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    So is your hero Mrs Caine and her entourage going to this event using active travel or a multi day journey in an EV and boat or using the plane?
  2. By the time he has finished his pontification and waffle the ice caps will have melted.
  3. It might have been my “Rob Callister for Chief Minister” T shirt but I have had 3 near misses with cars whilst crossing the almost but not quite zebra crossings just off the almost but not quite roundabouts at Marina Road and Central Promenade so far. It is only a matter of time before somebody gets run over at one of these things.
  4. I have not noticed anywhere in the local media, wonder why?
  5. Plus the seeming inability precovid for Easyjet to actually run to schedule late in the day. LGW in particular.
  6. Was he any better than Henderson? Are you happy your hero nominated him?
  7. If that was the planning requirement then developers would have to. Govt could subsidise the extra cost (if any) for the "affordable" sector, the rest should sought after because of the very low heating costs. New properties should not be being built now to anything less than passive standards.
  8. I wonder if the residents in Guernsey look at us in the same way with how we pour millions down the drain on the new passenger terminal in Liverpool
  9. Do Manx Gas buy their gas from the MUA?.
  10. The same thing could be said about the idea of encasing the rails in the red/orange/brownish cracking concrete.
  11. The two seemed a perfect match🤣
  12. The daily update board outside paparazzi is probably a cheaper solution and more weather resilient.
  13. I guess they thought that this was a vital reason. Personally I don't https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/counter-on-douglas-prom-to-record-walkers-and-cyclists/&ved=2ahUKEwil3Kes9dTzAhUJiFwKHU7vB8AQFnoECEAQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3kOX-lGIoXIA8tKPTsPd6e
  14. To be fair it does appear the location and local conditions was given to the manufacturers by the DOI.
  15. Who would have thought it, salt air and electronics not mixing. Pity @Matt Bawdendoes not openly contribute any more on here.
  16. But Lpl is but it may not be. The tracker is not always the best source.
  17. So which are they modern or old? If all that is available for starter homes is in town then that is what they will have to choose if they want to get on the housing ladder. As I said before we should not be encouraging commuting. If what you say is true about lots of apartments being available then there is no crisis for starter homes
  18. If the town houses are not selling which you imply then surely the price should fall so that they will be available as starter homes.
  19. It is not really a massacre, they are getting people to use another facility 1.2 miles away which is connected by a frequent bus service. Are you saying everyone should live within a mile of a post office?. I actually think part of the solution would be a Micard cash dispenser for benefits situated inside the commisioners office.
  20. For all my adult life they have been building "first time buyers " houses so if your argument is true then we should have enough of them anyway already. We should not be building on greenfield sites whilst there are brownfield sites undeveloped. If you want a house you have to get what you can afford, if that is a town house/apartment and they are the only thing available then that is what you have to have at first. The last thing we should be doing is encouraging commuting (which for any sane person will be by motor car) if we are going to be a green economy.
  21. I think they use the term "affordable" which may or may not be the same thing. It should be 100% starter homes as that is where the shortage is , if it is not viable for them then that is their problem. Any government assistance should be for brownfield sites only first
  22. The "crisis" is in low cost starter homes, which is not what is being proposed here for at least 75% of the development. Low cost starter homes would be better built in town on brownfield sites. This is like a countries population starving whilst their land is used to produce flowers for export.
  23. Plenty of room for starter apartments or small starter town houses on the brownfield sites . In town too so no real need for cars just cycle racks. Starter homes are what we are short of is it not?.
  24. I doubt many would buy them if cars were not permitted and you had to walk/cycle anywhere
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