings and other trendy box ticking facilities. The artist’s impressions will be online somewhere.
  14. If you have to pay in advance for parking or be subject to some sort of unspecified penalty, why does the car park need barriers?
  15. But actually there is one at 10.30.
  16. Do you pay for your flights by cheque? And yes there should be a machine inside to pay by card
  17. It seems ridiculous to not have a payment machine(s) inside that you type your reg number into and pay either by card or paper money ( they could even have it as £10 minimum charge for cash) but at least the option would be there.
  18. Well at least the 261 compo will pay for the boat fare
  19. I was going to tell you that the DOI have clarified on Facebook this evening that the signs were showing in error, but their post has suddenly disappeared.
  20. So would you rather the road be closed partially closed during peak hours then?. I would have thought that recently constructed houses like those nearest the roundabout would be so well insulated that they would not really be bothered by the noise that putting the final coat on would cause
  21. But if you just drove off and it had recorded you arriving and leaving then if it was connected to the database they could send you a penalty charge in addition to the parking fee?.
  22. You should not need barriers in that case which will save a lot of cash and maintenance. Are the DOI or a private operator allowed access to the vehicle owners details via ANPR for the purposes of collecting parking fees/fines in the IOM though if somebody drives out without paying though?
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