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  1. Loganair had no flights available to book on that day a few months ago, did they reinstate some?. How many other "major international" airports just close completely for this sort of thing, could they not do it outside normal operating hours?
  2. There was a third mobile operator initially, was it called cloud9?, what happened to them?.
  3. Electronic signs have appeared by the Broadway roundel. I hope they have bought marine spec ones this time
  4. Why did they not just automatically move the patients registration to a GP practice within their catchment area rather than leaving it to the patients to sort out?.
  5. It looks like Loganair have only managed to operate one of the early LCY rotations this week. Not exactly ideal for encouraging business travel. I hope we are not underwriting this sort of performance.
  6. LPL were looking to do so for other airports back in 2014, No idea if it went ahead or not. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/business/john-lennon-airport-looks-provide-7216977. LCY use remote ATC of some sort I think too.
  7. Same question as before as visa/Mastercard makes no difference, when did you first get any Lloyd's card?, as I said before put your postcode into the eligibility checker of the major uk card providers, HSBC excepted, and see what you get,
  8. Issued how long ago?. I think you will find that they do not issue new ones anymore. Put your iom postcode into the eligibility checker and see what you get
  9. If DBC follow what some UK councils are doing then there will soon be an additional annual charge if you want your green bin emptied. A member of my family has to pay an extra £40 per year to get it emptied in their area, it used to be included in their version of rates.
  10. LCY,EDI,MAN,BHX are also BA codeshare flights
  11. Still had the BAEC sign by the entrance last time I looked.
  12. Representative rate will likely be higher due to the annual fee for that card which forms part of the calculation I think.
  13. https://www.steam-packet.com/information/news/2022/Oct/SPCMR001-October_Schedule_Changes_BMC_dock Although that does not explain why you cannot book the replacement journeys. Perhaps the DfE November tourist campaign has been exceptionally successful.
  14. Shame you cannot book through flights to Europe using it.
  15. Did they take any notice of the views expressed in the last consultation?.
  16. Manx Radio has the walk in sessions starting on 25/10, the govt news release says 01/11 just to add to the confusion.
  17. Will this match up with the unfinished purple paving on Central Prom? Indeed will that work ever be actually finished or removed @Chris Thomas
  18. It should have failed the "is it necessary?" test early on surely.
  19. What is the excuse this time?
  20. Knowing the potential penalties it would make sense to make any gauge oversize just to be safe or at least have a calibrated gauge. Nobody forces you to take lobsters right on the size limit. Throwing back is an option if in any doubt.
  21. I cba looking back so far but I am pretty sure this was in the original "business" case when taking the trams off DBC.
  22. It is a lot easier for the tram to be on the tram tracks.
  23. Broke the regulations it would seem. Presumably knew the potential penalties, so no sympathy.
  24. The groynes were ripped out by a large digger a few years ago (2020?) over the course of a few weeks.
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