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  1. But Ramsey and Ballakermeen/Douglas High schools are much older, why is this one falling to pieces?.
  2. It would perhaps help if the packet issued a statement as to when the wind limits would be lifted and what to., in my view the ship should have been specified to be able to sail and dock safely in its two main ports in a force 9. Whilst pressure and wind direction play some part in the tides it is hardly a surprise, you used to be able to buy a tide table book for the whole year yet these changes seem to be on the last minute.
  3. If it is reliably going to keep to time it should be able to do the trip in well under the scheduled time though. Managed to avoid the Manxman so far but any idea why it seems to be taking longer to unload and load than the Ben?. Surely by mow they will have worked out the most efficient way to do this and the traffic per sailing should be similar.
  4. Must be doing well for bookings after Christmas though or something odd going on. No sailings appear available in either direction for cars on 27th December. There is a 1945 to Heysham on the 26th, next available sailing is from Heysham at 1415 on the 28th.
  5. Whole building would be good for a Wetherspoons
  6. I may have missed this but I thought the plan was for the Manxman to do a few weeks of the daytime sailings followed by a few weeks of the nighttime sailings and then take over the whole schedule. It appears though that it has gone back from the nighttime to the daytime sailings again this week. It does seem a somewhat extended bedding in period. Hour late leaving this morning.
  7. Be useful to know what the waiting time for a non urgent appointment is at each GP surgery and the hold time to get through on the phone
  8. Perhaps they were not certain they could dock at Heysham, you can imagine the social media hysteria if people were forced to sit out the storm for 12+ hours in the Irish sea.
  9. The restriction on freight should have stopped any development of the terminal and saved the IOM £70m and counting
  10. Presumably the Manxman is going to make an empty run to Heysham. Wonder why it could not take the pax of the cancelled sailings?.
  11. You also have this https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2023-07-13/american-express-tells-islanders-credit-cards-will-be-cancelled-from-october
  12. I hope you are correct about existing accounts but the email I received the other day about changes to the card t and c says this.
  13. Thr shambles at the airport has not occured overnight, was the same person head of ports when the Liverpool terminal fiasco started to get expensive as well as the seeds of the airport fiasco were sown?.
  14. Its all a bit like the stepford wives. Its as though they are replaced by an ai clone
  15. Isn't last night really the correct use of the extension, not just because Easyjet cannot run it's schedule to time several days a week?.
  16. Too late now but I think you could have moved the flights to a future date and used them and still claimed the uk261 compo.
  17. But Jersey, as I am sure @Banker will tell you, keeps 4 daily flights to Lgw. Maybe due to the fact it is subject to competition from BA mainline to LHR?. IOM is suffering a 50% cut on certain days, how many other domestic Ezy services from LGW are?.
  18. I can only go on my experience and BA have always been good to sort out but I also know how to sort it out myself, having family in the airline business, and enforce my rights if necessary and will book anothet carrier, claim back and take to ADR or small claims if required. I will agree it can be a bit of a lottery at first contact with the call centres or "customer service" though.
  19. However sensible the idea is do you think any political person will stand up and say that easyJet are not good for the IOM air services. Lots still think it's like the Airline tv series i feel.
  20. Perhaps they should not be offering 90 min connection it then. I have often made 35 min connection time at LCY but I accept there is a biggish risk. My criteria is how the company deal with the problem. BA are pretty good but you do pay a premium for that service
  21. You cannot though check any bag with ezy so comparison on that point is irrelevant, however easyJet connects offers 90 min connection time including picking up and rechecking in bag. For reference it would have failed both times I tried it
  22. To be fair the connection time for easyjet connects is 90 min which is 3 times BA via LCY
  23. I wonder why they are so reluctant to name the person or persons responsible for the lack of succession planning in ATC?.
  24. That is not how I read the article on iomtoday about it.
  25. Morning lcy is only Mon and Wed this summer, was Mon to Thurs last summer I think. I had to alter a trip in August as they canx the early LCY on the Tuesday
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